Bashiok replied to a question about changes in the game since the WWI 2008 gameplay movie.

    Anyways, my question to you, Bashiok, is how much has the game changed since that first video? Obviously there have been a ton of additions, removals, etc., but does the game play quite differently than it did three years ago?

    It really doesn’t, which I think is the biggest reason why we announced it when we did. We hit a point pretty early on where the core of the game felt right, and we knew we had a solid base to build on. Then it was just a process of making the game.

    DiabloWiki@Diablo hasn’t offered much of value of late, but since I had to endure the horrible new Twitter interface (now forced on all users, even if you’ve remained not logged into your Twitter account for months purely to avoid having to use it) and dig through the loathsome #D3Tag spamvertising to find the real posts, I’m going to force you all to read them anyway. Enjoy!

    Can you describe a monster we haven’t seen yet?—Grug

    Sure. It’s got like, a face, and hands, and as soon as it sees you it will slowly walk toward you and then start to attack.—Diablo

    I get how female demons gave birth to nephalem, but how did female angels do it? Seeing as they’re just made of sound and light…—PhrozenDragon1

    Nephalem were “born” of a union between Angels and Demons, and not in a way we would consider a literal birth.—Diablo

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