With the wait for the male Demon Hunter concept art reveal still stretching on, here are a couple of @Diablo’s and a blue post. They’re low on game info and I’d normally pass on posting about them, but since there’s nothing else to post about…

    Will there be little critters on the ground that you can splash with your boots? I loved it in D2.—Venator

    Yes! And there are a ton more.—Diablo

    Your recent post says the Sin War trilogy may be retconned if needed as far as canon goes; is any of DiabloWikiHellfire considered canon?—TheChatGem

    Potentially, it’s picking bits and pieces that still work. But Sin War is canon and always intended to be, as far as I’m aware.—Diablo

    I was also wondering if we’ll get a look at the WD’s DiabloWikiGargantuan anytime soon.—Hakuro93

    Probably not super soon, but the model was recently completed.—Diablo

    There wasn’t much ambient life in the Blizzcon 2010 PvM demo build. You’d see rats scurrying along the corners of the dungeons, and sometimes a mass of roaches would scurry out from under an object you clicked on or smashed, but I didn’t notice anything squishable. There were many more such things in the 2009 demo, where giant bugs and snakes abounded on the desert surface. The snakes were particularly squishy, since their AI is suicidal. You’d see them slithering along in random directions, but if you ran near one they always slithered straight away from you, thus guaranteeing that you stomped them flat. Whereas you might have missed them if they’d moved to either side.

    (At the time this made me laugh and reminded me of the way stupid characters in movies always try to run directly away from trucks, trains, floods, alien death rays, when those pursuing entities are moving at 10x their speed. Think of the Nazgul trying to gallop downstream, instead of just getting the hell over to the side as the river rose in Fellowship of the Ring movie.)

    Elsewhere, I once referenced Lovecraft in a post about Bashiok arising from a lengthy slumber absence. Bashiok chose to honor the DiabloWikiSkeleton King in his forum reply to a post about the general lack of new info since Blizzcon:

    “That ramp of info is uh, lacking. “

    My thoughts exactly…

    Bashiok: Who dares disturb my slumber?

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