The strategy section of DiabloWiki is already full of good guides (81 to be exact), but just before the little wiki downtime, we spent some time adding even more useful v1.10+ guides to the collection. Unfortunately for all of you, basically all of this Diablo II goodness was unavailable almost immediately after it was put up, so we’re happy to present the guides to you now instead!

    First off we have a very useful generic guide used by all classes to some extent: Defense. Many are unsure of what Defense actually does as this type of stat do very different things in different RPGs but Alecz is trying to figure all this out for us in his DiabloWikiDefense 101 guide for for Diablo version 1.11 or newer.

    On top of that we also have no less than seven new guides for DiabloWikiAmazons, and their deviations. They are all written for v1.10 or newer, and cover different aspects of the Amazon character class.

    • DiabloWikiPvP Sidewinder, by Lyquid Evil – Uses Poison/Plague Javelin and Charged Strike, supplemented with Guided Arrow. The build works well for PvM, but this guide focuses on the PvP aspects.
    • DiabloWikiPlagueazon, by Wuben – Uses Plague Javelin for her primary skill. This character is effective in duelling, but must be played with skill and technique to succeed.
    • DiabloWikiLight Javazon PvP, by TinnCann25 – Uses Charged Strike and Lightning Fury for duelling.
    • DiabloWikiFuzzydodger PVP, by Gimmershred – Using the DiabloWikiBeast runeword, enabling her to cast the Werebear spell. This build is viable for PvP but fairly weak in PvM, and is entirely dependent on fairly expensive equipment.
    • DiabloWikiHybrid Amazon PvP, by TienJe – Uses both bow and javelin/shield depending on their enemy and tactics. These are powerful duellers, with good equipment and strategy.
    • DiabloWikiFaith / Fury Hybrid, by XZON – PvM build that uses javelins with Lightning Fury and Charged Strike, with some bow skills for support against LI enemies.
    • DiabloWikiPit Strafer Guide, by Shanksie – A Bowazon who specializes in Strafe to clear out DiabloWikiThe Pit and is competent at other PvM tasks as well.

    If you want to read more on Bowazons in particular, you can also check out a few older guides: DiabloWikiBowazon by Rashalgar, DiabloWikiMA Bowazon SP by JohnnyBravo and DiabloWikiBowazon by Sint Nikolaas.

    On the other hand, if you’re thinking of writing a guide, talk to me or Flux about how to add it to the biggest Diablo resource on the net – DiabloWiki.

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