Blizzard has strongly suggested that we’d see some sort of browser-based Armory for Diablo III (just like the one they have for World of Warcraft), but that hadn’t yet been confirmed. After today’s tweet, it pretty much has been.

    Will there be an inspect feature in D3, both in-game and an armory-like page? –Doomscream
    Extremely likely if not completely assured for both. –Diablo

    Discussion is already running on this in our Diablo III community forum, with voices on both sides. Almost everyone enjoys being able to view their own characters, (via browser or smart phone) and it’s fun to be a voyeur and peek at what other people are using. Especially high level characters. And that’s just in WoW, where items are essentially non-random. Imagine the fun we’ll have being able to scout out the rares and crafted stuff on the highest level D3 characters?

    On the other hand, some players want privacy for their items and build, and want a way to opt out of the system. Some PvP players hate for people to see their gear, since it gives away any element of surprise. And lots of players, especially people without the best gear, find it annoying to have some expert run his grubby eyes through their kit and dismiss them as a player since they don’t have whatever the supposed “best” items for their build.

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