@Diablo (All But) Confirms a Diablo III Armory

Blizzard has strongly suggested that we’d see some sort of browser-based Armory for Diablo III (just like the one they have for World of Warcraft), but that hadn’t yet been confirmed. After today’s tweet, it pretty much has been.

Will there be an inspect feature in D3, both in-game and an armory-like page? –Doomscream
Extremely likely if not completely assured for both. –Diablo

Discussion is already running on this in our Diablo III community forum, with voices on both sides. Almost everyone enjoys being able to view their own characters, (via browser or smart phone) and it’s fun to be a voyeur and peek at what other people are using. Especially high level characters. And that’s just in WoW, where items are essentially non-random. Imagine the fun we’ll have being able to scout out the rares and crafted stuff on the highest level D3 characters?

On the other hand, some players want privacy for their items and build, and want a way to opt out of the system. Some PvP players hate for people to see their gear, since it gives away any element of surprise. And lots of players, especially people without the best gear, find it annoying to have some expert run his grubby eyes through their kit and dismiss them as a player since they don’t have whatever the supposed “best” items for their build.

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  1. well i personally like it , though i i would understand if PVP arena people wanted to not get spyed out about there gear and specc :p  i mean who likes copy cats :p ?
    where the privacy is concerned – i dont see the point. i dont see how people could get offended. i mean i can understand if people dont want to expose thereself on a social-network sides .  but on a virtual one ? where no one knows you anyway ?

  2. Love the idea. This is great to check out the looks in your character and see the details in armor desingn, considering the lack of in.game zoom options.

    • Love it. But I hope the inspec feature doesnt alert the inspected player like in WoW. for example “StrongCoffee is inspecting you” always makes me feel kinda… raped. I dont mind being inspected and love being able to inspect. But I just dont need to know that someone is stripping me naked ingame. Feels weird.

    • There is no way you can know for sure that the zoomed version of your character is in that armory…thing…scroll…wtf?

  3. Dislike but saw it coming so not surprised.

  4. Sure, I’d love an inspect and armory feature, but only if you’re able to:
    1) Set your armory to public or private.
    2) Set inspect to public, private, and by-request-only.

  5. I can see it getting annoying if said inspections lead to people nagging for a trade, for some particularly nice item you’re wearing.

  6. At first many get upset about privacy. But eventually everyone gets used to it and like wow there’s not a chance to make it private eventually people will get used to it and be ok with it. Especially since you’ll be able to check out everyone else so it will be an even playing field

  7. I really do hope they add in privacy features along side this, but I played World of WarCraft for years, and they never gave players privacy for in-game inspection and armory. So I doubt we, the red-headed step child of a community of Blizzard’s, would get special treatment.

  8. I’m against it, mainly because it deprives me of the freedom to choose at my discretion whether (and to whom) I want to reveal the gear I found/crafted/traded. One’s own character and it’s equipment are a personal thing – it’s an avatar of one’s taste/character traits/decision making/way of thinking/time investment and hard work, so basicly an avatar of one’s personality. It is an indivudual matter, and therefore, the players *MUST* be guaranteed the option of consent or denial to reveal the results of their many hours of gaming to others. In real life we have the choice to whom to talk or show something to, and what to talk about. Why should we be robbed of this in a game? To satisfy the wim of some nerdy kids? No. I agree with elganame – privacy option for D3 or ‘sine qua non’ for me.

  9. Privacy, while nice for the individual, presents problems in that it limits what folks can see when they browse. They may have grouped with you online and want to follow up after the game to recall a particular piece you had equipped or perhaps how you choose to gem it, etc.

    If you find someone spamming you with trade requests, then just add them to your /ignore list and problem solved. One less asshat able to /whisper you 🙂

    I doubt they will make these things private.


  10. Erm what? WoW hasn’t had notifications for other players inspecting you since the vanilla closed beta…

  11. Still, I hate the very idea of being spied. This is no Obama vs Al Queda war, but the feature and its implementation possibilities kind of remind Belarusian methods. Why should anyone care for the way others play? It’s their business, and their business alone. And, as some said earlier, people will still go to Jsp or here to get a recipe for a cookie cutter.  It’s inevitable, and should that feature be an attempt to quench the problem, it will be futile. In my opinion its sole purpose is to accommodate lazy teenage nerds. Let’s face it: kids are getting dumber, lazier and more ‘instant award’ addicted. Most games currently released are easier, shorter, more linear, to ease those ‘exhausted’ juvenile minds. I think that this armory crap is the next level and it’s philosophy goes like this: ‘Why waste hours experimenting with your build while you can plagiarize (oh excuse me, consult) with that of another player’s? Just take a peek’. Well my answer: for the simple fact, that this experimenting has been a the very core of Diablo 2’s longetivity success, and this is what made D2 FUN in the first place. In the long run Blizzard will be cutting the branch it sits upon – builds in D3 will be even more predictable than in D2, and most of D3 teams hard work will go for nothing. Instead of experimenting with runes and skills ‘nerdies’ will simply copy a build they like and get bored real fast. On the outside it may seem like lending a hand but that may also be a concealed way to kill of fast a black sheep of the family that Diablo series has always been treated like.

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