Our favourite forum mod Gorny has picked up news of an e-mail scam for Diablo II circulating:

    There’s an email going around from an address at windowslive saying that you need to verify ownership of your DiabloII account and that you should reply/click a link and enter all of your details including account name, password, password recovery question, name address, etc, etc,.

    It has a few genuine looking Blizzard links in it for what seems to be customer service and FAQ.

    Please note that any email from Blizzard will never ask you for your account details (Blizzard has them anyways) and Blizzard emails are end in @Blizzard.com or @Battle.net including the “[email protected]” type addresses.

    This is a scam to steal your DII account.

    Do not click any links and just delete the email if you happen to get one.

    As usual, never click any links that don’t have known domain names, and look out for when these links are masked as other urls. Even mails that look 100% real can have fake links. Always look where the link is leading before clicking it.

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