Diablo 4 may have been leaked according to a German advertisement for the Diablo Art Book. From reddit user eskay2001 has an image featuring the German advertisement from gamestar.de magazine

    The translation of the advertisement from Spieltimes:

    “Featuring over 500 artworks from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III and Diablo IV, this book features many noteworthy artworks created for Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic action role-playing game that has given generations of fans everlasting nightmares.”

    The advertisement in question isn’t official from Blizzard but it features a Blizzard Product according to gamestar (via google translate):

    “The ad is not directly from Blizzard, but from the publisher Panini. However, The Art of Diablo is not a simple licensed product, but was created in close collaboration with the developers. Blizzard’s in-house senior writer Robert Brooks is one of the two authors. Amazon publishes Blizzard Entertainment as a publisher.”

    We all know Diablo 4 is the worst kept secret in all of gaming, but let us know what you guys think of this image/advertisement down in the comments and the forums.

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