One of the biggest reveals from DiabloWikiGamescom 2013 is the new DiabloWikiParagon System. We’ve heard details about it in multiple interviews so far, and today brings a new picture showing the specific bonuses available in the Attack Tab. The basic system is pretty simple, though very different from Diablo 3’s current iteration.

    Paragon 2.0 Basics

    Current Paragon System pie chart.

    Current Paragon System pie chart.

    When the system changes (this should happen for everyone, for free in D3C, before DiabloWikiReaper of Souls is released) all of your individual characters with Paragon levels will contribute their Paragon experience to the new shared paragon level. This is experience, not levels, and the current system requires far more experience per level as you go higher. For example, ten current P10 characters have a fraction of the experience of one P100 character.

    Paragon levels grant paragon points. These points are distributed to all the characters on your account (again, HC and SC are separate) and can be used from level 1. (It’s not known if a brand new level 1 would get access to the full total bonus, or if the total bonuses would be gradually accessed at say 1/7 of the total per 10 levels until max at level 70.)

    There is nothing like the current system with a passive 3% Magic Find and Gold Find per level, plus a normal level stat bonus. Each of your characters will gain no inherent passive automatic bonus with a level in Paragon 2.0. Instead, each paragon level grants a paragon point that you can spend in various bonus properties. You must set these yourself, and you can vary them greatly between characters and respec them as needed. We do not yet know what all the bonuses are or their values, and that’s all subject to change during further development anyway. What we do know is what the devs have said during interviews, and what we’ve seen in screenshots.


    Paragon Point Bonuses

    The Core tab was shown during the main Gamescom presentation and it contains the four attributes. There are three other tabs, and today’s new screen grab shows off the Attack tab. Here are the two we’ve seen thus far.

    • Core: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality.
    • Attack: Attack Speed, Critical hit Chance, Critical hit Damage, Cooldown reduction.
    • Defense: +Blocking % confirmed. Others? (Res All? Recovery time reduction?)
    • Utility: Movement Speed confirmed. Others? (MF/GF? +Exp?)

    We know all 4 properties for Core and Attack, but only one each has been confirmed in Defense and Utility. Feel free to speculate, and hopefully we’ll get full details on these sooner rather than later. Click through for more on Paragon point distribution, the mystery of Magic Find, and final questions in need of answers.


    Paragon Point Distribution

    As the devs have stressed, all these features are still under development and the bonuses and how much each point adds to them will probably change somewhat before it goes live. Also, the big issue is total Paragon points and how that exp curve will work. We also do not know how free we are to spend paragon points — can you put every single paragon point into the same tab? (It looks like you can from the slide shown during the presentation, with its dumptruck of points in Strength.)

    Another question is about max caps; will there be hard caps of some sort, when added to equipment bonuses? That’s come up in interviews regarding Movement Speed, and Josh Mosqueira just refused to answer or speculate and said the issue was still being debated internally.

    As we know, there’s a +25% cap on Movement Speed (from gear) in Diablo 3, and any bonuses above that do you no good. (Though many classes have skills that add bonuses which will exceed that figure.) There are lots of ways the devs could handle this, all of them with pros and cons:

    1. Perhaps Paragon Point bonuses to Movement Speed will increase the pace above the 25% gear hard cap with no cap?
    2. Perhaps there will be a new, higher Movement Speed cap that gear + Paragon points add up to?
    3. Perhaps the Movement Speed cap will remain at 25%, and players will spend Paragon points there to open up different gear options. (You could use Paragon points to fill the 25% and then wear one or none items that boost MS on their own.)

    Equivalent questions can be asked about most of the other bonuses. The only other properties now hard capped are Magic Find and Gold Find at 300%, but many players have requested hard caps or diminishing returns on other stats as a way to improve itemization.

    Currently in D3C there’s very little affix variety since there are no caps, hence it’s always better to add more DiabloWikiCC, DiabloWikiCD, DiabloWikiAS, DiabloWikiRes All, etc. But what if those stats had hard caps or heavy diminishing returns? Wouldn’t that encourage players to diversify their kit and to put more value on some of the other stats that aren’t necessarily bad… but aren’t ever as good as more crit chance.


    Magic and Gold Find

    Another big question is what’s going to happen with DiabloWikiMagic Find and DiabloWikiGold Find? The devs have often said they don’t particularly like those affixes on items and the current Paragon system goes a long way to eliminating them as gear properties, with the inherent 3% bonus per Paragon Level.

    The inherent bonus might remain (at 3% or something else) so that your account Paragon levels would automatically grant X amount of MF/GF to all of your characters, no matter their level. Or there might be Paragon points to add to Magic Find and/or Gold Find in the Utility Tab, and it would be up to you if you wanted to spend them there. In either event, the question of a hard cap remains, and how high it would be, and how much each paragon point would add.

    Other Questions

    We know all about the basic function of the system, but as it says in the DiabloWiki.Net, “The devil is in the detail”. How big will the bonuses be, how much exp will be required for each Paragon Level, and can a Level 1 character stack on 300 paragon points right from the first instant or do they come in at tiers (this is a big question for HC players who actually have to reroll from time to time).

    If you guys have speculations or other questions, throw them into comments and we’ll see if we can get some more specifics post-Gamescom, when Lylirra has said the devs will be providing more info and write ups of the new features.

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