Diablo 3’s Night of 1000 Terrors

Humorous short video from Mega64 which dramatizes some of the less conventional lurking terrors of Diablo III. It’s a quick video and is good for a laugh, at least theoretically.

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  1. I liked the part with the socks.

  2. lol it was funny, your account will never be authenticated again!!!!

    give me more money!

  3. Meh, it was ok. Would’ve been better without that horrendous overly dramatic music.

  4. The ending was hilarious. When I still played D3 the task of having to go through “Authentication roulette” every single day got very old. Try to login. Enter password. Enter authenticator from mobile phone. Watch the authenticating screen get stuck on three dots… then freeze. To avoid the error 3006 message (after 3 minutes of loading) I have to ctrl-alt-del out of D3 and end the process. Reboot the game and try again and again until finally it decides randomly to authenticate for no reason whatsoever. Tried to contact support and of course no response.

    If they do eventually fix that aspect of the game I am dreading having to go through all that again. Never had so many strange and unresolved problems with the simple act of logging into a game before D3. I honestly don’t think they will ever fix that.

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