Diablo 3’s New Game Director: Josh Mosquiera

Diablo 3 has a new Game Director and he’s been promoted from within. Here’s the introductory address from DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira, formerly the lead developer for the Diablo 3 console project.

My name is Josh Mosqueira, I am the new game director for Diablo III, and I want to take a moment to say “Hi” and introduce myself.

21B5DAZNYKGO1370372538945I’m a writer, designer, and lifelong gamer, and I got my official start designing games back in 1996. That’s when I had my first real break as a writer for White Wolf (makers of the Vampire: The Masquerade pen-and-paper role-playing game), when I co-wrote Constantinople by Night and Montreal by Night while serving in the Canadian army and finishing university. After that, I went on to work on a number of popular game series, including Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and FarCry. However, 1996 is a key year for me for another reason, because it’s when I, like many of you, was introduced to Diablo.

Having a heavy background in pen-and-paper design—specifically in telling stories and building worlds set in realms of horror and fantasy—I was immediately drawn in by Diablo. While the game’s dark, gothic setting hooked me, it was the intense, fast-paced action gameplay and the thrill of finding awesome loot that kept me coming back for years after.
That’s always been the magic of the game for me. It starts with a setting that pits epic heroes against the teeming, endless hordes of the Burning Hells, in an adventure filled with nonstop, intense action. It’s in players facing off against enemies like the Butcher and Diablo, villains who truly capture the essence of evil. And having the alluring promise of new and more powerful treasures around every corner doesn’t hurt either.

When I joined Blizzard, I was entrusted with the responsibility of helping to determine whether it would be possible to create a console version of Diablo III and working on what that might look like. I took this responsibility extremely seriously as I wanted to ensure that the legions of players new to the series on console could experience the magical combination of action and treasure hunting that Diablo is known for. It was important to me that we retain that essential core that is Diablo—every player who has ever roamed the shadowy halls of Sanctuary’s dungeons, hunting vile demons and looting their corpses, knows it well. My goal has been to help keep that core magic formula going strong with Diablo III, and to continue refining the game, initially for the console version, and now for the game as a whole.

For me, first as a Blizzard gamer and now as a game designer at the company, I’ve always felt that one of the things that sets Blizzard games apart is our passion and commitment to support our games well after launch. Many of the people I’ve worked with here have been at Blizzard since the early days of the company, and our heavy focus on putting the games first is the culture they helped create and that everyone here lives by. That’s why we didn’t call it a day after launching Diablo III and move on to the next project—the care, dedication, diligence, and ongoing effort from our development team continued full steam ahead as we listened to and acted on your feedback. We don’t just ship a game and leave it at that; we make sure that it grows and evolves after launch.

In the year since Diablo III launched, we’ve made good strides, but there are still things we can improve and new surprises in store for everyone. As Travis mentioned earlier, itemization is one of our big focuses for Diablo III moving forward. We want items to feel more meaningful, and we want players to be excited about the next loot drop. Our goal is to make the loot experience more enjoyable for ALL players. This includes reducing the amount of loot that drops while improving the overall quality, introducing targeted Legendaries, and giving players ways to directly customize their character’s armor—both visually and mechanically. We’re also looking into ways to reduce the impact of the Auction House. While we think the feature does provide a lot of value, it shouldn’t feel like the end-all-be-all force driving character progression.

We’ve built a solid foundation for the future of Diablo III and we’re focused on staying true to the core essence of the game, while pushing boundaries to evolve gameplay in ways that will keep players like you excited. We hope you’ll agree that with each update, the game keeps getting better and better, and we’re only just getting started.

In the future, we’ll be focused on preserving the core fantasy by cultivating the roots of the Diablo storyline, fine-tuning the heroes for what lays ahead, and creating new monsters and demons that will once again plant the seed of fear in your hearts. While some Diablo players out there are just looking for a fun single playthrough of the game, for many others, part of the appeal of the game is coming back again and again to test their mettle against challenging foes in an ongoing search for rare treasures, with the goal of making their heroes more and more powerful. We want to give those players, and really everyone, even more reasons to keep coming back to Sanctuary, and we have some great ideas brewing for ways to address randomization, what our endgame should offer, and how to make playing online with friends truly fulfilling.

To this end, you can expect to hear more from our designers, producers, and directors about what we have in store.

Thanks for being a part of the Diablo family, and we’ll see you in Hell!

Interesting to see Josh in charge. He’s sort of an inside-outsider; a bit like Travis Day, who was working on WoW and didn’t join Diablo 3 until after launch. Josh was part of the Diablo 3 team pre-launch, but he was hired fairly close to launch (his first public showing was interviews at Blizzcon 2011) to head up the console project.

Not much in this intro post about game design changes; it’s not really the place for such a presentation, but interesting that he brought up Itemization and a lessening of the importance of the Auction House as his dev ideas. I imagine he’ll get a fair amount of agreement on those topics from you guys…

So, if you had one thing to tell Josh, what would it be? What’s the one aspect of Diablo III that you most wanted changed/improved/modified/increased/etc? Wave your magic wand (which is probably a Chantodo’s) and make it so, in the comments.

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73 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s New Game Director: Josh Mosquiera

  1. I got excited when tabletop RPGs were mentioned, but unfortunately it seems he only wrote setting material rather than designing rules and mechanics. That’s really more creative writing and world-building rather than game design, strictly speaking.

    I suppose it’s nice that his work was in a “dark” and “gothic” setting, if anyone still cares about such things.

    and giving players ways to directly customize their character’s armor—both visually and mechanically

    Visually who cares, mechanically – that’s very interesting. It would be nice to see crafted item mods in the style of D2 jewels, for example.

  2. All these designers need to go back and watch the 2008 announcement video that had the fight with Sigebreaker at the end of it. It’s like everyone started taking some really bad drugs after they released that video, and forgot how to make the game.

      • I wonder if the dungeon architecture you see during the first few minutes of the barb intro has been moved to the first Diablo 3 expansion.

      • My gosh! I did not remember that…Diablo 3 WAS a good game AND could be the true Diablo third part…My gosh they deleted so many potential things before the beta =(….
        …Ok that was not a good way to start the day…
        ….¡¡D2 Developers WTF were you thinking!!….

    • I agree. That trailer with the siege breaker fight just has a different feel to it where it feels more like a Diablo game. The boss fight itself is awesome and I can’t believe they put siege breaker in some obscure part of Act3 when he should have been a huge boss in Act1, instead we got butterfly lady annoying us the whole time.

      What they need to do for Act 5 is add in a ton of random bosses throughout the act, not just a few. I should be able to say I want to farm X boss because he has a 1-2% higher chance of dropping X legendary where there are perhaps 6 bosses in Act 5 alone all spread around.

      • I don’t want to sound paranoid but… I think that colors are a little darker, the music is actually in the game, and the sounds of barbarian weapons striking in opponents are great! And this first location is epic! How it was possibel to go back so much during end “development”.

    • I agree, the game had much more elements back then. The barbarian climbing down a ladder? Monsters interacting with the environment? A boss fight that looks cool? Awesome animations for when you character dies.
      The rest of the acts now almost have no environment interaction. Even the followers in this video were cool. Also the thousand pounder appearing in blowing all stuff away. It was the game we were hoping for…

  3. I can’t narrow it to one suggestion, but my two biggest ones are: we need multiple efficient play styles per class for inferno, and itemization needs an overhaul to be something more than mainstat/damagestats/allres.

    I’d guess the second one is more important, as it’s the biggest problem that destroys my interest in the game at present, but done well it should improve the first.

    • Yes those are 2 main problems… For me the most important is poor range of bulids (effective ones). I play Wizzard mainly and it’s painful for me, the “illusion” skills are not efective. Whole gamepaly spins around items and if items are crap no bulid and player skills will help.

  4. “What’s the one aspect of Diablo III that you most wanted changed/improved/modified/increased/etc? Wave your magic wand and make it so, in the comments.”

    Hiring me as the unquestionable lead designer of D3.

    • This.

      Unfortunately, there are so many ways which Diablo 3 deviated from the prequels, so… “Fixing” items doesn’t really change much for me. But if they start to bring back the skill tree… that would be one thing, which actually is possible.

  5. I loved many of the games he worked on especially Homeworld and Warhammer 40k :DOW. I look forward to what he brings to the team and the game.

  6. Itemization – tying in legendarys to effect skills like Travis brought up a few months back, add in items that modify builds for characters such as a hydra wand/set for wizards that give + extra hydras to cast, there should be tons of legendarys that modify/improve skills to encourage players to do builds that benefit from those legendarys. Literally they need hundreds.

    Barbs need items that improve their skills such as perhaps a pair of legendary boots that increase whirl wind movement speed by 50% and legendary whirl wind gloves that increase the whirl wind cycles per second.

    Obviously for items it should not be about main stat/cc/cd/ias or suddenly the item is trash and you brimstone it, that is a design that needs to be fixed. They should probably just take out weapon damage and mainstat having any effect on damage all together or atleast minimize how important those are for increasing damage and focus on HOW items change the way a character is played which goes back to the legendary example above.

    Tying Magic find in for higher quality of items instead of more drops. He clearly stated their intent to improve the quality of items but decrease drops. I believe you can use Magic Find, a stat that has been pushed aside and bring it back to improve the quality so that players will want to use it again.

    • Nice Story. I used to write these papers in college: 4 pages of facts(documented, of course)and 11 pages of (yea you know what goes here). Whomever is moving the hand behind this muppet is reading his doom. Woohoo

  7. Making items and the item hunt fun again WAS the only way they could’ve saved the game. Obviously it’s a massive undertaking that Blizzard isn’t really all that eager to tackle. Too late now…

    My gut feeling about this news is pretty meh. This late in the game I don’t see this particular guy rocking the boat all that much. mostly because the boat has already sunk and been covered by months of rust and mud. No fault of his it’s just the way of things right now.

    Hopefully they will have learned a variety of lessons about items, item hunting, and overbearing AUCTION HOUSES when people sit down to decide what direction the expansion will take. Perhaps this is a sign that company as a whole is starting to reevaluate things.

  8. They should add Randoms maps and better items system,

    The gameplay now is so fucking boring! Diablo2 have randoms maps why have diablo3 not??

    Diablo2 items system was very fun, white/grey items means something, you could craft them and thats why diablo2 is better. Diablo3 items is crap and the items farming is like sitting on AH all the days, VERY BORING!!

    • Random maps is a huge necessity for the expansion. I hope they redo Acts 1-4 and create randomization like D2. Act5 obviously should have the same formula but for it being a new age in technology this formula should be much better. The randomization should make it feel like a completely new Act almost atleast in the sense where you feel like you are “exploring” it all over again.

  9. What a garbage introduction. Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m going to spout a bunch of PR fluff for you today! Hope we become great friends! I like Travis with his brutal honesty and lack of reservations about calling elements of D3 crap.

    Maybe I’m just pissed off because it’s raining crap legendary items today.

    • indeed the brutal honesty is much appreciated and makes it feel like the dev(s) are sympathizing with their player base.

    • Well, yeah. This is wholly meant as PR fluff, intended for a general audience and press releases and such.

      That said, it would be nice if they serviced the more hardcore fans (and haters) with an incisive critique of Diablo 3’s strengths and weaknesses, along the lines of the Travis Day transcript from a few weeks ago.

      • Exactly, I doubt this was even written by the guy, it’s full of PR buzzwords.

        Frankly, this new guy is still from Blizzard so I don’t expect much other than shallow platitudes to string the masses along a little further.

    • They’ve said that a proper dueling / PvP system is still being worked on for the future. The Brawling thing is just a stopgap measure, not their final implementation.

  10. I don’t really have any “magic wand” wishes that will deviate much from the ones we’re sure to hear most. This is really just more of a general take on the situation.

    I’m sure there will be plenty of naysayers, but this is leaving me pretty hopeful. I was actually surprised at how many game design changes he at least alluded to in this: itemization, AH, MECHANICAL gear customization. Certainly more than was strictly necessary in a general introduction. Given, right now it doesn’t mean much… but I’m willing to give him some time and a chance.

    As for him coming from the console team… still intrigued. I know a lot of the folks on here are anti-console, but they have their place. While I do prefer PC games in general, there are some things that consoles excel at- couch co-op being the best example. It’s not for everyone, but here’s a tip: once you have a kid that is old enough to be a decent gamer, couch co-op is the most fun thing ever. Seriously. And as for the console D3, it honestly looks like it’s shaping up to be a solid translation to that format. Hopefully we end up with two distinct versions of the game rather than a console-ization of the current game. But like I said, I’m willing to give him a chance. The game has definitely been moving in the right direction lately, maybe with someone officially at the helm the pace will pick up.

    Slightly OT: The only design decision that I question on the console version is the right stick=dodge thing. While it has it’s appeal, I would have loved to see a two stick control a la Robotron (for those of you old enough to remember it) or somewhat similar to most FPSs: left stick=movement; right stick=aim/fire. I’ve always thought that would be insanely fun. I suppose it would speed the game up tremendously though, and completely change the overall feel. You’d pretty much end up with Robotron + Loot. Still sounds fun to me though.

    I’m also really curious to see how they’re going to handle skills like Spike Trap (which, for those of you who haven’t used it, drops exactly where the cursor is rather than emanating from the character) without a mouse. I know there are a few more like that, I just can’t come up with any others off the top of my head.

    • Just to clarify before someone jumps my s*** about the dual stick idea: I meant that specifically in regards to a CONSOLE version. It would make the game much more arcade-like, and would in no way work for the standard version.

      I guess the idea does come out of my inability to imagine Diablo ever feeling quite the same on a console. So instead of making a straight translation, I’ve always imagined it as more action oriented. Often much more, as in my above idea. That may be why I’m so intrigued by the thing: I’m pretty much guaranteed to be surprised however it turns out, for better or worse.

  11. Meh… and he continues the talk about itemzation… I think its clear that no magic patch will solve the huge issues regarding the god-awful itemzation, only an expansion can maybe tackle the issue a bit but the foundations connected to that element (like the Skill System, Main stat system, Critical Damage) are too deeply rooted into the game already, even an expansion would have trouble to expand those extremely shallow systems.

    Still lets see what he has to say, after all thats all blizzard does in regards to diablo 3, they say “things”, but they dont actually do anything meaningful.

    • Indeed, the main stat and damage scaling tied in with spells is awful that system needs to be overhauled, they really should just go back to D2 and add some kind of point system back and it doesn’t mean a skill tree just allocating points around for customization and adding +1-2 skills on items.

    • Considering what they’ve done during WoW expansions over the years, it’s not improbable to imagine them doing the following at the expansion:

      -remove or hard-cap critical hit damage
      -change main stats from a percentage to a flat, linear bonus
      -add bind on equip to all legendaries and/or rares
      -change critical hit chance and attack speed to ratings, similar to armor or resistance

      Of course, if they don’t do these things, then Jay Wilson’s stupid ghost is lingering around the offices like a rancid fart. Oh, and real PvP, like what was at Blizzcon a few years ago.

    • I would agree Kiro. However,I’ve been thinking and Azure touched on this in the podcast. They need to nail the itemisation prior to the expansion that way they can fiddle around and fix it so it has a good foundation. Further, no way in hell will the expansion sell well if the itemisation system is still in its current pitiful form. It MUST be fixed before the expansion. Myself and many of my friends will not touch the expansion until Blizzard has proven themselves.

      • Yeah I agree with you as well, its just that from a design and maybe even legal standpoint, they made themselves a huge nightmare: They shipped the game with a terrible itemzation… and to make matters worse they poisoned the game with Real-money transactions on this horrible itemzation. If it was supposed to be the nature of Diablo 3, fine, but it shouldnt come with such a dire need for an overhaul like it did, thats why I think JW was a terrible game director, this is the main goal of the franchise, its already a huge misstep to screw up this part of the game and even worse when noting blizzard’s intentions with the items.

        And its not items that need to be better, I think the itemzation being so shallow is more of a symptom of the shallow mechanics of the game as whole, like no customization on the characters, no elemental damage effects, main stat, critical damage being so out of whack, allres values being much higher than single res, etc…

        I mean, look at how oddly some skills behave, converting all damage to a certain element type, making every weapon just a number, a stat stick, I know they wanted to streamline everything but it just made it weird, I never had any doubt about what was going out of my attack on Diablo 2, it was all very logical but in D3, my poison darts will convert all my damage into poison even tho my weapon says it deals fire damage… Oh look I have a dagger that deals holy damage! But for what?

        Say what you want about the skill tree but it helped the itemzation to expand a lot more than this loadout system ever had. I would much rather see +3 poison dart than “increases poison dart damage by 4%”, thats just as much as they can do with it. And not only the items are boring but are also very difficult to find because of the insanely low drop rates (thanks AH), but I would say that even if the drop rates were more like D2’s I would still be bored to death with those stat sticks which have no personality unlike the D2’s uniques.

        Its all so messed up, and limited… to make matters worse, they cant even tinker too much with it, they already showed their cowardice when they dont even want to fix Black Damage weapons bug, and already noted that they would repeat the same IAS nerf because people were too upset about that.

        The itemzation issue branches into too much badly designed parts of the game, I dont feel like blizzard has understood it yet, the main one being character customization and they are hellbent on defending the loadout system and I didnt see them talking anything badly about main-stat so I dont have any faith that this fabled itemzation patch will work at all, it will turned into another dissapointment just like the fabled PvP patch hype was. If I were to predict it, they will just add a bunch of legendary items with crazy/useless proc effects or boring passive alike effects (increases minion damage by X%), the problem lies much deeper than just the addition of interesting items.

        • “If I were to predict it, they will just add a bunch of legendary items with crazy/useless proc effects or boring passive alike effects (increases minion damage by X%), the problem lies much deeper than just the addition of interesting items.”

          This is exactly what I’m expecting too and this would fix absolutely nothing, especially for 100% self-found players like me. We need blues/yellows/crafteds to be interesting too since getting legendaries is much much harder for us to get.

          • I dont know… even if blues/rares became more interesting, I dont think it would make me go back to the game. Let see… if there was a new affix that would give Plague of Toads one extra frog, or would make them not explode on walls/obstacles, would it be enough for me to use that skill?

            yeah, I could see myself using it. But I would get bored of it in one run. The apathy on character customization is just way too high on D3, My WD doesnt feel like its mine, its just regular WD, all his skills are as unique as loadout weapons on CoD and even those new interesting skill modifiers from items would be just feel like a checker box for an extra skill effect. Something that I would turn on-off on my loadout weapons, like a silencer on a pistol.

            So I know I would get bored extremely quickly even if there interesting skill modifiers, at least to me (it may not be the same issue for everyone) I know everything is deeply connected to my lack of attachment to my character, on how artificial and common place he is, the Diablo formula was a balance between Character customization and gear that would augment the characters but blizzard is hellbent on doing it the other way around and that has seriously screwed up the formula.

            I know what some will say “Blablabla Skill Trees are outdated” “Perm choices are bad – Releveling is fake replayability, blabla” but all those “bad” design choices from D2 spawned something more, like how releveling was making low (ex: sigons) and mid items (ex:vipermagi) valuable and desirable, unlike D3 where lv 60 is all that matters, and Skill trees made it look like that was your necro, your assassin, your choices, your tinkering, and it also helped itemzation to take more advantage of it, specially when there was a sane damage celling on the skills unlike everything being tied up to weapon damage.

            To discard those features without adding anything to make up for it is the big downfall of Diablo 3, and its so deeply rooted into the game and arrogantly re-instated by devs over and over again, which is why I have no hope for the future of this game. Only this (morbid) curiosity to see where this trainwreck will go.

        • It. I’d be thrilled if your wrong. But I just don’t believe Blizzard has it in them. Ask me 2 years ago and I’ d say your nuts. But at this point I have absolutely no faith in Blizzard anymore. So bloody sad. They are just so ridged, they just can’t do anything unless its in a 2-5 year period…..

          • Yeah 2 years ago It was just out of my comprehension to believe that D3 would ever be anything short of spectacular, after all the formula was there, the development time was already devoted into the game and money was invested into it plus the hype was there to ensure all those 10+ million copies, thats how powerful the Diablo brand is (was…).

            I would say that right now, Diablo 3 has a perfect itemzation.

            But thats not a good thing, I mean it is perfect for what the game offers, for the barebones and weird mechanics it has, the itemzation can only go this far. People hoping for something more are going to be dissapointed, there isnt too much to go to, the foundation is extremely weak. So weak that most of the big changes that came through patches are illusions and band-aids that just expanded some numbers, like the Monster Power System and Paragon Levels, they dont have a clear direction, a plan, so its no wonder that the itemzation is a mess when the rest of the game is one as well.

  12. I’m not really sure what he means by “good strides,” in the year since Diablo 3’s launch. I logged in for 5min with my lvl 50 Barb last week, and itemization, PvP, questing, character development and the story are just as stale as they were on 5/15/12.

    If Josh thinks the game has made “good strides,” Christ, this game is never gonna get fixed.

    • This isn’t a scientifically-derived figure, but I’d estimate that 95% of the changes post-release are targeted exclusively at Inferno. Thus a level 50 character, or any character outside of Inferno isn’t going to notice much difference other than some fairly large skill and rune changes.

      Due to the itemization the game never really began until level 60, and that’s only become more true since release.

  13. Well… the good strides comment its probably a political one. He couldnt just say that the dev team moves at a glacial pace and the game came into light with huge design issues and so far they mostly changed some small features through one year of patches and barely tackled the big problems in the game…

    it would be the truth if he posted it like that but he needs to play it safe.

    But even so… I am tired of hearing about D3’s design downfalls, the reason is that in like 2-3 weeks of the game’s release there were extensive posts with lots of suggestions about the game’s problems, and those all sounded much more sane and intelligent than anything that the developers have posted, I usually think that the developers must do their thing and let the players accept it (thats how Icefrog develops Dota 2, and it works) but on this case it really felt like the players knew better, which is very odd granting the powerhouse of gamming design that Blizzard was supposed to be.

    So I dont think he can post anything that wasnt acknowledged ages ago, probably even on the Beta, when players already foreshadowed how troublesome the design choices were. Posts cant do anything, they need to set up actions and tell players about it, we had plenty of discussion already, so far its all in theory but nothing has actually came into practice.

  14. The fact that he helped with D3 on console is a blessing a curse.
    The same goes for working on Homeworld and Company of Heroes.

    A blessing since he has ARPG experience, albeit, a mediocre game so far.
    A curse because he essentially worked alongside JW for at least 3 games worth of development.
    Moreover, I doubt he understands the fundamental problems facing D3 and that tells me that the console version will be a failure based on being the same game as D3 except better drop rates due to no AH.

    Same items, same affixes, same skills, much more difficult to patch/change if things need to be, etc.

    I am still unimpressed, more PR from Blizzard, no info since the last patch, no ATD (though they are utterly worthless), no Twitter (and I hate twitter) like WoW devs, no communication at all.

    The D3 devs are the worst out of the 3 Blizzard teams, and it shows.

    • You are most likely right. A console guy doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, either.

      They should outsource Diablo 3 makeover and expansion to David Brevik.

  15. Remove the epic music and talks-a-lot annoying bosses. More foreboding, dark, Matt Uelman’s music.

    • Nah its too late now, the tone is already set… a good foreboding and dark tune will just feel out of place when Azmodan and Diablo are behaving like Saturday Morning Cartoon Villains, Rita Repulsa is killing Cain and I am killing everything in the gates of hell with frogs.

  16. URL=”http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1friep/i_am_a_former_
    So what did you think of todays IMA from a former Employee ?

    I am a former Blizzard Entertainment employee who was laid off last year. AMA you want!
  17. Hmm 1 thing to tell him…

    Well since they are already working on itemization and pvp…

    FIX the unique features of d3. world events, randomization, vendors and random vendors, crafting. blah blah.

    Game is crap for a diablo successor. fix it.

  18. One thing I would say to him? “Beat other devs with stick every day so they realese content patches faster”

  19. All I want right now is more stash space 🙁
    I’ve kept all the legendaries I found since launch (minus the ones worth selling for 5M+ gold) and I’m running out of space fast.

  20. 1ST OPTION:

    * Option to make the game darker (darkd3)
    * Better sounds – weapons and monsters kills
    * Darker musics
    * Itemization
    * Something like jewels and runes (d2)
    * Randomization – maps
    * PvP
    * Rewarded Achievements
    * Customization – stat points and skill points (at least in paragon)



    • So glad I’m not alone in thinking the sounds in this game are really dull. It a big soup of generic, forgettable booms and bashes. I hardly know what a single monster in D3 sounds like!

        • I would like to upvote this comment enough that they re-do all the D3 monster sounds to live up to the Diablo legacy. 🙁 (D1 had great sounds too!)

      • I want DIABLO rather than J.Wilson mix of \Diablo-WOW\.

        I’m not saying I don’t like anything of D3. I like the gameplay, skills (design and how they work), nephalem valor, treasure goblin, events (need more), achievements, artisans, books telling history and information about monsters. After patches, I like MP, density (inferno), paragon, infernal machine and co-op. However, D2 continues much better than D3.

        P.s. IMO, the history is broken and there’s no way to fix it. Perhaps with a magic wand.

  21. New Game Director: Josh Mosquiera

    To quote Mephisto:

    “You’re too late! Hahahahaha”

  22. Let’s see, what Diablo 3 needs

    1. Itemization
    2. Randomization
    3. Character Customization
    4. Better story Presenation

    Pretty sad 4 of the most importat ‘tion’s got botched so badly.

  23. “We’re also looking into ways to reduce the impact of the Auction House.”

    I’ll keep waiting for that.

  24. I want DIABLO rather than J.Wilson mix of \Diablo-WOW\.

    I’m not saying I don’t like anything of D3. I like the gameplay, skills (design and how they work), nephalem valor, treasure goblin, events (need more), achievements, artisans, books telling history and information about monsters. After patches, I like MP, density (inferno), paragon, infernal machine and co-op. However, D2 continues much better than D3.

    P.s. IMO, the history is broken and there’s no way to fix it. Perhaps with a magic wand.

  25. Fact Nr 1:

    D3 sold 12 million copies. It’s a great financial success. Blizzard’s managers see the game as perfectly designed, because it sells in spades.

    Fact Nr 2:

    D3 is going console. This ENSURES that the game will never be deep. Console gamers are notorious for playing shallow but flashy turds. D3 fits perfectly, unfortunately.

  26. QUOTE

    Fact Nr 2:
    D3 is going console. This ENSURES that the game will never be deep. Console gamers are notorious for playing shallow but flashy turds. D3 fits perfectly, unfortunately.

    The sad thing is that the gameplay is deeper than in D2 :crazyeyes:

  27. QUOTE

    Fact Nr 1: 
    D3 sold 12 million copies. It's a great financial success. Blizzard's managers see the game as perfectly designed, because it sells in spades.
    Fact Nr 2:
    D3 is going console. This ENSURES that the game will never be deep. Console gamers are notorious for playing shallow but flashy turds. D3 fits perfectly, unfortunately.

    Two simple, sad, but yet so true facts. That they alienated much of the old Diablo players is a non-issue for them, since the game is a financial success. What I still recall is their reaction to the David Brevik interview.

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