The other rage de jour over in Blueyshire is the fact that Diablo III’s legendary and set items are a bit underpowered. This issue has been brewing for months, since the very underwhelming uniques were first posted on Blizzard’s site. Datamining of the legendaries during the beta showed much the same, and when Blizzard updated their site with the new and improved legendaries on launch day… fans who looked them over remained unimpressed, though doubt remained since we didn’t know what top quality rares would look like.

    Now that we’ve got two weeks of play time, the jury is no longer out and fans are all but unanimous in their judgment that Diablo 3’s legendaries are boring, uninspired, and generally lacking in the unique themes and properties that would make them special. Worse, legendaries are underpowered compared to good rares and even good blues, and badly outclassed by top quality blues and rares.

    This issue has been the fodder for countless forum posts, and when Azzure paused his GAH wheeling and dealing for long enough to dash off an article about it, he offered constructive criticism, made his points calmly and rationally, used facts and figures to back them up, and took on a tone, at his harshest, of disappointment at a lackluster game feature that’s sure to be improved in v1.03.

    Needless to say, the critics in Blueland are a bit less diplomatic in their appraisals.

    The ball, and dropping it.

    Dropping the ball.

    Making legendary lvl 60 items that arent even close to as good as blue items.

    thats what dropping the ball is.
    Bashiok: Even in the face of us confirming players comparing vastly different item stats as equal due to player level requirement and not stat budget, AND that Legendary items (despite your personal feelings) are not intended to be the best of the best and only the best items in the game? Seems like dropping the ball about talking about balls being dropped without ball dropping context.

    Who doesn’t want Legendary items to be the best items in the game?
    Bashiok: Players shouldn’t, really. I mean if you want all end-game characters to look the same and have on the exact same items by having a single #1 best item in the game, it’s a good way to get there. It’s a lot easier, to be sure, to just chase a single BiS item, but we really don’t believe it should be a lot easier. It should be difficult to find and judge and compare and build characters out of a mix of randomized items, not just go after a tier set.

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    Bash, have you even read some of the Legendary Item descriptions? The GrandFather for instance, has a crappy 700-800 dps for a 2h sword and it’s supposed to be the “most revered” sword in the game? Lmao? Whoever made the Legendary Items was smoking a pipe.
    Have you read the article I linked to where we said we’ll be buffing them? 🙂 Also The Grandfather is actually ilvl 61, so an ilvl 62 or 63 blue could beat it out on straight DPS.

    Technically the Warmonger is the best 2h legendary sword.

    But that’s not the issue here, the issue here is the legendaries are worse than rares and blues. And that should not be. Please accept that THIS is what players want. For once in my life I am VERY comfortable speaking for everyone. We’re accustomed to the term “Legendary” actually MEANING something.
    And we’ve stated we plan to buff them and add more unique affixes.

    What do you want to talk about now?

    Of course no one here expects a level 30ish legendary to be worthwhile at level 45. That’s simply splitting hairs, or obfuscation. But at level 60, a legendary from say, Hell mode, ought to be better than most everything in Hell mode ( or insert advanced mode here).

    I don’t think anyone with basic common sense believes it is in the best interest of the game to undervalue the rarest drops in the game. We realize you guys are still laying the foundation, it’s going to take some time. That’s understood. But also be cognizant of the fact that we, as players, don’t dig the treatment that the legendaries are getting as of right now. Stand back and count the dollars, but ignore the sentiment at your own risk. This isn’t WoW. I’m not on the hook for 15 bucks next month. /wink
    Bashiok: Hah. Well, no one is standing back, every designer is in the thick of it working on future updates, patches, hotfixes, etc. I think it really comes down to a perception issue that color quality differentiation and name have made. If the items were called Uniques, as they were in Diablo II, would you assume they were the best items in the game? Maybe, if they’re the hardest to find. But I think the point is that the hardest to find items are not in fact Legendaries, but perfect Rare items. It’s less intuitive to not have clear separations of item power through name and color, and that’s tripping people up to be sure.

    I don’t know … we’re looking to buff them. Whether we guarantee a blue item dropping in the same difficulty/Act can’t have higher DPS than a Legendary is still a judgment call we’ve yet to make. It’d sure make more sense to people who are stuck on item colors telling them which should be better, but whether it’s the best for game’s itemization I think is still up in the air. Giving players a clear ‘best item’ is not necessarily the best decision for the game and itemization landscape.

    Are they going to add unique affixes in the way that D2 did? Instead of just buffing the current stats (taking the strength and doubling it) are they going to add INTERESTING affixes that support ‘quirky’ builds.

    I’m fine with perfectly rolled, or well rolled rares having a better overall dps/stats, but make the legendary items good enough that they can compete with the damage/armor of great rares, but other interesting affixes that would have players think about it.
    Bashiok: Yup, that’s mentioned in the article.

    Everyone is looking at the front page, right? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6018173/Game_Design_Update-5_28_2012#blog

    Current Legendaries being buffed and new and more unique affixes aren’t currently estimated to arrive in the same patch, though.

    You really don’t see why people logically think rarer items should be superior to the common if of a similar level? Are you new to games in general? Or why when you are playing inferno you don’t really have any use for a level 50 item? You’re right we are all just antiquated in our opinions, it couldn’t be that you and the ‘designers’ who have pissed all these people off because you didn’t include your radical new philosophies on the box for ex: ‘Please don’t buy if you want this game to make sense.’ Lets just put aside the fact that you have handled launch and the technical side of the game similarly to how my newborn nephew handles a diaper. The game itself is poor, there is no incentive to replay the same levels again and again on another class because they aren’t fun when your best course of action is to skip content. There is no risk/reward and no logical way to approach the game so people skip mobs to get to later checkpoints and break vases for loot. I suppose this is your idea of compelling gaming.
    Bashiok: So… you’re having fun, then?

    We won’t know how they’re going to patch up legendaries until we see it, some months from now, but it sounds like they’re going to buff them up, both in terms of bigger stats as well as better stats, in terms of making legendaries more interesting and unique, rather than just giving them a grab bag of not-very-thematic mods. That’s as much or more a problem than their lacking DPS, IMHO. I want orange and green items to be cool. They should have some properties that blues/rares can’t get, and have specific focuses to make them unique. That’s the sort of thing that makes them really cool in D1 and D2; since even when a unique isn’t the best item of its type, (which is the vast majority of them) they often have a special flavor that makes them stand out by something other than the color of their name.

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