Diablo 3’s Legendaries Leave Something to be Desired

The other rage de jour over in Blueyshire is the fact that Diablo III’s legendary and set items are a bit underpowered. This issue has been brewing for months, since the very underwhelming uniques were first posted on Blizzard’s site. Datamining of the legendaries during the beta showed much the same, and when Blizzard updated their site with the new and improved legendaries on launch day… fans who looked them over remained unimpressed, though doubt remained since we didn’t know what top quality rares would look like.

Now that we’ve got two weeks of play time, the jury is no longer out and fans are all but unanimous in their judgment that Diablo 3’s legendaries are boring, uninspired, and generally lacking in the unique themes and properties that would make them special. Worse, legendaries are underpowered compared to good rares and even good blues, and badly outclassed by top quality blues and rares.

This issue has been the fodder for countless forum posts, and when Azzure paused his GAH wheeling and dealing for long enough to dash off an article about it, he offered constructive criticism, made his points calmly and rationally, used facts and figures to back them up, and took on a tone, at his harshest, of disappointment at a lackluster game feature that’s sure to be improved in v1.03.

Needless to say, the critics in Blueland are a bit less diplomatic in their appraisals.

The ball, and dropping it.

Dropping the ball.

Making legendary lvl 60 items that arent even close to as good as blue items.

thats what dropping the ball is.
Bashiok: Even in the face of us confirming players comparing vastly different item stats as equal due to player level requirement and not stat budget, AND that Legendary items (despite your personal feelings) are not intended to be the best of the best and only the best items in the game? Seems like dropping the ball about talking about balls being dropped without ball dropping context.

Who doesn’t want Legendary items to be the best items in the game?
Bashiok: Players shouldn’t, really. I mean if you want all end-game characters to look the same and have on the exact same items by having a single #1 best item in the game, it’s a good way to get there. It’s a lot easier, to be sure, to just chase a single BiS item, but we really don’t believe it should be a lot easier. It should be difficult to find and judge and compare and build characters out of a mix of randomized items, not just go after a tier set.

Click through for much more from this thread.

Bash, have you even read some of the Legendary Item descriptions? The GrandFather for instance, has a crappy 700-800 dps for a 2h sword and it’s supposed to be the “most revered” sword in the game? Lmao? Whoever made the Legendary Items was smoking a pipe.
Have you read the article I linked to where we said we’ll be buffing them? 🙂 Also The Grandfather is actually ilvl 61, so an ilvl 62 or 63 blue could beat it out on straight DPS.

Technically the Warmonger is the best 2h legendary sword.

But that’s not the issue here, the issue here is the legendaries are worse than rares and blues. And that should not be. Please accept that THIS is what players want. For once in my life I am VERY comfortable speaking for everyone. We’re accustomed to the term “Legendary” actually MEANING something.
And we’ve stated we plan to buff them and add more unique affixes.

What do you want to talk about now?

Of course no one here expects a level 30ish legendary to be worthwhile at level 45. That’s simply splitting hairs, or obfuscation. But at level 60, a legendary from say, Hell mode, ought to be better than most everything in Hell mode ( or insert advanced mode here).

I don’t think anyone with basic common sense believes it is in the best interest of the game to undervalue the rarest drops in the game. We realize you guys are still laying the foundation, it’s going to take some time. That’s understood. But also be cognizant of the fact that we, as players, don’t dig the treatment that the legendaries are getting as of right now. Stand back and count the dollars, but ignore the sentiment at your own risk. This isn’t WoW. I’m not on the hook for 15 bucks next month. /wink
Bashiok: Hah. Well, no one is standing back, every designer is in the thick of it working on future updates, patches, hotfixes, etc. I think it really comes down to a perception issue that color quality differentiation and name have made. If the items were called Uniques, as they were in Diablo II, would you assume they were the best items in the game? Maybe, if they’re the hardest to find. But I think the point is that the hardest to find items are not in fact Legendaries, but perfect Rare items. It’s less intuitive to not have clear separations of item power through name and color, and that’s tripping people up to be sure.

I don’t know … we’re looking to buff them. Whether we guarantee a blue item dropping in the same difficulty/Act can’t have higher DPS than a Legendary is still a judgment call we’ve yet to make. It’d sure make more sense to people who are stuck on item colors telling them which should be better, but whether it’s the best for game’s itemization I think is still up in the air. Giving players a clear ‘best item’ is not necessarily the best decision for the game and itemization landscape.

Are they going to add unique affixes in the way that D2 did? Instead of just buffing the current stats (taking the strength and doubling it) are they going to add INTERESTING affixes that support ‘quirky’ builds.

I’m fine with perfectly rolled, or well rolled rares having a better overall dps/stats, but make the legendary items good enough that they can compete with the damage/armor of great rares, but other interesting affixes that would have players think about it.
Bashiok: Yup, that’s mentioned in the article.

Everyone is looking at the front page, right? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6018173/Game_Design_Update-5_28_2012#blog

Current Legendaries being buffed and new and more unique affixes aren’t currently estimated to arrive in the same patch, though.

You really don’t see why people logically think rarer items should be superior to the common if of a similar level? Are you new to games in general? Or why when you are playing inferno you don’t really have any use for a level 50 item? You’re right we are all just antiquated in our opinions, it couldn’t be that you and the ‘designers’ who have pissed all these people off because you didn’t include your radical new philosophies on the box for ex: ‘Please don’t buy if you want this game to make sense.’ Lets just put aside the fact that you have handled launch and the technical side of the game similarly to how my newborn nephew handles a diaper. The game itself is poor, there is no incentive to replay the same levels again and again on another class because they aren’t fun when your best course of action is to skip content. There is no risk/reward and no logical way to approach the game so people skip mobs to get to later checkpoints and break vases for loot. I suppose this is your idea of compelling gaming.
Bashiok: So… you’re having fun, then?

We won’t know how they’re going to patch up legendaries until we see it, some months from now, but it sounds like they’re going to buff them up, both in terms of bigger stats as well as better stats, in terms of making legendaries more interesting and unique, rather than just giving them a grab bag of not-very-thematic mods. That’s as much or more a problem than their lacking DPS, IMHO. I want orange and green items to be cool. They should have some properties that blues/rares can’t get, and have specific focuses to make them unique. That’s the sort of thing that makes them really cool in D1 and D2; since even when a unique isn’t the best item of its type, (which is the vast majority of them) they often have a special flavor that makes them stand out by something other than the color of their name.

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86 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s Legendaries Leave Something to be Desired

  1. Haha talking about everybody looking the same. They are so fucking stupid that it’s sad. Blue/yellow all have the same model but whatever.

    • It’s a perfectly valid point. Not just about appearance — everyone wearing items with the same stats is boring and doesn’t belong in Diablo. It’s what WoW does with its more competitive setting where everyone is on the same level gear-wise.

      • But vocal Diablo players are absolutely desperate to have that D2 gear chase, where you knew what was best, because everyone else had the same duped item.

      • players now all already have the same stat so i think its a horrible point you and bash are trying to make. the items should go

        perfect roll rare

        whites and grey should just be removed all together

        • Whites and greys in their current state should be removed, yes, because they have no use other than littering the ground and annoying you when picking up the blue or better quality items, but I’d rather see use restored to these items than have them removed from the game. 

          To me, grey items should mean socketed, and you should have to pick them up to see how many sockets, and whether the item is damaged/normal/superior.  White items should mean no sockets, and you should have to pick them up to see whether the item is damaged/normal/superior.  In addition, both these types of items should be required for EVERY crafting recipe and number of sockets should not be an affix.  As an example, if a crafting recipe requires a sword with 2 sockets, you should have to find a grey sword with 2 sockets, and if you want the best result, you should be wanting to find a superior 2 socket sword of the base type for which the crafting recipe requires.

          • This makes a ton of sense, and removes the redundancy problem Blizzard had with allowing everyone to add sockets to their items (it still boggles me that people don’t realize how meaningless this would be). If a high socketed white had the same drop rate as good legendaries then you would see the same nice gradient of socketed items in the AH as rares, but for crafting purposes.

    • I don’t get it, why are they the RAREST items in the game, if they’re not going to be the best, or even COMPARABLE to the best items in the game? It makes no sense. Atleast make it so they can’t be beaten out by blue items of the same level, I mean maybe when a legendary rolls badly, they could be compared to blues or even Yellows, but come on now.. I personally feel that later in the game that blues/yellows/legendaries should all be balanced out, but atleast make it so that legendaries can be CONSIDERED the best items in the game. =/

      • Did you read his response? The rarest items in the game actually the perfect stat blues that everyone is comparing them to. By your own logic, those particular blues should be better.

  2. “The other rage de jour over in Blueyshire is the presumption that Diablo III’s legendary and set items are a bit less than uber-nigma.”
    Fixed two words. Other than those, this sentence borders on poetry.

    Keep in mind that there are some people who think that this is indeed the way it should be. Legendaries should have more flavor yes, but they should be reserved for specialty builds and etc. rather than be able to compete with the best random drops. I’m personally happy with legendaries being around the 85-90th percentile of quality at best.

    • This.
      Most of the time rares sucked in D2.  What sucked even harder? Crafted items.  Weaker ‘uniques’ is a much better alternative to having only 1 item class matter at all.
      The answer is to actually make them unique, cosmetically or special affixes, which they are doing.  I found “Stolen Ring” which is a pretty underwhelming Legendary ring, and after I got past the initial disappointment of not finding the D3 equivalent of SoJ, I was pleased I found it, stashed it and moved on.

      • The reason why rares sucked in D2 was because they weren’t allowed to roll the highest tier affix in most patches (I’m not sure about the latest ones), but I remember Rare couldn’t have the Cruel affix which is 300% ED, and instead they could only have up to 200% ED. 

        Now Legendary is having the same treatment, because their fixed affix has a low highest dmg comparing to the affixes that are possible to appear on a high level blue/rare. When the dmg mod on a legendary is 100-300, while the strongest affix is around 200-500+, Legendary has no chance in comparison.

        And it doesn’t even matter what other affixes are on the Legendary since DPS is so important. As long as the Blue/Rare has a better dmg mod, and maybe an IAS mod, then it will be a lot better than a Legendary of the same level. 

  3. It’s hilarious how his responses alternate between “working as expected” and “we already said we’ll fix it”.

    • What’s hilarious is some people’s failures at reading comprehension.

      Legendaries aren’t supposed to be the best items in the game. This in no way contradicts the notion that legendaries could stand to be a bit more powerful.

  4. I’m fine with perfect Legendaries not being more powerful than perfect rares.

    I don’t get why perfect legendaries can’t be about as powerful as perfect rares.

    Why not give the players a choice?

  5. They really should either answer or not. This circling around questions is really annoying.

    • They’re not really dodging questions; they’re explaining how people’s questions are based on faulty assumptions, and they’re trying to correct those assumptions.

  6. I totally agree that the Legendaries are to weak.  I have only received 1 and as cool as it was to see it drop.  As soon as I identified it, I was struck with a “ah, well, ok, thats cool”.  I was expecting to be blown away.  It just didn’t move me.  Also, I haven’t seen one set item drop yet personally.  Have any of you?

      • Dropped one belt in Normal – It was flippin’ fantastic and lasted until Hell. Then dropped a second – knuckles that handily dropped for my HC monk – but they weren’t as good, and outclassed by my current weapon.

    • Set items are just a mythical things to me so far and their existence are only proven through the AH and the official site.
      It was me when I saw my first legendary drop:

      But now I’m like this when I see a legendar drop: 

    • I had a Nutcracker drop for my Barbarian. It was lower DPS than the weapon he was using, but the stats on Nutcracker made it worth trying out. A friend of mine had Giant Skull drop from some normal mobs as soon as he got into A1 Hell, and it was a huge upgrade for him at the time. I also use an Angel Hair Braid on my Wizard that dropped for my friends when I was helping them get through Hell difficulty. In terms of Intelligence it was a bit of a side-grade, but the resists and %life on it made it worth using. Considering it’s only a level 55 item I’d say it’s pretty good.

  7. I know why they’re a little worried about adding unique effects and affixes to different legendaries. The more you do that, the more you run the risk of allowing people to stack way more of a certain thing than is normally possible. If every Legendary does something category-breaking, then certain combos might perform absurdly well. And useful items not in Hardcore are not likely to go away any time soon. I think they’re underestimating how much fun people will have collecting legendaries to actually perform those combos, but I can also see why they wouldn’t want to accidentally put in a legendary effect that makes the game easy mode. Blue and yellow items are random, but the designers know what the top level affixes do with each other, and how many the player is budgeted with stacking. 

    • how difficult would it be to put hard caps on various bonuses? Don’t they already have diminishing returns for IAS, blocking speed, etc?

      Also, they’ve often said things about how they don’t want the game perfectly balanced. They’re cool with some skills and builds and characters being kick ass. Just so long as it’s not game breaking.

      • But you don’t want everyone bumping into a hard cap as soon as they hit 60, do you?

      • It’s not so much about plain old stats, its about the unique mods that only showed up on Uniques/Runewords. Oskills, lower enemy resists (breaking immunities,) crushing blow, curse on hit, and then they’d add obscene amounts of MF on top of all those crazy, game breaking mods. The unique, weird mods could really be a problem.

  8. “Who doesn’t want Legendary items to be the best items in the game?
     Bashiok: Players shouldn’t, really. I mean if you want all end-game characters to look the same”

    Well, won’t it happen no matter what ? I mean, the end-game chars look the same ? People will optimize builds based on whatever combo of skills + items is best, post on internet, and a lot of others will follow, it doesn’t make a difference if that item will be a legendary or blue item, there will always be those items that will be better than any other, and it will be used by most.

    • No, because the ideal they are striving for is build diversity. This is part of what I was discussing earlier. Right now, they have a good idea of what items can do to a character in D3. The more legendaries and stuff they add, the more balance permutations they need to worry about. Each piece of armor could be like adding a new passive that practically anyone can flip on to break the game. 

      I’m not sure if I mind people playing a Stormshield Barbarian or Wizard, or whatever, but I think Blizzard is just remaining cautious, due to the shelf life of items with the auction house.

      Ideally, what’s optimal for me is not what’s optimal for you. One of the reasons it’s nice to choose from 500+ tools (the skills/runes) is that I can choose my tools, and you yours. Also, ideally, what’s workable/possible for me and you should be diverse. There’s optimal, and then there’s fun experimentation.

  9. The biggest letdown for me is that we won’t see any changes until v1.1, and it can be months away. Also, since changes won’t be retroactive, I’ve effectively lost all motivation to do MF runs.

  10. “Who doesn’t want Legendary items to be the best items in the game?
     Bashiok: Players shouldn’t, really.”
    This is kind of reasoning is why D3 will NEVER be what it should have been.
    They nerf drop roll/rates in games to “compensate” for the fact that you have access to the AH.  And when you do find a “good” item, its boring as hell.  When Blizzard talks about D3 being all about the item hunt apparently they meant doing searches on the AH.
    Fail game design is fail.

    • I disagree. Just cause you, the disgruntled, are more vocal does not mean that I do not exist. I don’t want legendaries to be buffed. It’s just people being confused with MMO drops. (note: I have nothing against MMOs)

    • DeeJayeS – i wish i could give you more than +1.

      this is DIABLO we are talking about, not WOW.

      i am not saying that rares shouldnt be better with a good roll, i am saying that unique items should be UNIQUE.
      i know they renamed them legendary – but following the naming logic legendarys should better be LEGENDARY. and by that most likely the best items in the game.

      i personally dont want that. i want unique items.
      odd, weird, at times completely useless items. (until you find the right build) 
      and they also should be strong, yes.

       and mr poo, go and play D1 and then D2 and see what we are talking about.

  11. What also bothers me is that i cant dye my legendaries. I got a helm that is useful statswise but i cant even color it invisible… as for the color of my shoes being brighter than anything else well….

  12. I don’t understand the argument that we’re comparing legendary ilvl 60 to blue ilvl 63 items. How come there’s no ilvl 63 uniques then? Sure, don’t make them better than good rolled rares, but why add legendaries if they can’t compete with even the crappiest end game gear?

    • Though not directly, they basically said why: They want the very best items to come from random rolls rather than semi-random legendaries, and furthermore think that the general player ultimately wants that too if they don’t want the item hunt to ultimately devolve into “LF perfect Windforce” and variants thereof.
      You make ilvl 63 Legendaries and everybody will just want those.  Of course that may (probably will) happen but only in expansions, just like D2.

      • Why shouldn’t “LF perfect Windforce” be a legitimate gearing strategy?  There isn’t really an excuse for so drastically outclassing the legendaries with any old trash blue that you find lying around.

      • Yeah but that’s what I’m saying. Why bother adding another type of item that fills no role? It’s worse than low rolled end game gear and offers nothing unique. As it is now, legendary items would be better in the form of collector cards. Takes less space.

        • They do fill a role: They are for collectors and people who play in Hell mode & A1 Inferno.  

          You say, “Why wouldn’t those people just be hunting for the best drops in ilvl63 items?” Because everyone else is too, while very few people will actually be able to farm those items effectively. Therefore the legendaries will ultimately still be more common and cheaper than those super-hard to farm, high random rolls of high ilvl63 items.  This makes Inferno gameplay qualitatively different from Hell gameplay, makes the end-game more varied, and focuses people on the stat they want for their build rather than the build that is possible for the one or two items they know to go get.

          At least that’s obviously Blizzard’s intention. I agree, though, that those legendaries need more themey-ness.

  13. My buddy, with whom I played D2 extensively for years, has expressed to me how he is not feeling the “Diablo magic” with Diablo 3.  And has already stopped playing most days.  The item issue has got to be 95% of the reason, and I feel it too! I have found 2 legendary, both were horrible in stats. One of my favorite things about Diablo 2 was finding all sorts of cool gear.  Gear that I could save up on a mule and then gear-up a lowbie and feel like a BADASS.  Now yes I do find some good lower RARE items and I think, “oh that would be nice for my monk in 20 levels”. But I usually end up selling the item on the AH because I know I can just by something similar when I’m actually 20 levels higher.

  14. I could not care less about legendary items and I hope they never become the best in the game and make everyone wear the same things.

    • That’s fine, but don’t you want to see more than 3-4 useful attributes, excluding +stats?

      • I wan´t more of everything, more options, other than that I don´t care. No need for it to be legendary items that provide that. I am sure they will expand the Item base in the future.

        • That was the whole point of having Legendary items though. Themed, and unique mods not found on rare/blue items. For example in D2, ppl used Frostburn for the 40% mana increase, and had to sacrifice +CR, MF, etc etc. 

          Without Unique mods, legendary are just a standard, below average piece of equipment.

  15. Damnit, people, uniques don’t need to be the “best” they just need to be UNIQUE! As in, do something that would otherwise be undoable. They need to be INTERESTING.

    • Exactly!  I stared a forum thread after Azzure’s post the other day that is trying to brainstorm ideas and get Blizzard’s attention to see the cool ideas they can do for itemization of legendaries.  Please contribute some ideas if you have them to show Blizzard what we really want to see on them.


    • It’s not UNIQUE, its LEGENDARY. LEGENDARY item must be better then not legendary.

  16. The reason legendaries suck is a corporate decision, if legendaries were the best items in the game players would spend much less money in the randomiced rares in the RMAH.
    The way it works now a player will spent much more time getting upgrades to the equipment in pursue of perfect items, and so spending money in the RMAH. That translates in money profit for the company.
    However, no one is forced to spend real money in the RMAH, BUT, in the end, many will do just to save time, takes much longer to get perfect equipment with rares rather than with a system were legendaries are the best items in the game.
    And thats the reason why legendaires suck, they want them to suck… more profit.

    • Which is funny since it will likely backfire on them and many players will just quit sooner since there is far less excitement in buying upgrades off the AH or finding boring rares.

    • I actually disagree, if there is a lot of diversity in what is on the auction-house then the bidders are more spread out. If they aren’t competing with each other, the prices won’t go as high and LESS money is made.
      The legendaries are very varied anyway, having both a range of stats on their set affixes and having extra randoms on top.  So even the same legendary can have pages of different auctions, every one of which is unique (at this point).

      I’m not even in Hell yet, let alone inferno, but it seems that immunes are not going to appear, and so having different types of damage is pointless. This will help people go for the “single best item in the game” because the highest dps will always be useful. 
      If they want people to be geared differently, they should put some different affixes out there which solve the difficulties inferno is posing. e.g. fire resistance for use against monsters who deal fire damage(mortars molten), wall walker for use against (wallers), cannot be moved/moved to for use against (teleporters, vortex) etc

      I would think that having legendaries provide ONE of these would be sensible. A way to have them be sought after but not always “the best option” (since you wont always be facing the same types of monsters) 

  17. I think Legendaries could use more uniqueness, but not buffs. I agree with Blizzard’s intention – just as D2C started off.

    It’s a bit saddening, though understandable, that everyone looks at D3 and seems to want it to be a different game. Boss fights, mmo loot, etc. It’s a simple game this is. Click click click, dungeon dead. Random drops. If you don’t enjoy that, then this is not your type of game. That’s fine.

    The LAST thing I want is Blizzard to give in to this latest outcry of ‘conspiracy’, ‘dropped ball’. It’s a design decision. I hope they keep a straight back, like Schaeffer would.

    It’s supposed to be random, not all go for the same damn item.

    More importantly: STOP FUCKING BITCHING at Blizzard. They did not make this game the way you hate it just to piss you off. There is no conspiracy, no fail, no nothing. Maybe you just don’t like everything. That happens in life.

    • Don’t you think that not having found one yet while they are not good is an issue.

  18. The critical sentence in those replies is “Current Legendaries being buffed and new and more unique affixes aren’t currently estimated to arrive in the same patch, though.” So, new affixes not sooner than in 2013. What a fucking joke, they basically say that itemziation was in alpha stage when this game shipped to stores. Un-fucking-believable… I think I’m done with this game.

  19. Basically what they’re saying, is that blues will STILL outlevel Legendaries. Blizzard can go fuc k their grandmothers.

  20. It seems like when they removed manual stat allocation they replaced the itemization with stats and then left interesting itemization out of the game in the interest of releasing it sooner.

    • That is in my mind the biggest problem. When I jumped into the game I went for my favourite type of D2 character: Frenzy barb focusing on fast attack speed and on hit effects, I soon realized that I simply can’t do that if I want to not die or be able to kill anything. Further more there almost is no such option without crushing blow, on hit curses and spells and other modifiers like that.

  21. Can someone please explain to me why it’s preferable to search for a perfect rare than a perfect legendary item?  The perfect rare is not something defined – it’s a random collection of mods that have simply produced the max on each range.  The perfect legendary item is an item that serves a specific purpose, promotes a certain play style, or allows the player to do something a little bit weird.  The perfect legendary item does not need to be the most powerful item in the game, yes, but it does need to be the most interesting or the most flexible, as the perfect rare can never fulfil such roles.  Why can’t my armour make me run faster, or my gloves increase my attack speed.  Rares cannot do that because you don’t want mod caps stacking overly much, but legendary items are “designed”.  I can’t think of anyone who really cares about finding the perfect rare – top drawer at what it does it good enough.  But I can think of a great many people who care about finding interesting, powerful, or flavourful legendary items.  Sadly, the makers of Diablo 3 have a different take on items than the people who play the game, and are so focussed on “power” that they fail to understand even for a moment that people will stop playing this game if the item hunt is trivialized into which item is “better”.  We don’t necessarily want “better” – we want “cooler, more intriguing”.  Will they never understand that?

  22. A lot of the lvl 60 legendary armor is quite good. But yea, nobody wants to hear that. 


    • By the time that good legendary armor drops you would have found better rare or magic ones. And also good does not mean interesting.

    • Maybe so but there are also items like the Visage of Giyua that has set mods that are literally no different than what can roll on a standard rare WD mask but are likely much worse and is much rarer to find.  Even the skill boost can appear on regular drops not that the small boosts are necessarily worth chasing anyway.
      Pretty pointless if you ask me.

      And this is just the first item down the list that I found that’s lackluster.  I’m sure to find many more if I keep going through the guide. 

  23. With this comment, they have failed to see what a really large portion of players thinks about legendaries and set items:

    Who doesn’t want Legendary items to be the best items in the game?Bashiok: Players shouldn’t, really. I mean if you want all end-game characters to look the same and have on the exact same items by having a single #1 best item in the game, it’s a good way to get there. It’s a lot easier, to be sure, to just chase a single BiS item, but we really don’t believe it should be a lot easier. It should be difficult to find and judge and compare and build characters out of a mix of randomized items, not just go after a tier set.  

  24. They totally dropped the ball with legendaries. But what I don’t understand most, is why did they spend so much time of giving every legendary item unique look and even lore, if they are not going to be worn by anyone, because they are just useless. My mind is blown by this fact.

  25. They keep defending all the game flaws and it is a pain to see, we know they’ll eventually change their mind and say that they came up with a great idea, boost the stats on legendaries as if no one had mentioned it before. 
    In the end it’s the consumers market and if enough ppl expect legendaries to be great than they’ll have to change it or suffer the consequences.

  26. What I absolutely fail to understand is how the argument that \not everybody should be wearing the same items endgame\ is valid at all. There are lots of arguments explaining how this is not even true (which have been explained again and again already), but even if it was true: Diablo isn’t WoW, it’s mainly a single-player game which you may enjoy with a group of friends or the occasional stranger. Could I care less about whether my fellow 250’000 Wizards playing in South Korea are wearing a handful of comparable Legendaries…? How they put this argument before \it should be fun\ is so far beyond my understanding that it physically hurts..

  27. What I fail to understand is, why the hell the legendary items don’t have unique affixes? They don’t have to be best in damage, but they can have stats like, Ignore Target Defense, % chance to cast “insert spell here” on hit. 

    And they say they are going to work on them after release. Looks like we are playing open beta afterall… 

  28. My grandma could’t figured out how to choose between a mix of random rare/legendary/blue items at lvl 60. You should make legendaries with fixed proprierties and also describding the class that they are meant to.

  29. I remember older legendaries before change with atack and defense stats also with +25% dmg soj etc it was not super cool but it was much better then what we have now. When i saw legend. first time on web i was so dissapointed. If you compare d2 everyone wants mara 30 but rare amus were much better but cost 10x more or 100x more.
    I found 4 set items. 2 from jarls 1 from common chest and 1 from trash mob. Its so bad. I made hundreds of mf runs and only rares from champs and bosses. Its so boring to find only rares all the time. And if you pull one legendary every 100 hours is  so crap. D2 is just superior.
    Well i played 12 hours a day or more and i have to say that after 170 hours its going to be really boring. Legendarys should be best items in game except for perfect rares and should not be so much random.
    Btw crafting sux too. Why i should craft random boots for 100k per one ? I can save money to buy one decent for 10 randoms craps. Might be option for bored rich ppl. 
    I keep grind act4 jarls and first boss.. act 3 chest and act2 pygmy.. killing champs is too much painfull and not worth time .. sadly and it was pronounced to be best to farm them what a fail  .. insted of looking for them you rather avoid them … i can farm them in act 1 easily but there is no loot there anymore.

  30. trolls complaint
    “Whoa i found a golden item, but it sucks cause people have better yellow items, bla bla”
    If someone plays more, he should have better items, right? There shouldn’t be one right path to gear up, right?

  31. What a true clown is this Bashiok still failing to realize that they will do as people SAY and people want reasonable and good legendaries not whites with brown color! Not to mention the huge and deserved uproar for this unfinished game…

  32. Uniques should “do” something unique…have some affix that you can’t normally find on another item of the same type… Like fire exploding arrows or something…

  33. The worst part is that Blizzard refuses to admit that there is a problem with the current legendary and set items. If they don’t try to fix the problem, they won’t have people coming back like they did for D2.

    • Apparently they think the game is fun if legendary and set items are mediocre. They actually think it is fun that after 3 weeks of playing, they finally get a legendary drop, and it is crap.

  34. 8 Legendary items and 2 set items, all were completely useless to blue/rare gear I was wearing.  I want someone to just make a mod that turns the legendary orange to grey so I never have to pick it up and have a sickening feel in my stomach as I identify yet another piece of shit. 

    • In my case, the items are pretty useless even when I passed them to a character who just reached the level required to use the legendary item. And that’s just sad. 

  35. This is not Titan Quest but I remember in TQ Perfect Rares where better than Legendaries BUT You would where legendarie sets to either amplify a certain build (ex: extra peirce dmg) or to amplify a certain survivability issue (ex: extra poison resist or extra pierce resist) now this was interesting because if you where just farming mobs then you would where your best rare gear BUT for specific bosses or harder areas you would switch gear on have a mixture or rares and legendaries.

    This I think is a good model and this is what blizzard was trying to do as well but it didnt turn out as planned…. Now the major problem in TQ was that the good legendary drops were a bit to rare and as in D2 there ended up being alot of duped items.

    Oh and another reason to use legendary sets was to look realy bad ass when you rushed lower level newbies or in trading games to look cool or just to say you collected all of this set or that set even if they were not good for your class/build.

    Anywasy, I’m hooping they manage to tune it just right so that lengendaries give cool bonuses so that when you do find a ”perfect” rare with better DPS you question yourself: is the DPS upgrade better than the ” chance on hit to cast chain lightning” ? thats where the fun itemization choices comme into play IMO. 

  36. Wait, there are brown and green items in this game? Strange, because I only find a buttload of blue ones, and sometimes yellow ones.

  37. I really dont understand Blizzard’s way of thinking on this.  I understand that you can get ‘perfect’ rares which, according to Blizzard, are the best items in the game.  Why not set the min legendary stats to the highest perfect rare stats (obviously when comparing items of the same level). Then at the very least, the crappiest legendary item will have the equivalent stats to a perfect rare of the same level. THAT is what makes sense. In addition, i like the idea a few people have mentioned RE: legendaries having some unique abilities. To me, they should just get rid of legendary items all together at the moment as its pretty much false advertising.  Blizzards reasoning (i.e. they dont want players looking the same) is utter garbage.  What percentage of players are actually going to get to the point where they are fully decked out with legendaries and run the risk of wearing the same items and looking the same as other players?  Furthermore, of those players, how often are they actually going to see each other in game?  Its not an MMORPG with thousands of players running around.  I personally care more about the stats rather than whether or not the person next to me looks the same!

  38. Thye can’t make money from the RMAH if legendaries are the only good drops to get.

    • They can’t make any money from the RMAH if everyone quits playing in 4 to 6 weeks either.
      June 5th ends the 3rd week of Diablo 3, and if things don’t change I cannot see my self continuing to play past the 4 to 6 week mark, most likely the 4 week mark.
      I’m currently moving through Hell difficulty now using nothing but blue/yellow gear, mostly blue, though after last night it may be 50/50.  Anyway, I’ll easily be in inferno before the end of the upcoming weekend, which will give me over a week at inferno before the end of the 4 week mark.  What’s to keep me playing after this?
      – The impossible to find Sets and Legendaries are not required to beat the game, and in fact, cannot be used to beat the game because they are underpowered.  In other words, there is no motivation for me to keep playing to acquire the Sets and Legendaries because they all suck anyway.

      – There is no motivation for me to keep looking for better rares because the only form of gear improvement is finding bigger numbers for the affixes I have already chosen to use.

      – There is no motivation to re-roll and play through the game again trying out different class builds, because without permanent choices there is no such thing as a different class build.  And I have already played all 5 classes, which is why I haven’t yet beaten Hell with any of my characters (but soon).

      – Then we have the game mechanics I simply don’t like.  Stat points.  I want an allotment of stat points for each level up that I can assign myself.  Furthermore, I find it completely stupid that the stat points we find on gear make the stat points we receive on level-up completely irrelevant, auto-assigned or not.  In fact, with the amount of stat points currently given out on gear, there is absolutely no reason for forcing auto-stats on us.  Literally, any undo-able mistake we could possibly make by assigning our own stats points is easily correctable with gear, which brings me to my next point about stat points. “The zero Energy, just enough Strength to equip your gear, zero Dex or just enough Dex for max block, rest in Vitality” was NOT fixed by D3’s system.  The problem was just changed to “max primary stat, max vitality, ignore the other two stats”, and in my opinion this is worse than D2 because the problem was moved to items and 2 affix slots on each and every piece of gear has been taken away from us.  More customization my ass.  All gear is reduced to 4 affixes max (assuming 6 affixes is max on any item), which makes the items boring, not mention completely useless when they don’t have +primary stat and +vitality.  Then add to this that any item that can have +damage on it needs to have +damage on it as well, items are reduced to 3 affixes each, which make the item problem even worse.
      For D3 supposedly being all about the item hunt, Blizzard sure screwed it up.  And Blizzard arguing that the Sets and Legendaries need to suck because they don’t want us all seeking out the same items or running around looking alike is laughable.  We already are seeking out the same items and running around looking alike.  How is everyone seeking out rares with the same set of core stats and running around in the standard gear-set artwork looking alike any different than everyone running around with Sets and Legendaries and looking alike?  The only difference is the artwork, especially with Legendaries only having a portion of their affix pool fixed and the rest of their affixes being random.

  39. What does Blizzard not understand about this.

    Oh a legendary dropped! *identify* – ah it sucks.

    Players want this? No, no they don’t.  

  40. I miss the excitement of finding a super rare Unique item in Diablo 2. There wer always new items to search for that could take months to find. I loved that! when I finally saw that orange item drop, I was excited to ID it, and equip it on one of my characters. That feeling is just not present in D3. All of the items are so similar, just a few more vitality, str, dex… no really interesting affixes, boring legendaries, etc.

    They made the sequel to the best treasure finding game in history, and forgot to add the cool treasure!

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