Diablo 3’s Inferno Difficulty Has Been Defeated

Team Method finished off the final boss of Act Four and they have now completed the Inferno difficulty. Well, “completed” is a relative term, since as many of you guys have pointed out their progress through Inferno was largely an exhibition of run-and-stun techniques, as most normal monsters were bypassed with all the battles concentrated on the few Elites required to complete quests… and most of those were passed with “chain rezing” dead teammates during the mad scramble battles. (Team nolife will join Method in a full completion very shortly, as they are live streaming the last boss as I type this update. Note that they are on the US server, while Method is on EU, so nolife is actually faster by hours played.)

Jay Wilson has made a few twitter replies to questions about this, indicating that some fixes are coming up to prevent some of the exploits these early Inferno runners have found and abused.

But do you think this is very fast clear inferno? I mean: Did u ever think pro players can make clear inferno in 4 days? –AkiEvans
no, I thought it would take them a whole week. –Jay Wilson

What do u think about people start crying when Method team made chest framing run in act 2? –AkiEvans
I don’t think they should be banned as many have said, but we will fix that one. –Jay Wilson

Any chance yall are thinking about either increase the rez timer or disable rez in inferno? –qtrWhileTrue
We’re hot-fixing it so rez gets interrupted by damage as was intended. –Jay Wilson

I guess this means we can shut down our Inferno prediction thread and declare winners? It’s Saturday afternoon PDT right now, and the European D3 realm went live Tuesday afternoon. That’s right around 96 hours ago, so technically Inferno was first beaten 4 days after the EU servers went live. Here are all the people who selected 4 days on the prediction pool. Congrats to them all:

  • Mefet, Karpalo, robotxtacy, tyren, betazoid, nitoo, Shucklezzz, In the name of Zod.
  • The 5 day predictions were only off by a few hours, but alas, no credit to Mn_swe2,
    RazeBarb, Widukind, svidikus, Flux, Bgx, SZero, or Cyco. And if you thought I was mentioning those guys just because I’m one of them, you’d be… pretty much spot on, actually.

    There’s no telling how long Hardcore Inferno will take to clear; these teams so far have died hundreds of times, and even used deaths as an exploit in certain situations (that would be spoilery to explain), so clearly Hardcore will be a whole different hurdle, as will a full Inferno clear even for Softcore chars.

    No video of the final battle yet, but you can see Team Method’s defeat of Act Three, if you click through. Spoilers, obviously. I didn’t watch the defeat of Act Four, but as I said above, Team nolife is taking it on right now, and after literally 22 minutes of non-stop combat, the boss is less than half dead. In comparison, the video below is only 16m in total, and it includes some footage from before and after the actual fight.

    Update: Added video of the final Act Four boss battle.

    Act Three boss battle:

    Act Four final boss battle:

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    47 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s Inferno Difficulty Has Been Defeated

      • Doesn’t really matter, wasn’t any more legit than these guys (semi invulnerable wizard build)

        • Of course it was legit, he used a spell the way it was meant to be used. That the spell is potentially OP on certain encounters isn’t his fault.

          I have no clue why method is getting credit for world’s first when it obviously wasn’t. First 4-player kill yeah, which is nice, but not first in the world to defeat inferno difficulty. That goes for now to Sygodoeden.

          • Gimmick probably unintended builds are just as lame as corpse jumping to get to the bosses. That the person decided to lame out his way to the end of the game instead of actually showcasing good play /is/ totally his fault.

            I’ll be playing proudly without exploits.

            • I suppose you never played D2, the game where gimmicky unintended build was the core of it. That’s like whining about a smiter soloing ubers, it’s clever use of game mechanics and it sure as hell isn’t an exploit.

              That it’s lame or not is irrelevant to the legitimacy of it. He didn’t abuse bugs or exploits, it was a 100% legit kill and way before method did it. I’m curious to why Flux is giving Method the credit when they clearly weren’t first. 

            • He abused an exploit where having low life makes a skill better than likely intended. The skill is still not useless with a normal build to survive some very high damage abilities — that seems a more intended use.

              A lot of people think it will/should be nerfed. Obviously it does not seem 100% legit.

              If Blizzard does in fact not change Energy Armor at all in the next week or so (even if that means wizards will be 10x better at farming inferno than other classes and everyone switches to them), then I’ll concede your point.

    1. I picked 3 days and people said I was crazy. If they didn’t take a long sleep break, they would have done it in 3 days lmao.

    2. Just watched Kripp group to defeat Diablo. It took 9 hours less than Method cause they are located in US. Anyway, barb had really bad items, mainly stacking all res which is good, but everything else was lacking.

    3. Stupid to think groups would not just bypass content and skip to bosses. Should have made it that you needed to clear 75% of the mobs, or kill 3 elites first – something like that.
      Or even better – not have major bosses in their own instances and include them in the level with the rest of the mobs. But that would ruin their precious cut-scenes. Dont we know cut-scenes > gameplay.

    4. We’re hot-fixing it so rez gets interrupted by damage as was intended. –Jay Wilson
       Haha @ teamNoLife I like them.

    5. We should be thankful to these no life hardcore nerds, because they are helping Blizzard test the real flaws in their game and in turn, improve it.

      One shouldn’t be so quick to criticize Diablo 3, it’s not even close to a week out, yet majority of the feedback have been really positive.

      Blizzard will definitely release patches to nerf skills and buff monsters/bosses, but even at it’s current state the game has definitely bypassed it’s predecessors gameplay and storywise, even without PvP (which will be released soon).

      I’ve enjoyed myself playing this more than D1/2, and what makes this game so addictive is it’s fast pace combat and elements of fun and surprise, which is lacking in the older franchise.

      This is definitely the #1 game of 2012 and for many years to come. 

      • No life hardcore nerds? Are you just angry that your 3 month guess was so ridiculously wrong?

      • The commercial above was brought to you by Blizzard Entertainment! Buy our shoddy products, make us even richer!

    6. I wonder if Rez will be interrupted by damage you actually take only, or any “damage effect?” As in, if you pop Serenity, Diamond Skin, or other temporary invulnerability, you never “take damage” and so you still pull off the rez? What about dodge?

    7. Blizzard PROMOTED so called E-SPORTS… Its in there Credits…
      Normal Difficulty is no way to review Diablo 3. I think its better to personally set up 4 reviewers in a game and beat it… then review it. I was disapointed on normal. I could sit there and just tank the bosses in normal like a dumbass with downs.
      Then again. Blizzard themself supports E-sports. They obviously underestimated them(noobs)selfs. Its horrible… very very horrible for such a thing to happen. I think its ruined the game. Id rather just play with my girl in a private game and enjoy it by clearing everything out.

    8. Keep in mind that method guys are the best of the best.  We average gamer will take quite long time to complete inferno.

        • You people really should learn what exploiting means. They didnt break any game mechanics, farming a chest is not “exploiting” nor is it abusing a “bug”. The devs even said so, and they just patched it to happen less often so people couldn’t do it.
          If they were exploiting they would be banned, like when Krip and the rest of Exodus got banned in Ulduar for purposely breaking the fight to make it easier than was intended. Same with someone else who was purposely using engineer grenades on the lich king to make his platform stay large and not shrink. Those are exploits. /facepalm. 

    9. This would’ve gone much faster if they’d had a DH in that group. Twin Chakrams and Ball Lightning are both wildly OP. Vastly superior to Orb or Darts.

    10. Well done.  I wonder what they’ll fix and what the first patch will change.
      Also, was anyone else getting incgamers entirely blocked recently, saying it was a potential threatening website?

    11. Man Blizzard underestimated their playerbase here, did they really expect the tryhards not to bring their WoW mentality to D3? I imagine their predictions were made while thinking of a team working by themselves and tackling every elite they come across, not an entire legion of players funneling gold and items into a team skipping everything not mandatory.

      Hopefully they learn from this and whatever future challenge rolls out in the Expansion is properly bulwarked against these shenanigans.

    12. Heh, I’m going to be the world’s first HC Inferno clear too. I just haven’t started a HC yet. Wake me when he’s to Inferno.

    13. the only thing methods proved is if you got no self respect whatsoever you can rush and exploit the crap of the game you been waiting 12 years for.. i wonder if they even enjoyed the game at all.

    14. Why are people asking a Ban for these guys?  Is beating the game in anyway in 4 days a crime now?

    15. The bigger issue at hand is the set 3 or 4 telegraphed attacks that bosses have.  If bosses had the same random affixes as rare/champion mobs, inferno would still be standing.  Heck, I bet most of Hell mode would still be standing.  Right now killing bosses just means that you can kill a monster with a lot of hit points.

      That said, the game was never intended to be played this way… bosses have set attacks because they are made to progress the storyline, not drop awesome loot.  IMO, that is why most are taking issue with the methods used in obtaining this victory.  

      • Dude, a game is never “INTENDED” to play a specific way, that said, they wanted to be first in the world to beat the Crap out of Blizzard’s so called ” Inferno will take a long time to beat” theory. I’m actually proud of them, they have just told Blizzard “Do Not Underestimate players” in a very painful way. 12 years work, beaten in four days, it’s a sad time for Blizzard, I can almost see Bashiok jumping and cursing in his office…:P 😆 8) :mrgreen:

        Still don’t know why people are asking to Ban these guys though.

        PS: MAn these guys have some epic armors, visually that is.

        • While i think they achieved something awesome, they skipped NV stacked through rare/champion packs which is the true point of inferno… not finding ways to skip all of the content to 4 act bosses.

          I give them props, but your claim that they gave blizzard a “painful” lesson is asinine.

          • I didn’t mean painful in that sense, like in actual pain. Anyway, they wanted to make History, 10 years from now people will only remember that Team Method were the first. No one will remember how they did it. :mrgreen:

    16. I think some people here needs to read Sirlin’s Playing to Win. In competitive gaming, anything that can be done within the game goes.

    17. You cannot predict the actions of a million people, especially computer geeks, you can just presume they will find all the holes your team of 50-100 people didn’t think of. You can also presume that your game will not stop them for long. You cannot tune your game for these elite players anyway not even Inferno because you will lose the 90% of players who can’t play as well.
      Okay, so a lot of you call this exploiting, this was happening in Swotor at release as well. Chest farming, well, if you put them there, then that’s what is going to happen. Okay, this particular dungeon had you killing 5 normal mobs to get a Resplendent Chest, but there are plenty of other places that will be run for loot and Resplendent Chests that don’t require crawling through two dungeon levels. You can’t take the chests out or make them a one time wonder because you don’t want your playerbase to focus on one area of your game. It took them years to figure out that making a bunch of areas lvl 85 would diversify the places people spent their time in D2.
      Also, I don’t know how long rezzing takes but I think you can probably still manage to rez in these fights.

    18. I’ll be actually impressed when HC inferno goes down. Corpse hopping won’t work there as well.

    19. TBH i was in the group that first beat Hell on USEast in DII.    We had a necro who abused corpse explosion.. basically everyone rode his coattails.    This isn’t any different IMO.   Who cares?     I am in Nightmare now and taking my time.. really enjoying it this time.  

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