Team Method finished off the final boss of Act Four and they have now completed the Inferno difficulty. Well, “completed” is a relative term, since as many of you guys have pointed out their progress through Inferno was largely an exhibition of run-and-stun techniques, as most normal monsters were bypassed with all the battles concentrated on the few Elites required to complete quests… and most of those were passed with “chain rezing” dead teammates during the mad scramble battles. (Team nolife will join Method in a full completion very shortly, as they are live streaming the last boss as I type this update. Note that they are on the US server, while Method is on EU, so nolife is actually faster by hours played.)

    Jay Wilson has made a few twitter replies to questions about this, indicating that some fixes are coming up to prevent some of the exploits these early Inferno runners have found and abused.

    But do you think this is very fast clear inferno? I mean: Did u ever think pro players can make clear inferno in 4 days? –AkiEvans
    no, I thought it would take them a whole week. –Jay Wilson

    What do u think about people start crying when Method team made chest framing run in act 2? –AkiEvans
    I don’t think they should be banned as many have said, but we will fix that one. –Jay Wilson

    Any chance yall are thinking about either increase the rez timer or disable rez in inferno? –qtrWhileTrue
    We’re hot-fixing it so rez gets interrupted by damage as was intended. –Jay Wilson

    I guess this means we can shut down our Inferno prediction thread and declare winners? It’s Saturday afternoon PDT right now, and the European D3 realm went live Tuesday afternoon. That’s right around 96 hours ago, so technically Inferno was first beaten 4 days after the EU servers went live. Here are all the people who selected 4 days on the prediction pool. Congrats to them all:

  • Mefet, Karpalo, robotxtacy, tyren, betazoid, nitoo, Shucklezzz, In the name of Zod.
  • The 5 day predictions were only off by a few hours, but alas, no credit to Mn_swe2,
    RazeBarb, Widukind, svidikus, Flux, Bgx, SZero, or Cyco. And if you thought I was mentioning those guys just because I’m one of them, you’d be… pretty much spot on, actually.

    There’s no telling how long Hardcore Inferno will take to clear; these teams so far have died hundreds of times, and even used deaths as an exploit in certain situations (that would be spoilery to explain), so clearly Hardcore will be a whole different hurdle, as will a full Inferno clear even for Softcore chars.

    No video of the final battle yet, but you can see Team Method’s defeat of Act Three, if you click through. Spoilers, obviously. I didn’t watch the defeat of Act Four, but as I said above, Team nolife is taking it on right now, and after literally 22 minutes of non-stop combat, the boss is less than half dead. In comparison, the video below is only 16m in total, and it includes some footage from before and after the actual fight.

    Update: Added video of the final Act Four boss battle.

    Act Three boss battle:

    Act Four final boss battle:

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