Diablo 3’s Character Window Improvements

One perpetual complaint of Diablo II players was that game’s DiabloWikiLying Character Screen. Due to code errors and patch changes in how various stats were calculated (there’s more explanation in the DiabloWiki article) many of the displayed numbers were incorrect, and joined the lack of other key stats (Magic Find, damage reduction, etc) to make the overall display of character statistics less than fully informative.

The display of such stats is much improved in Diablo III, and the more statistically-rigorous approach to such figures is evident on items as well, as evidenced in a slide displaying high level weapons that was shown at the Diablo III presentation at Gamescom this week. A fan referenced it in a forum post, got an explanation from another fan, which was then approved by Bashiok.

Fan #1: I saw that the familiar (e.g.) “+37% Increased attack speed” was replaced by “+0.37 Attacks per second”. I find this kind of a weird decision, since what does “0.37” attacks semantically mean? Who agrees that the +% was more intuitive?

Fan #2: Nope it doesn’t. Or well… in a weapon that has 1 aps it’s the same. Lets say a weapon has 2 attacks per second. If we increase it by 37% it will have 2.74 attacks per second. Where an increase of 0.37 attacks per second it will have 2.37 attacks per second.

Bashiok: Right, and it’s clearer to use the actual numbers instead of percentages where it makes sense. If we can cut down on the “bust out your calculator” quotient, that’s not a bad thing.

The fan referred to a photo from the Diablo 3 presentation at Gamescom, which you see thumbed there. The nice-quality photos were posted by JudgeHype, but as they were pictures aimed upwards at a large screen, they’re kind of fuzzy and off-colored. We’ve got all those photos in our Gamescom 2011 gallery, and I gave them all a bit of photoshoppery to darken the colors, sharpen the visuals, and skew them to a more head-on view, all for your viewing pleasure.

On a related issue, another photo in that presentation showed a hypothetical female Barbarian’s progression, from a Clvl 1 weakling to a Clvl 60, Inferno-ready battle maiden. You see it below, though you’ll need to click to see it large enough to read the impressive numbers.

Click through for discussion about this pic and the debut of several more exclusive images of the Diablo 3 character screen.

There’s a lot to wonder about in this Barbarian comparison image. The increases to all of the DiabloWikiAttributes are impressive, but what’s up with the paltry DiabloWikiresistances? Remember that resistances are not % based in their Diablo III display — they now work like armor did in Diablo II, where a higher number is more effective. But the key change to DiabloWikidefense and resistances in Diablo 3 is that they are all now damage reduction, not to/hit. High defense in Diablo 3 does not mean you get hit less. It means that the damage from every hit does less damage. Same with resistances, and I’ve got to wonder at the quality of that Clvl 60 Barbarian’s gear, if she’s only managed to pick up 10 to cold and poison?

I also wonder about the Defense; it was 50% damage reduction at Clvl 1 from 11 Defense and 7 Armor, but at Clvl 60 it’s 56% from 356 Defense and 708 Armor? Seems like the Clvl 60 Barb is slacking a bit on her Defense and Armor; wouldn’t you expect more of an improvement on the damage reduction from Clvl 1 to 60 than 6%?

Happily, these are not the only such images we’ve got available, since this seems like a good time to post a couple more of our exclusive ninja photos from the Bliz media event in late July. We do not have full screen photos of all the classes, unfortunately.

Here are the stats for a Clvl 1 Barbarian. The figures are identical to those in the presentation slide above, but 1) it’s a higher quality image, and 2) it’s useful in case anyone needed proof that male and female chars have exactly the same stats in D3.

Here we see the Clvl 1 details portion of a Demon Hunter’s character window. This character has no equipment on yet, and the most impressive stat to my eye is the Hatred regeneration rate. Without knowing the resource cost of his skills the total figure is fairly uninformative, but 600% regen seems very generous. It was quite easy to run out of mana, playing the early version of the Demon Hunter in the Blizzcon 2010 demo (reappearing this week at Gamescom). It seems like burning through all of your Hatred, primarily by using a lot of bow/xbow skills, will be a much tougher task, now that the character has undergone more development.

This is the most interesting pic we’ve got, since it shows a Clvl 10 wizard, with her Character window and part of the details display. She seems to be poorly-equipped, as most of her stats are unmodified by gear (no resistances at all?), but it’s an interesting to compare her to the Barbarian and Demon Hunter seen above. The Wizard has no damage reduction from Defense, but check out that Arcane Power regeneration rate; you can cast the entire bulb dry more than seven times in a minute; that’s a full refill every 8 seconds!

Of course that doesn’t tell us much without knowing more of the AP costs of skills, but it seems like a hefty regeneration rate. From what we’ve been told, skill delays in Diablo 3 will be mostly due to cooldowns; not to running low on resources. In theory you’ll be able to spam your non-cooldown Wizard skills indefinitely, like the blasty DiabloWikiglass cannon Jay Wilson always envisioned you as.


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  1. everything is awesome :[

  2. I’m pretty sure they said those clvl 60 stats were the base stats (no gear) for a level 60 Barbarian.

    • Then again watching the presentation again I may well be wrong. I did wonder why they were talking about builds when skill points were gone. He must have meant item build.

      I guess the characters just wearing pretty avgerage gear.

  3. The resistances section looks a bit… childish? Other than that, the UI looks pretty good.

  4. What’s interesting to me about the whole arcane power mechanic is how you might hit certain points of the game where you’ll want more faster cast rate vs arcane power regeneration or vice versa depending on the spells you’re using and how long you need to cast them to kill enemies etc.  They’ll play off of each other nicely, hopefully.

  5. Oh god, i love looking at these screens/stats, Thanks for the article!

    Anyway i have a question, do we know why some resistances go beyond 100? For example in the clv60 barbarian we can see that fire resistance is 139 and arcane 114. I was thinking that following blizzard’s simplistic approach to stats (which i really like), resistances would be as percentages from 1% to a theoritical-never-achievable 100% (maxing maybe at 75% as in d2?). But now i am a little confused. What 139 fire resistance means? (let’s hope it shows the actual percentage you resist if you mouse over but i am still curious what this number actually represents).

    • Now that i think more about it, maybe it has to do with negative resistances as you go to higher difficulties as in d2? But why not show the actual resistance you have in the difficulty you are playing?

    • They’ve said they’ll work more like a rating (ie D2’s attack and defense) , rather than just working on an exact flat percentage.  One advantage of that is that you’ll need more to give you the same amount of protection from higher level monsters, so that they don’t have to simply reduce your resistances on higher difficulties (I think they gave that exact example in a blizzcon Q&A panel).  Sounds much better than just hitting a cap and ignoring that stat until the next difficulty.

    • Quoting from the article. Yes, the words around the pretty pictures are there for a reason! 😉


      Remember that resistances are not % based in their Diablo III display — they now work like armor did in Diablo II, where a higher number is more effective. But the key change to Defense and resistances in Diablo 3 is that they are all now damage reduction, not to/hit. High defense in Diablo 3 does not mean you get hit less. It means that the damage from every hit does less damage.

      • I’m certainly glad they’re giving the stat sheet some love, and I like many of the changes, including the new armor mechanic. I *don’t* like the change to resistances, though, turning it into s damage reduction number. This is the way Torchlight works, and I dislike it in that game as well. Maxing out resistances in D2 was, for me, a fun goal, something to strive for in a character build, a point of completion and satisfaction. There’s no finish line anymore – sure, people will figure out things for builds like, “you need at least 1000 fire resist. 300 lightning, 500 ice” etc. But not being able to top out and see those numbers go gold… It’s the same way I felt when we lost attribute maxes from D1, and now skill point maxes. Hope they come up with some great achievements because it seems that’s all us teetotaling perfectionists are gonna have to look at anymore!

        • The problem with a system where you can hit caps is that usually it will be balanced around you doing so, which eliminates player choices. Resistances in D2 on Hell is a good example of this, but I could mention hit rating in WoW as another case of this as well.

          Besides, personally I don’t like feeling that my character is complete in any way. Ideally I would like to improve a single char for months, before I feel that I have to reroll to get a sense of progression again.

      • So, if i understand correctly, in diablo 3, defence gives you a clear percentage of damage reduction and resistancies is the damage you can take in a single attack without hurting yourself? So if i have 139 fire resistance and a monster does 200 fire damage, i will take 61 damage?

      • From level 1 to level 60, 11 defense to 356 defense, damage reduction goes from 50% to 56.1%.  6.1% damage reduction per hit, that’s it?

        Does the change from 11 to 356 exclude gear?  If not, did the gear focus or not focus on adding +X to the Barb’s Defense attribute?  Regardless, 11 to 356 is a huge range for a minor 6.1% reduction per hit.  If we go from 356 to 701, then what, another 6.1% damage reduction for a total of +12.2% per hit?  Is 6.1% or 12.2% per hit worth the equipment investment? And, if these paltry numbers are for a Barb, what are the damage reduction numbers going to look like for the other classes? Barb’s should be better at damage reduction than any other class.

        Also, what’s up with the chance to land a critical hit.  The lowly level 1 Barb has a 3.00% chance.  The level 60 Barb only has a 2.61% chance.  What’s up with that?

  6. the reason why damage reduction % has only increased by 6% from lvl 1 to lvl60 barb is because it pertains to the monster level like it showed in d2. in other word lvl 60 barb has 56% dmg reduction from lvl 60 monster and probably 100% dmg reduction from lvl 1 monster.

  7. hmmm defence is a flat percentage of all dmg ? i actually thought that it would be multiplicative with armor …
    but at this rate its simply an extension of Vitality, i mean once you`ve set your passives  you can very simply evaluate a optimum Vitality : defence – ratio
    healthreg and steal could mix it up a little but over all a pretty redundant stat Oo given that there already is armor and elemental resistance.

    • “once you`ve set your passives  you can very simply evaluate a optimum Vitality : defence – ratio”

      It won’t necessarily be simple. The optimum ratio will probably change from area to area, depending on the composition of monster types. Against slow but high hitting enemies it’s most likely that Defense would be the preferred stat, while against lots of fast swarmer type of enemies it would be Vitality.

      Also don’t forget, that Armor doesn’t reduce all damage, it works basically like a physical resistance now.

      • Why would more vitality be better against fast and swarming enemies?  Defense would work the same to reduce each hit’s damage.  In general, more life is always better, but defense is much easier to augment given all your armor slots.  People will choose to modify their attributes based on class and play style more often than monster composition by area (although this does tend to alter play style).  A barbarian gets more damage reduction per defense point than other classes, but a witch doctor has more skills that are modified based on his life.  In these cases, the barb is likely to wear the biggest armor possible, while the WD will probably  (depending on play style, of course) opt for gear that increases his life total (if he needs to choose between higher defense or life).

        • You’re right, I wasn’t thinking straight (or at all). Neither of those stats are inherently better against either enemy types. What players will chose will be based how stats will scale (Defense for example is rating based and may have diminishing returns, both of which probably won’t be true for Vitality) and their availability on gear and traits.

          “defense is much easier to augment given all your armor slots”

          The Armor value on gear is not factored into Defense.

      • well if you have 50% dmg reduction via defence – it basically is like 100% more vitality regardless of how much an enemy deals per hit
        so once we figured out the formula for defence – Level – damagereduction we can evaluate exactly how much total dmg we can take before we go down so maybe 200 vitality and 200 defence would allow us to take a total amount of 5000 dmg (eg 2,5 k hp 50% dmg reduction)
        if we take something like  100 vitality and 300 defence  (eg 1,25k hp and 70% dmg reduction ) we would be able to take approxximately 4165 dmg before we go down.
        on the other  hand if you have so much dmg reduction via defence – every stat which recovers a flat amount of health would be far more valuable , because every point of defence would increase the value of every point of health.
        but as i already said – Armor ( phsyical dmg reduction ) and resistance ( elemental dmg reduction ) are still in the game – so overall defence is a redundant stat – especially if you consider that you cant distribute attribute points anyway. so every time an armor grants + defence , it could have just as well provided more armor and + to all resistance.

        • “on the other  hand if you have so much dmg reduction via defence – every stat which recovers a flat amount of health would be far more valuable , because every point of defence would increase the value of every point of health.”

          Good point.  Life per hit and per kill stats will be better for characters focusing on Defense.

          “so overall defence is a redundant stat”

          Well yeah, it’s effect is redundant, but global damage reduction will probably scale slower with Defense, than physical resist with Armor for example. It would make you choose between specializing you char against certain enemies or gear it in a way, that it will be adequate against everything. The rarity of the different stats is also unknown at this point, but Armor should be easy to enhance.

          “so every an armor grants + defence”

          Every armor will grant Armor, but not necessarily Defense.

  8. I thought precision was also chance to hit? Has that changed too now? I don’t know if I have missed something?

    • There is no longer any chance to hit. Most melee skills (player or monster) has a 95% chance to hit. Quick, cheap, no cooldown type melee skills generally. This value never changes. Dodge is something the defender does to a SUCCESSFUL hit. The chance of getting hit is ALWAYS 95%, but your dodge chance can make it so one of those hits does 0 damage. I think they said dodge is very tightly controlled, b/c it is such a powerful defensive stat. They haven’t commented further on shield blocks. In 2008, shields blocked a set amount. WoW has changed shield mechanics several times (block amount versus flat percentage to flat percentage w/ a “critical block.”)

  9. yeah because removing brain work in games is always a good thing right bashiok? right blizzard? gaming should be a drooling activity, no brain involved yeah? amazing.

  10. 600 hatred regenerated per minute = 10 hatred per second.
    So, 10 seconds to refill from empty.  Not exactly generous imo, but seems reasonable for level 1.

  11. that’s…that’s exactly the same status system used in torchlight
    im impressed blizzard. grats on removing stats allocation

  12. I like the simplicity of this window.

  13. Eh, is that a 261% chance to critical strike?

  14. The 6% increase in defense for the barbarian is probably like that because its a rating. As you level and you dont add to your defense, the % defense it delivers will probably drop with each level.

  15. Boring WoW-like stats.  I hope there’s more interesting modifiers on the gear.

  16. I’m really pleased with how this is progressing. The interface is usually one of the last things in a game to get polished so this is very encouraging.

  17. The actual problem is a mathematical one. In a system where you can add damage reduction % directly, every point of resistance is MORE effective than the last. Going from 10% to 15% is not nearly as effective as going from 70% to 75%, but they are both a “5%” increase.

    In a case where it is linearly scaled, +10 resistance is always the same as +10 resistance, regardless of how much you currently have. WoW and WC3 use a similar system for calculating damage reduction (armour in WC3, for example). A linear scale is much simpler for the player (they don’t need any math). I’d assume that the actual % would be displayed as a tooltip on mouse-over, and remember that Jay has said a few times that they’ve had some monster tooltips :).

    Regarding the other information, I do hope it is made clear where these bonuses come from. I wonder whether an item that says ‘20% increased damage’ adds to weapon damage, or to all damage. I am also saddened to see life-steal as a returning mechanic.

    (Edit: This was supposed to be in reply to an earlier comment).

  18. The sword graphic below “basic attack” seems like it’s there for no reason, but it’s really prominent for a piece of decoration.  Maybe it could change in appearance as your damage per second improves?

  19. What is the number in the blue shield at bottom left?

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