Diablo 3’s “Black Soulstone” wins a Visual Effects Society Award


The Visual Effects Society awarded Diablo III’s DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone cinematic, showcased at last year’s BlizzCon, the top prize in their “Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer”. Congrats to the guys from Blizzard’s Cinematics department whose names were on the nomination: Nicholas S. Carpenter, Graham Cunningham, Chris Thunig, Taka Yasuda.

Blizzard has dominated the VES awards in recent years: A cinematic from World of Warcraft took this same prize last year, two years ago StarCraft II – Sarah Kerrigan won for Outstanding Animated Character in a Video Game, three years ago World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King – Intro Cinematic won the “Outstanding Pre-Rendered Visuals In A Video Game,” and the year before that, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade – Cinematic Intro won the same prize. This goes to show how talented Blizzard’s cinematic department is and I’m sure we’ll see them winning more awards in the future.

See our post from back in January for a full list of this year’s nominees, with all five videos embedded for easy viewing. Click through to view the award-winning cinematic.

Here’s the DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone cinematic, from Diablo III. See the wiki article for more details and info about what’s seen in this movie and where in the game it will likely be shown.

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15 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s “Black Soulstone” wins a Visual Effects Society Award

  1. @ “This goes to show how talented Blizzard’s cinematic department is and I’m sure we’ll see them winning more awards in the future.”
    I wish their higher ups would be this talented as well, so that one can actually trust their release “targets”.

  2. Please throw some more Dog pics in, I’m not a cat person 😉 (sorry in advance to all those cat-people!)

    Anyway, that’s good they won an award — too bad that award partly contributed to that new “Q2 release.” 😉

    ((Sorry, at this point I’m blaming everything))

    • I never understood the appeal of random animal pics… imo it instantly lowers the credibility of the poster.

      • They’re meant to make you smile. If they lower the credibility of the poster then that’s just bonus points.

  3. Seems like in almost every news highlight there are always people whining or complaining about the release date, getting annoying.

      • the whiney snowflakes fault, blizzard has not give us a release date yet, for the very reason of whiney snowflakes , they gave us an estimate possible target, giving us good warning that it is subject to change, and it changed for very good reason, that’s the late 2011 to early 2012 debacle,  for me, april-may is still early 2012 so they are still on path for there early 2012 “target”
        so stop whining like little snowflakes , blizzard will release it when it’s ready, go play some other rushed games and tell me how awesome it is….. that’s what i thought

        • @ Wowreally
          I personally don’t see how May is still early in the year. There, can I insult you as well now ?
          Q2 also includes June, yet somehow you only mention april-may. Subjective much ? Also, if they are still on track with their “early 2012”, why didn’t they just say so at the conference call ? Why did they specify Q2 instead ?
          And exactly how much time has to pass until Diablo 3 is not considered rushed anymore ? Answer me in years, please. This should be interesting.

  4. I guess they got rid of the “Outstanding Pre-Rendered Visuals In A Video Game” category. Otherwise they probably would’ve won that too…

  5. “This goes to show how talented Blizzard’s cinematic department is and I’m sure we’ll see them winning more awards in the future.”


  6. Pretty impressive considering how much the competition has stepped up in recent years in the catagoey. We’ve got studios like Blur and even Valve now that are doing some really fantastic stuff and though I hadn’t seen it myself yet, the opening for the Witcher 2 has gotten a lot of good buzz from people. I guess it’s a testament to Blizz’s storytelling prowess though that they can make such great mini-movies still. Grats guys. 🙂

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