The Visual Effects Society awarded Diablo III’s DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone cinematic, showcased at last year’s BlizzCon, the top prize in their “Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer”. Congrats to the guys from Blizzard’s Cinematics department whose names were on the nomination: Nicholas S. Carpenter, Graham Cunningham, Chris Thunig, Taka Yasuda.

    Blizzard has dominated the VES awards in recent years: A cinematic from World of Warcraft took this same prize last year, two years ago StarCraft II – Sarah Kerrigan won for Outstanding Animated Character in a Video Game, three years ago World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King – Intro Cinematic won the “Outstanding Pre-Rendered Visuals In A Video Game,” and the year before that, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade – Cinematic Intro won the same prize. This goes to show how talented Blizzard’s cinematic department is and I’m sure we’ll see them winning more awards in the future.

    See our post from back in January for a full list of this year’s nominees, with all five videos embedded for easy viewing. Click through to view the award-winning cinematic.

    Here’s the DiabloWikiThe Black Soulstone cinematic, from Diablo III. See the wiki article for more details and info about what’s seen in this movie and where in the game it will likely be shown.

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