Diablo 3’s Achievements and Profile Changes

One of the best things about the recent beta patch (aside from DiabloWikiRapid Fire) is that the game build is several months more recent than the earlier beta build was. This allows testers to see all the new and improved skills and features, but also shows off lots of other feature improvements and upgrades that aren’t actually playable. Yet.

Our various community code diggers have posted lots of these in the beta forum. Most of them are quite spoilery, but the changes to achievements, account profile, and player stats are not so specific. Or spoilery. Read the post by RisingRed for full (non-spoilery) details, but here’s a summary, with some added info. As always, things can and probably will change somewhat before the game’s release.

DiabloWikiAchievements in Diablo III are very similar to achievements in Starcraft 2, in terms of the UI’s functionality. The Achievement window (displayed on the lower right in-game; click the thumbnail for the full view) displays a summary of recent achievements, which you can arrange by type, whether or not they had a reward, etc. Achievement categories include: Campaign, Cooperative, Hardcore, Classes, and Combat, and you can filter the display by any of those options.

There’s also a “showcase” feature that determines which of your Achievements will display on your Battle.net banner. Only so many achievements can be displayed at one time that way, though the game will keep track of all of them, of course. The full game display offers a progress bar that shows how many achievements you have earned so far, the maximum amount possible, and even breaks it down into percentages.

The Profile and DiabloWikiBanner of your Battle.net account are connected to Achievements as well, of course. As Blizzard discussed during the Blizzcon 2011 Gameplay panel, earning achievements will change the display on your banner. You can elect to show off achievements through the banner, and certain achievements will grant you additional banner doodads and geegaws. New colors, new sigals, new borders, etc.

Something not revealed at Blizzcon is the extensive work that’s going into stat displays and tracking. Things being tracked at this point include: Elite Kills, Recent Elite Killed (Displayed), a Skill Summary, Inventory, gold collected, highest hardcore level, hardcore kills (presumably in arena), monsters killed (broken up by difficulty), Act I Boss Kills (amount), Act II Boss Kills (amount), Act III Boss Kills (amount), Act IV Boss Kills (amount), “Highest Progress”, classes played.

It’s unclear exactly what all of those things are (Elite = SuperUniques?), and as RR said in the thread, it’s odd that the D3 team would spend years telling us they want to discourage boss running in the end game… and then offer us stats that track the kills of such monsters.

The current stat tracking is nowhere near as detailed as it is in WoW, or even what Torchlight 1 offered, but compared to what we had in Diablo II (NOTHING), it’s a big step up. And WoW didn’t add proper achievements until the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, so at least Diablo III is ahead of that curve.

There’s no full or even partial list of Diablo III achievements yet, but as the developers have repeatedly said they want to include lots and lots of them — hundreds — if you can dream it up at this point, you might well see it one day.

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12 thoughts on “Diablo 3’s Achievements and Profile Changes

  1. “” It’s unclear exactly what all of those things are (Elite = SuperUniques?), “”
    i copied the description of c-gargantuan:
    When the Gargantuan encounters an Elite enemy or is faced with 5 enemies nearby it enrages for 15 seconds gaining: 43% movement speed 43% attack speed 125% physical damage
    This effect cannot occur more than once every 120 seconds.
    !!!!!!!!!!!Elite enemies include Champions, Rares, Bosses and other players. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the collected stats will be used as statistics in the halls of the dead.
    Maybe some of them in both play-modes, HC and SC, for archivements.
    In my understanding, bosses (superelites) and random elites count as “elite”, not champs or players.

  3. I freaking love achievements.  I know most are silly, but I just can’t help myself.  Well thought out ones are very fun to try and do.  I just bought Starcraft 2 and right away felt compelled to get some of the achieves in the first couple missions.   I loved some of the WoW ones back when I played.  Stuff like beat boss in a certain time, or beat heroic boss with 4 players.  They were all things that were fun to shoot for.  They were definitely helpful in getting me to play longer than I would have otherwise.  Looking forward to what D3 team thinks up.  Hope that some of them have decent rewards that make them worth shooting for. (aside from just marking them as completed)

    • I don’t care much about achievements that don’t give me anything (like the ones for Xbox), but achievements that give me stuff that I (and others) can see in game, thats when I get sucked in.  The Banner upgrades might be the reason why I play HC.

    • i m always like “achievements? why anyone cares?”
      but acctualy.. if they are REALLY hard i now find myself liking it very much.. like things that only people with skill and top top top items could do. some could even be impossible with the items we get in release..

  4. elite enemies would be all non normal enemies, that is, Champions, Uniques, Superuniques, Mini Bosses, Act Bosses and other players. That seems as the most logical answer, at least to me.

    On the boss kill tracking, there seems to be some confusion over this, the devs have repetedly stated that they will do as much as they can to discourage boss runs in the endgame, which means Act and Mini bosses in Inferno will have pretty low drop rates when compared to uniques and superuniques. However, Act Bosses in Normal/Nightmare/Hell will still have the highest drop rates in that difficulty, and they will be the most farmable monsters in their respective difficulty. There probably won´t be as many boss runs in the lower difficulties as there were in D2 because bosses in D3 should be much larger, stronger enemies that require much more time to kill, and will most likely be multi-stage battles. But we will be running them and other exploitable areas in the lower difficultie. The devs have specifically stated that we will need to do some farming of Hell content before we´re able to play effectivly in Inferno. They have said that will only garantee completly flat difficulty and drop rates in Inferno, but that drop rates in lower difficulties will be upwards curve rather then flat line.

    • “However, Act Bosses in Normal/Nightmare/Hell will still have the highest drop rates in that difficulty, and they will be the most farmable monsters in their respective difficulty.”

      There is no way to know that, nor reason to think so, really. Especially if an act boss is set up like the way the skeleton king is. It wouldn’t make as much sense from a farming perspective over picking out an area that’s bound to have a bunch of champions or superuniques.

      • yes, but uniques/superuniques and champions will have best drop rates only in Inferno, in other difficulties their drop rates will be lower then the bosses drop rates. Act and Mini bosses will out-drop them in all lower difficulties.

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