Diablo 3’s 7th Class… Pure Vitality?

Recording the Season Two podcast last night we got into talking about what might be the seventh class (in the hypothetical second expansion), mostly to tease N3rdwards about what class might come between him and his beloved Wizards. N3rd basically discounted the whole thing, saying that he’d prefer more content, levels, story, new monsters, etc, over a 7th class, since the 6 in the game now cover all the necessary Diablo character archetypes.

*Thinking aloud* ]Are we missing a pure vit class?

Think about it: We have, more or less, 3 pure classes (str, int, dex): Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter. 3 mixed classes: monk (dex, vit), Crusader (str, vit), Witch doctor (int, vit). Where is the pure vit class?

…For a pure vit class you would need to implent something like where you damage yourself to damage the enemies, otherwise would be kinda stupid.

…Sacrifice life for increased damage or perhaps have life as your primary source. Every spell is fueled by your own life, the more you have, the more damage you do. Every passive increases your life regen etc… Yes, has a rather dark quality about it I like *wrings hands* 🙂
Vaneras: I think that it would be quite difficult to pull of a pure Vit class, certainly if such a class would have to be both fun as well as intuitive to play, but I must say that I do think this is a very interesting concept 🙂

Seems pretty simple to me. This would be the Thorns build/class that was sort of tried and then abandoned with the useless DiabloWikiThorns of the Invoker Set. The more life you have, the more damage you reflect back against enemies, and your skills would be various debuffs or reflects damage type things. Like you could make ranged attackers take more damage, enemies in proximity take more damage, turn your regen into and outpouring of damage (like DiabloWikiDeath’s Bargain, but not sucky), etc. I’m not saying it would be a great class or one that I’d be real interested in playing, but it doesn’t seem that hard to map it out in theorycrafting. And I’m sure if Diablo 3 allowed modding we’d have dozens of player-made versions of this to to test out the viability of such a design.

What do you guys think about a Vitality-based class? And if not that, what do you want to see for a 7th Diablo 3 class that would bring some play style to the game that we don’t see now? I’ve been absently assuming that a 7th class would not be Vitality based, but would be some kind of hybrid, since we’ve already got 2 classes for each mainstat. So the 7th would benefit in different ways from each mainstat, or they’d all just add up to determine damage, or there would be different skills/weapons that worked with different stats.

But that says nothing about the playstyle or what niche in class design it fits into… The only real obvious void seems to be a summoner type with a bunch of Necromancer-style curses. Ways to debuff or buff the party, or control monsters to do the battling, rather than all direct attack skills like 90% of the current skills are. Perhaps with some thorns stuff worked in?


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  1. I wasn't even aware the current classes had a concept of "pure" vs "mixed"…

    • Yes, I'm not entirely sure how those particular classes are defined as 'pure' or 'mixed'…

      I think some kind of Shapeshifter class would be pretty cool, but which mainstat is chosen I don't think matters since the 3 of them are identical in all but name.

  2. I think that a "Vit" class could be interesting, but if there was going to be a 7th class, I'd be more interested in seeing a "mixed" class that used all three main-stats equally. I've been playing a bit of Path of Exile lately, and I think a Scion class could be interesting in D3. Each of the other classes have very specific styles of weapons they can use, and I think it would be interesting to have a character that can use basically anything without skill or stat restrictions. Of course, you'd have to be able to convincingly write it into the Diablo lore, and I think that would be the most difficult part of it. However, I believe that the Druid archetype could do it, as shape-shifting and forest-lore kind of fits into all three styles (strength for werewolf/werebear, dexterity for more Ranger-like fighting, and intelligence for spellcasting). In the end, I'd be more interested in seeing a remastered Druid that uses all three main-stats than a Vit class, especially since the Druid was so fun in D2, but was very weak on a power-level scale.

    Overall, though, I'd agree with the OP that we don't really need a 7th class. All of the core Diablo basics are there. If more class balancing was going to happen, I'd be more interested in seeing Prestige classes for each of the base classes, where you could earn new skills and passives based on variations of the base class ideas. Overall, though, I'd consider the classes at a good point now. More skills and/or passives would be good, but more other content is probably more important.

    • I'd agree that a seventh character class really isn't needed. D3 simply doesn't offer that many interesting, distinguishable playstyles while it's perfectly summed up by 'max damage, don't stand in stuff'. That, however, didn't stop them at three distinct classes in the first place …

      A 'vit class' may sound like a cool concept, but like everything high-concept that went into D3 development, not much of its' uniqueness would be left once implemented (and balanced, over the course of the following aeons).

      • “not much of its’ uniqueness would be left once implemented (and balanced, over the course of the following aeons).”

        DH being the poster child for “balanced into blandness”. There are only about 4 skills that even use Discipline now. The rest have been changed to long cooldowns or hatred.

      • I really disagree to some extent. While I don't think a 7th class is needed, there's certainly room fro a lot more variety in the game. Each class has roughly the same number of abilities and runes, and even when 2 classes have similar abilities, they play differently because of other moves they have. Even a class that had "stolen" skills from the other classes to make new unique combinations would be interesting, but not overly so. I think if they're going to do another expansion, a new class and a new act is the minimum we should expect.

        • Oh, if there is going to be another expansion at all, a seventh character class should be a pretty safe bet: in terms of production budget, player classes are the cheapest way to add new content (because that 'new content' involves powering through all existing terrain/enemies/reward schemes all over again).

  3. I think it is very interesting also especially if vit also acted as a main stat and the other stats had an offensive or defensive ability about them . How about a strength based 7th class that the higher the strength the higher a bleed on each skill would be added. Int for a higher damage on every skill and dex for skills that would decrease the time it took to deal a skills damage. It could be anything, these are just examples. So the gear that you would obtain would not be smart but still usable. This would also extend the time it takes to get a 7th class full set or even you could mix and match to affect. A strength and dex set that created a bleed that fully discharged it damage in 4 seconds instead of 6, etc etc etc.

  4. I personally don't think a vitality based class will happen in this game when they effectively gave up on a thorns set! What I don't think is out of the question is for them to implement a new type of mainstat, as to not have it imbalance having 2 classes of each of the 3 mainstats already ingame. I'm not sure what this would be off the top of my head but it could pave the way for 2 new classes in the long run.

    A spear-based class would be a treat in this game as they are horribly implemented and unloved in the game at present. Perhaps a spear/bow wielding druid who can also shapeshift into different forms? There was some concept art posted last year that illustrated such a thing! The druids live in the forests in Scosglen & Diablo is very much missing a forest/jungle setting at present…


  5. I hope that we get more than 1 extra class eventually, hopefully 3

  6. I hope that we get more than 1 extra class eventually, hopefully 3

    Necromancer Intelligence base
    Druid strength base
    Amazon/Rander/Archer Dexterity base

    I prefer that the expansion concentrated on improving items, endgame, improving existing acts amd a new act.

    to add new character classes as dlc for say less than £/$5 one at a time say 1 at the start of each season for 3 seasons. You could also theme those seasons to limit the characters of 1 main stat (Dex/int?str)

  7. All Vitality and using it as a resource? Like the Blood Mage or Reaver from DA? Sounds interesting, and the Reaver was pretty fun to play, especially on Nightmare.

  8. with the way smart loot works now I think str/dex dex/int and str/int classes could all work. Don't know how all classes aren't either dex/int/str with vit in your post…

  9. You have 2 classes for each attribute, and also 3 classes for each of melee and ranged. One more class is too uneven… how about two.

    Considering that Str and Dex do the same thing now (+armor), maybe it will be Int. A hybrid class would be cool, but I think that's too hard for noob gamers to understand (in Blizzard's opinion). Think Dex/Int or Str/Int shapeshifter something something.

    I doubt a Vit class would work, since you already get so much Vit, and your damage is inherently tied to your mainstat. A level up you'd get more inherent mainstat than other classes (+4 instead of +3, with +1 to other attr) and there would be much QQing. There would also have to be some sort of resource tied to it, cause you can't have just one globe on the left of the UI, and somehow all skills and weapons would tie into your life. I guess I doubt it would work because Blizzard would find it too complicated. It could be cool if done well.

    Blood Magic? The 'Occultist', a demonic shapeshifter?

  10. well blood arts would be intresting, one route u could summon more visceral creatures that differ from the WD in which they drain your life constantly (or Blood resource)and to refil your resource u could sacrifice life for it, to increase your summonned monsters power u could add blood buffs (various buffs which effect players allies and pets) these buffs if combined without sufficent life regen (LOH LOK natural regen) would drain u fast so u gotta be cautious in what u do, you as the player does no damage except tagging creatures marked you want destoryed and controlling what actions the creature does using various commands or you could become the creature and you use blood arts to conceal yourself (could be the ultimate move)

  11. They could possibly do a Vit Druid class, where mainstat could be a focus for a different animal. Bear becomes stronger with Str item, Wolf Dex, Gorilla Int, or whatever they pair up, and Vit would determine how long you could hold that form.

    So to keep your Were form longer you would need to stack Vit but the more Str/Dex/Int you would have a stronger Were.

  12. Agree with N3rd – fix the 6 classes we have. That is enough variety.

    Spend the budget on more monsters / items / maps / events / game.

  13. Everyone wants the necromancer. The D2 necro is arguably the greatest class Blizzard ever made. I dunno how that is NOT the class in the second xpac.

  14. When I think of a pure Vit class, a “Cleric/Angel” comes to mind. Where this class would be a pure support class.
    For eg.
    1. Healing powers to heal the squad or a single player.
    2. Buffing players with various skills, att speed, resist, armor, life.
    3. Set agro your tank

    This way a perfect GRift squad will be using the support class.
    Your attack will be based on a %of life you have, but as a support class it won’t be very significant like your pure dex/str/int classes

  15. If Indie games with a way smaller budget than Blizzard can pull amazing games for 20-30$ price, we can expect more than just 1 class and it shouldn't affect adding more maps/campaign levels/modes/deeper crafting and balancing, they had 2 years and it won't be released before 3 most likely, D3 Sold very well and RoS sold amazingly well on PC and Consoles. They have an amazing game in their hands and all it needs is more content and depth, new players will learn sooner or later and they will appreciate the systems that are implemented, I can't believe how blizzard treat us like 5 year olds that can't figure out anything on their own.

    Back to the classes that I would like to see, A class that utilizes THROW ITEMS like Javelin, Throwing Knives/Axes, Polearms sort of like the javelin tree in the Amazon combined with throw barbs, I would also like to see a shapeshifter of some sort, I doubt we will see the Necromancer with the witch doctor as they are both considered in one category.

  16. No edit button 🙁

    I think Vit class can work like the Psycho in Borderlands, taking damage fuels his attacks and adds element damage to his attacks
    But the gear on a Vit class would look really weird and useless for your other alts unless they decide that the class can utilize other stats to enhance his attacks depending on what stat he goes for but that would make it really hard to work with smart loot unless smart loot can decide to drop him items depending on skills or preference which is also something that we would like to see implemented for other classes so that you can gamble or farm for your alts.

  17. We already have people using a sort of Vit class. Look at all the ZDPS characters going around. We just need to make a better set than the invoker set.

  18. 7th? –> N E C R O M A N C E R !! <–

    if u stack Str up, preferable build will be Skelly Fighter build

    if u stack Dex up, preferable build will be Skeletal Archer build

    if u stack Int up, preferable build will be Skeletal Mage build

    if u stack Vit up, preferable build will be Golem ! THORNS? YES!!^o^

    u can also mix em …like 3:0:2:5

    etc etc..

    we dont need to stick to "one" primary

    im orry for my bad English
    and I didnt read all replys

  19. We need a Druid class and a class with true rogue abilities.

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