Recording the Season Two podcast last night we got into talking about what might be the seventh class (in the hypothetical second expansion), mostly to tease N3rdwards about what class might come between him and his beloved Wizards. N3rd basically discounted the whole thing, saying that he’d prefer more content, levels, story, new monsters, etc, over a 7th class, since the 6 in the game now cover all the necessary Diablo character archetypes.

    *Thinking aloud* ]Are we missing a pure vit class?

    Think about it: We have, more or less, 3 pure classes (str, int, dex): Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter. 3 mixed classes: monk (dex, vit), Crusader (str, vit), Witch doctor (int, vit). Where is the pure vit class?

    …For a pure vit class you would need to implent something like where you damage yourself to damage the enemies, otherwise would be kinda stupid.

    …Sacrifice life for increased damage or perhaps have life as your primary source. Every spell is fueled by your own life, the more you have, the more damage you do. Every passive increases your life regen etc… Yes, has a rather dark quality about it I like *wrings hands* 🙂
    Vaneras: I think that it would be quite difficult to pull of a pure Vit class, certainly if such a class would have to be both fun as well as intuitive to play, but I must say that I do think this is a very interesting concept 🙂

    Seems pretty simple to me. This would be the Thorns build/class that was sort of tried and then abandoned with the useless DiabloWikiThorns of the Invoker Set. The more life you have, the more damage you reflect back against enemies, and your skills would be various debuffs or reflects damage type things. Like you could make ranged attackers take more damage, enemies in proximity take more damage, turn your regen into and outpouring of damage (like DiabloWikiDeath’s Bargain, but not sucky), etc. I’m not saying it would be a great class or one that I’d be real interested in playing, but it doesn’t seem that hard to map it out in theorycrafting. And I’m sure if Diablo 3 allowed modding we’d have dozens of player-made versions of this to to test out the viability of such a design.

    What do you guys think about a Vitality-based class? And if not that, what do you want to see for a 7th Diablo 3 class that would bring some play style to the game that we don’t see now? I’ve been absently assuming that a 7th class would not be Vitality based, but would be some kind of hybrid, since we’ve already got 2 classes for each mainstat. So the 7th would benefit in different ways from each mainstat, or they’d all just add up to determine damage, or there would be different skills/weapons that worked with different stats.

    But that says nothing about the playstyle or what niche in class design it fits into… The only real obvious void seems to be a summoner type with a bunch of Necromancer-style curses. Ways to debuff or buff the party, or control monsters to do the battling, rather than all direct attack skills like 90% of the current skills are. Perhaps with some thorns stuff worked in?

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