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We created the Diablo 3 wiki, DiabloWiki.net in 2008, some months *before* Diablo 3 was announced, and with the help of numerous community members we updated it constantly during the pre-game years, adding new articles full of blue posts and screenshots and the latest info all during development. That was great at the time, and there’s some great archives with a visual history of how the game evolved (see the archived DiabloWikiskill trees or DiabloWikitraits articles for a sample), but there’s one drawback to having a wiki with hundreds of articles from 2008-2012… there are a damn lot of pages to update when info changes!

Barb's Berserker tree, circa 2008.

Barb’s Berserker tree, circa 2008.

Most of the wiki is perfectly up to date, thanks in no small part to a bunch of clever script stuff that pulls all the current game info right from our DiabloNut database site, but there are still some articles with outdated pre-release and beta info, though we’re steadily tracking them down and updating them.

One such page that will trouble us no longer is the Diablo 3 DiabloWikiReference page. It began life in our forums back in 2000 or so, and grew into a massive and authoritative guide to Diablo 2 terms and acronyms, with a generous splash of general Internet slang and terminology as well. (See, back in the day you couldn’t hardly swing a dead cat in a forum without running into a string of AFK BRB WTF ROTFLMAO, and not everyone knew what all those “words” meant.) That Diablo 2 version still exists, but no longer does it bear much resemblance to the Diablo 3 Reference guide, since I went over the D3 version with a medium-fine toothed comb and removed all the old D2 terms, plus all of the general Internet slang, and added dozens of new D3 terms and acronyms.

The project will continue forever, but it’s not completely up to date, and if you want quick reference to every sort of term and acronym you’re going to see in a Diablo 3 forum or comment thread or strategy guide, the Diablo 3 Wiki Reference page is a great resource. There are hundreds (literally) of individual articles with more detail on the reference terms, and I even sorted all the Diablo 3 trading terms into a section off of the letter T, for those of you who don’t know a BiN from a DIS from a OBO. T4T!

Other recent DiabloWiki.net updates of note are pages that explain and compile useful info. Most of you longtime D3ers know the stuff already, but it’s essential info to a lot of new players (imagine when several million new PS3 players show up, looking for info). For instance, how about an article listing every escape, movement, and panic button skill in Diablo 3, with details about how and when they’re used?

I also enjoyed creating the DiabloWikiOverpowered article, with not just a definition of the term (AKA “OP”), but a listing some of the things in Diablo 3 that are “clearly” OP. Why yes, a popular Barbarian build is included. DiabloWikiSpin2Win, because DiabloWikinerfs are for other classes!

The DiabloWikiBlack Weapon article should prove handy to many; that term pops up occasionally in Blue posts and when it does there are always comments from players who don’t know what is a Black Weapon or why it matters (because they do buggy bonus damage). The article explains black weapons and has a bunch of blue quotes about the items.

Sadly, after years of growing the wiki thanks to extensive community assistance, Elly and me (mostly Elly) are pretty much the only ones updating the wiki these days. If you’re interested in helping out, please do. That’s the whole point of a wiki, after all, that anyone knowledgeable can assist, and even if you just log in to fix some typos, every little bit helps.

You can check the threads in the Diablo wiki forum to see what needs updating, or contact Elly or me if you want more details.

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  1. Very nice, thanks. But I have to mention an issue, which is quite annoying. I like to read the wiki articles from my bed with a keyboard only, and when I try to scroll down on a freshly loaded page, I can’t, because there is a “focus” on load to the search input. Is that a necessary feature? 🙂

  2. A skill tree… A thing that were meant to be, but did not happen 🙁

    • Yeaaaaaah the tried and true skill tree. They are just to good for that old junk. They want to be edgy and new even if it’s at your expense.

      • I prefer the current system over the Diablo 2 skilltree.
        I do still like skilltrees but they have to be done better then Diablo 2’s one then which had less options and certainly much less viable ones.

        • Wut? Are you saying D3 has more viable builds per character than D2 did? If so I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one.

          • Every D3 skill is based on weapon damage so if your DPS is good enough you can do pretty much whatever you want. It’s just a question of efficiency.

            Skill trees inherently limit total build possibilities because picking one thing means you can’t pick another, versus the skill buffet that is D3 where you can pick whatever you want. The lack of a skill tree isn’t much of a problem for D3 IMO.

          • Can’t really have whatever you want in D3 because you can only have 4 skills active. So like you just said picking one thing means you might not be able to have some other thing thus also limiting your possibilities. Each method has it’s limitations in that respect.

            I can only speak for myself here but I felt funneled into splinters with either acid cloud or zombie bears when I played a hardcore WD. That’s just two skills not exactly a “buffet” when you have to choose from steak or chicken every day you farm. Granted D3 lets you alternate between steak and chicken freely but some will argue that there are drawbacks to that as well.

            When I did still play multiplayer games in hardcore D3 I did not see much diversity with my partners. Actually of all the games I ran with people I only had a wizard in the group once. Monks were hit or miss used the same stuff just varied in the element type they were looking for. Tons and tons of whirlwind barbs of course. NOW I was playing hardcore where only the best survive so maybe you see more diversity in the easier modes where there’s less punishment for using a not so great build. I’m not one to talk about that mode so you might be somewhat right… but I did not experience build diversity when playing with other people in hardcore that’s for certain.

          • D2 totally didn’t have WW barbs and Hammerdins ofc. I’m doing quite nicely in Inferno with my melee Demon Hunter. And only 4 active? Eh I have 6?

            D3 got WAY more viable builds, and Diablo 2 was even DREADFULL before synergies.

          • I’ll agree with you that D2 did have it’s fair share of build stagnation before synergies went active. If you play hardcore D3 you will encounter the same type of build stagnation like I said before this might be different on softcore since it’s less punishing to sub par builds.

            If you have an insanely high DPS weapon builds don’t really seem to matter at all unless you crank the mp way up which is also dumb IMO. I will also agree on the SIX active skills not the four I mentioned earlier must have LoL on the brain sorry about that. Either way D3 still limits you whether it’s by the difficulty forcing you into the best build or how many skills you are allowed to have active.

            It’s more forgiving than D2 for sure but I honestly prefered the commitment that the unforgiving skill tree required. It forced people to really do their research and to re roll if things got boring. Also it didn’t hurt that the ITEMS in D2 promoted new build choices way better than the items in D3 which half heartedly attempt to do this. Yay I spend 6 less mana per cast of zombie bears on this offhander. Looks like I’m going to be… sticking to zombie bears versus having a D2 windforce or other such build promoting item drop.

            This is something that has been asked for in D3 for quite some time now to improve the items in D3 to more actively contribute to alternate build choices. Hopefully by expansion they will get the point and we will see D3 surpass D2 in that respect. I actually want it to happen that way. I want more build options in the harder difficulties. When I restart the game I want to see more hardcore wizards and monks doing crazy stuff inspiring me to build one up.

        • NEEDING to go online and research stat numbers and skillbuilds is no fun way to play a game imo.

          And with Diablo 2 you outleveled the content and the entire game was extremely easy aswell. Moreso then with Diablo 3.

  3. OK, so this post inspired my first edit of the Wiki…and I think I’m not very good at it. Updated a section (Witch Doctor Escape Skills), then updated it again…then thought about another update but asked the question on the discussion page. So I’m not really sure I helped. But…good intentions, right?

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