Diablo 3 is Approved by Korean GRB, Without the RMAH

After a long series of legal delays and non-approvals, Diablo 3 was approved by the Korean Games Rating Board on Friday, January 13, 2012.

According to reports, the game was submitted (this time) without the Real Money Auction House element included. Previous efforts had the RMAH modified to remove the cashing out option, but when that wasn’t enough for the GRB, Blizzard removed it entirely in this resubmission. (Thus proving Korean gamers really are Hardcore?)

The official KGRB page can be seen here (translated here), with Diablo III’s M-18 rating listed. If Blizzard wishes (you think?) to implement the RMAH at a later date, a different legal board would be responsible for the decision, so apparently our time thinking about the KGRB has come to an end, and not a moment too soon.

Thanks to Azzure, fmulder, Lukk, and several others for the tip, which technical difficulties prevented us from posting more promptly.

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61 thoughts on “Diablo 3 is Approved by Korean GRB, Without the RMAH

  1. makes you think… should i now go to korean server?
    very strange: somehow i now feel like i WANT to play with people who pay real money (although i hated for the last months) and show them i am better than them without paying 1 cent.
    will it lag very much if i play on the korean server from europe?
    is there a payed character transfer like in WoW? then people could cash out their korean accounts this way.

    • Why would you go to a Korean server if you want to play on one with an RMAH?  They are not only lacking the cash out option, they have no RMAH at all.
      But I agree that I will find much satisfaction in beating people who pay to win without spending a dime. You have a good point there.

      • I’m pretty sure the point he is debating is whether to play on a server with no RMAH at all (Korea) or play on a server WITH a RMAH, but not spend any money so he can show every one up

    • How will you show you are better than people who pay for their items? They will just say “LOL ur noob, i didnt buy anything. I found all those godly 6 mod rares by myself!”

  2. Good.  Now that it’s been approved and we still have no release date, at least people will stop blindly repeating that Blizzard is delaying the world release for one country, which made no sense.  (The money they could have potentially made off the RMAH in the rest of the world for 3 months far exceeds the amount they would make in Korea by holding out for an RMAH there. Not to mention they could easily keep trying to get it approved and patch it in there later.)  The game is actually not finished, maybe now people will understand that.

    • Damn, you beat me to it.  I was going to say, if we see a release date in the next week, we’ll know what was holding it up.  When we don’t see a release date until 1-2 months from now, we’ll know they were telling the truth and this has NOTHING to do with what’s holding up the release.

  3. Koreans are so stupid, why didn’t they just do that from the beginning? they got issue with a feature, just remove that shit already and move on. god they’re drama queens

    • Because it’s Blizzard who submits a product to their board. Blizz submitted it twice with the RMAH, and once without. They accepted the one without. And that’s that.

      • I was just about to say that.  It’s Blizzard’s choice to remove a feature, not the Koreans’.  There’s no need to make blanket, semi-racist statements about an entire nation just because their review panel is the last on board with our favorite video game.  Let’s move on and not be such drama queens about it, haha. 😛

          • Blanket statements about an entire ethnicity are absolutely racist. Next time use a little better judgment or prove yourself to be as stupid as your entirely false statement.

          • Haha, who said anything about terrorism?  And you’ve got to admit, “Koreans are so stupid” sounds kind of racist.  I understand you’re frustrated about the review board specifically, but you phrased your insult to be about all Koreans instead of that particular body.  That’s why I said “semi”-racist: because the way you said it sounded racist, but I know what you meant.  BTW I’m white; just pointing out that making a negative statement about an entire group of people was the definition of racism last time I checked, and that you might want to clarify who you’re addressing more specifically in the future.  I bet there are some Koreans who do visit this site, and an enemy of the Burning Hells is a friend of mine. 😉

          • Yeah man, he’s just calling the entire population of a country stupid, that is so much better then being racist…

        • He is a racist for calling them stupid? lol. Dude if you were a bit smarter you would understand from his grammar and logic alone, that he meant the people, who were on the board, as in the sentence:”why didn’t they just do that from the beginning?”. 

          The word “they” can´t be the whole of South Korea, since only the board have the power to approve Diablo3 and the RMAH, so why are you judging and labeling him on that basis? He was frustrated, and so are most of us at this point so take it easy…

          Anyway I hope we´ll get a release date soon. I am really tired of waiting.

          • and “they” STILL couldn’t have done it 
            “they” CAN’T remove features, “they” can only approve or reject what is given to them 

            his comment was just stupid

          • Yes, prefacing it with “Koreans” instead of a more precise term give it no bad connotations at all…

          • Sulle: Try reading my above comment and see that I did realize exactly that and said he should be more specific.  “I understand you’re frustrated about the review board specifically, but you phrased your insult to be about all Koreans instead of that particular body.” And I pointed out that his comment sounds racist, not that he is. It was a rebuttal to a specific statement, not an ad hominem attack against the poster. He’s probably a good guy, I was only suggesting that he be more precise with his words to avoid misunderstandings.

  4. This news is kind of depressing when taken in context of one of Bashiok’s recent posts. He claimed that the release of Diablo 3 had nothing to do with the Korean approval.

    This pessimistically makes me believe that the game wont be ready for at least another 3-6 months 🙁

    • Why would you assume it’s that long?  It just means it’s not ready right now, which we already knew.  No need to be so pessimistic, just remember the words of my man Bob Marley: “In every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double. Don’t worry, be happy that Diablo 3 is almost done.” …or something like that. 😀

      Edit: I’m thinking March or April, since Blizzard is still saying “early 2012”. Is there any new evidence of another delay I haven’t seen?

    • Say the entire delay had been due to the Korean ratings board, and the whole reason for the delay was Blizzard’s determination to get the RMAH approved in Korea. Do you think there is any chance whatsoever that a Blizzard PR spokesperson would have admitted that?

      • I don’t see why not. That would have put pressure on the board, at least, if this was publicized information.
        They could PR-spin their need for equality in every version of the game, if they wanted to.

  5. RMAH? Korea? Don’t really care (no disrespect to any Koreans!).

    Just waiting for the release announcement =)

  6. Now, the only question is the following: Why did the Korean board care about the RMAH in the first place? Grow up, Korean board of games. Grow up.

    • if you ask me the reasons are very legitimate – and has nothing to do with “growing up” or maturaty ; and if Lag was no issue – and the fact that i dont speak a word of korean i’d sooner play on Korean servers than on any other RMAH-supporting server ; which will be all except korea and HC-mode.

      I still think that RMAH is the most astrocious whorrible abomination of a business model ever released upon gamer (besides horrible DRM platforms like “Games for WIndows” which are so clumsy and unresponsive / bugged that i’d crack the games besides owning them.) ; all that wouldnt bother me if i had the choice to play on a non RMAH server – but i dont; the only choices i have are:

      * not playing at all
      * playing HC ( even though iam not thrilled of staying dead forever )
      + * getting a Korean key and see how the lag goes. maybe whole non korean communities will form…

      • D3 isn’t region locked, so you should just be able to mosey on over to the Korean servers.
        I wonder if Blizzard is going to allow this.

        I made a thread on the official forums asking it, but they hate me and only respond to my posts when they can insult me or spin something.

        Edit: Wow I got a response that wasn’t snarky or condenscending. He must not have seen my username.

        “With an NA account you’ll be able to play everywhere, but you’ll only be able to use the currency-based auction house in NA.

        Just for normal play, imagine it like Diablo II. On every region you have access it’s a completely separate database, different gold auction house, and you have a different set of 10 characters available. Each region is a separate ‘realm’ of the game.

        We’ll have more information about the whole cross-regional play closer to launch.”

      • Nah, it really is about maturity. Fear of outsiders, fear that everything is a plot, fear of blood. It’s getting old.

        • wow – you dont get it at all do you ? ; you dont understand that the Rmah will water down and inflate the goldauctionhouse aswell ? thats no conspirancy or plot – thats factual ;
          your comment is the equivalent of  a 6 year old  girl saying :” you are just jealous because iam prettier than you.”

  7. Cool, wish more countries had rating boards that’d refuse things like RMAH. Like like the country I’m living in.
    I still rather take the RMAH than some subscription tho!

    • as if all Blizzard games are suddenly MMORPGs which deliver services worth paying for ? where comes this notion from anyway ?

      • When I mentioned subscription I was refering to that the Koreans and likely other (like China) asian countries its common practice for subscription-type payments. even for games that it doesn’t make any sense.

  8. Funny how everybody is commenting about the ‘Asia was/was not the reason for delay’ and nobody comments on the fact that the board actually considered the RMAH to be harmful.

    Edit: Almost nobody (see post above).

  9. I’m probably in the minority here, but I think this is lame. While I can’t imagine a scenario where I would use the RMAH, myself, I am thankful that it’s there so that I don’t have to pay a monthly fee/get content updates, patches, etc. Not to get too political, but it’s also a slippery slope when the government begins pushing their morality upon the masses (see SOPA).
    Also, what is to stop South Koreans from logging on to say an Australian server in order to be able to utilize the RMAH?

    • FUCK SOPA!!!  If you are a lover of the internet and of freedom and you don’t know what this is, look it up now and you will see that it cannot be allowed!
      Back on topic: You can only use the RMAH in your own region? I would appreciate if someone could direct me to where this has been stated.  And even if that was the case, what would stop Koreans from importing a version of the game from another region and using the RMAH there?  German players do this all the time to get around the strict gore censorship their government requires there.

  10. I know someday I will come from school, open diii.net and in the main page there will be release date revealed news 🙂

  11. Well removing the RMAH isn’t going to stop real money trade in Korea. If they can’t get the items they want in-game, then they’ll just get them the “old-fashioned” way by utilizing third-party sites, so don’t become too eager in trying to sneak into Korean servers :P. That aside, I do agree with Tenet that it’s rather problematic that a government can force a game company to remove features at will simply because they hate anything that reminds them of gambling. Let the people decide if they like the game’s features or not.

  12. So, in other words what a lot of us predicted would need to happen for them to approve it ended up happening… It’s pretty sad that Blizzard was as stubborn about it as they were… Oh well… Now we get to wait out the next few days to find out some of the real reasons for the delay… 10 bucks says they are just as stupid as waiting for the GRB to rate it would have been if it was true…

  13. I’m pretty sure that all of you people talking about playing on a server with no RMAH are going to be disappointed as I don’t think that will be possible. My understanding is that there will be 4 servers that you can play on, US East, US West, Europe, and Asia. Each of those servers will also have a RMAH for the individual region you live in. I don’t know that they’ve announced exactly what those will look like. But people in the US will have their own RMAH on each of the 4 servers the Chinese will have their own RMAH, and the Brits will their own on each of the 4, etc. I’m not sure, they may combine some countries and do regions (like NA), but no matter which server you play on, there will be people buying items. I also don’t know how they plan on validating which RMAH you should belong to, but regardless there is not going to be a RMAH free server.

    • On the topic of the RMAH, I do wonder how it will work in a region that has multiple currencies? For instance I live in the UK, so does that mean us Brits get our own pound version of the RMAH or will we have to use a universal Euro RMAH? If it’s the latter, then there’s obvious implications with the exchange rates & one side will inevitably always be worse off for using it. I’m just curious as to how this will work in it’s final implementation.

      • You will use your Battlenet Balance only to buy stuff on the RMAH, cashing out will be handled by paypal and use your regional currency in exchange for your Bnet Balance.
        Thus the RMAH itself is independent of your national currency.

  14. Not even close. Right now, the official Blizzard regions are North America (a single region, not four of them), Europe, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Each of these is a single unified region. Each of these has its own GAH and RMAH. Now, depending on where you live, you will buy a copy from that region. And your copy will be registered to that region. However, Diablo 3 is region free, which means that you can choose on what region you want to play. So, if you are from NA, you can play on European server and vice-versa. You can only use RMAH on your home server, if you’re from NA, you can only use RMAH in NA region, but GAH is open in all regions to everybody who plays on that region. And the best part is, during combat, there is 0 lag, regardless where you live and on what region you are playing on. You can live in Europe and play in Korean region, and you will have 0 lag during combat.

    This was meant as a reply to AKUder.

    • I guess I was way off. That was the impression I had from how they had talked about the RMAH in the past, but Bashiok’s post does make it sound like 1 server per region and you can only participate in RMAH if you’re playing in your home region, though you can play in any region.

    • You can’t play on a server thousands of miles away with “0 lag.” That’s physically impossible.

  15. I don’t know why you’d be so quick to champion this decision. Now that there’s a big market w/ no official RMAH, the 3rd party sellers are going to have a bonanza. If Blizzard’s server architecture and Warden are good enough, the cheapest, easiest way to gain gold or items to trade (especially w/o soul binding) is going to be stealing accounts through keyloggers and the like, just like WoW. I doubt a hacker will be able to tell if you have characters on multiple realms or not, at least initially, and I don’t think he cares. He’s going to try and steal and strip you anyway, and if you have Korean realm characters, jackpot. Hacking/account theft was going to happen anyway, but this gave it a real nice income boost (a massive 3rd party exclusive market). The hacks are going to make a lot more money today than they did yesterday.

  16. Just to clarify for everyone, they actually still have a RMAH, just without the cashout option. Bashiok confirms this here:


    “So, I was right, they have an auction house that uses Battle.net balance, which is separate from the gold auction house. There are some details I’m still fuzzy on because the Korea Battle.net balance works a bit differently from ours.

    In any case, it won’t be the currency-free option you’re looking for.”

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