A fan suggested that the D3 Team just ignore the PvP aspect of the game in order to ship it sooner. Aside from directly violating Blizzard’s whole “When it’s ready.” ethos, this would be impractical, for reasons Bashiok explains in his reply:

    Wouldn’t release be much sooner if you didn’t have to take months to balance skills for the PvP game?

    Bashiok: No.

    Alright, I’ll elaborate!

    The PvP game is being developed alongside everything else, so it’s not as if the game is done and we’re ready to ship it but then stop and take a few months to balance things. Also, it’s to be expected that the game won’t be and won’t really need to be balanced right at release as it will take some time for people to really explore and begin reaching competition levels where more extreme balance is necessary or even possible for us to properly evaluate and react to.

    Ignoring the reality of the situation, how many of you guys would be down with the fan’s solution? If you could get Diablo 3 several months sooner, would you be okay without any PvP option upon shipping, so long as it was added in a couple/few months later?

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