A fan asked about the screen shaking seen when some of the bigger skills blast off in Diablo 3, and garnered a reply from Bashiok.

    I’ve been re-watching some of the game play footage; and it seems like almost every attack causes some sort of screen shaking effect. I understand that this helps give off a sense of power to the attacks, but enough is enough. I find myself losing focus of what is going on and actually getting a headache from it. Does anyone else dislike the over the top shaking?

    Bashiok: It’s something we have to watch and make sure it’s used appropriately, but it definitely adds something.

    Diablo II used it as well, so at least you can’t also claim we’re ruining the series by adding it. SCORE ONE FOR THE HOME TEAM! WOOO!

    During my play experience at the last two Blizzcons, I’ve liked the shaking. It fits appropriately with the on-screen action my character is creating, and pairs nicely with the huge bass-heavy sound effects that add so much to the Diablo 3 gaming experience (and that don’t translate very well into gameplay videos). It’s just during the big hits, and ends there; it’s not like the post-Baal shaking in D2X, which can make you feel like a drunk trying to pick up his car keys on a moving train.

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