This headline is not news to many of you, but I feel the need to restate it from time to time, since wishful thinking regarding D3’s release date continues to persist in forum posts and elsewhere. Today’s rebirth of the delusion/deception comes from a gaming site which has posted a short piece hyping Diablo III for a 2010 release, according to word from their DiabloWikiMike Morhaime, Blizzard’s “official CEO.” (Does Blizzard have an “unofficial” CEO?)

    Asked if Blizzard will break the tradition of releasing 1 game/year, Mike Morhaime said that, for 2010, the company has plans to release 2 games, but he can not officially affirm what does 2 games will be.

    Now judging by how things developed so far and our inside sources, there are 98 % chances that one of this games will be Starcraft 2 (read more HERE) and maybe 60 % that Diablo 3 release date to be 2010 as well.

    Yers… well it’s tricky to “affirm what does 2 games be” on a daily basis. If only we had some sort of chart or graph or picture that told us more about Blizzard’s upcoming plans? Oh wait

    I had to check the date the above quoted article was posted, since at first I figured it was old, despite popping up on my Google News search today. After all, D3 in 2010 was a reasonable guess last February. At that time, Mike Morhaime had recently said that Blizzard would release 2 “front line” titles in 2010, and since SC2 was set for a 2009 release, that meant there were 3 possible Blizzard releases in 2010: an SC2 expansion, a WoW expansion, or Diablo 3. I thought calling 2 x-packs “front line” titles was pushing it, so I speculated that D3 might be one of those 2 “front line” titles. Obviously, things changed. SC2 was delayed, Blizzard released nothing in 2009, and the 2 “front line” titles in 2010 are now set to be SC2 and WoW:Cataclysm.

    Going forward, we’ve got past statements by Blizzard that they want to release at least one game per year. SC2 will be out in a few months and WoW:Cat is targeted for late 2010, which means 2011’s game will be… the first SC2 expansion? We need Mike Morhaime, or someone else, to say that Blizzard is looking to release 2 titles in 2011. Then we can realistically speculate that one of them would be D3. (It’s been around 20 months between WoW expansions thus far, so 2011 seems highly unlikely for the next one after WoW:Cat.)

    The more skeptical amongst you may choose to predict a delay into 2011 for WoW:Cat, thus making 2011 the first year of 2 Blizzard titles, with WoW:Cat + an SC2 expansion. But we don’t care about that, cause we’re Diablo 3 fans! We will wait. And like it!

    On a more general issue, the admins of Diii.net often debate if debunking “rumors” like this is worth the trouble. I tend to assume the gaming “journalists” who write pieces like the one quoted here know better; and that they just post lies in order to generate some publicity, hoping larger sites will link to them. If that’s the case… it worked! If fifty of you guys click the link, they’ll probably triple their usual readership. But since our site policy is to link to everything useful or interesting that’s Diablo related, we figure we’ve got to point out the bad along with the good. After all, it’s a fairly safe bet that someone reading this post didn’t already know Blizzard had ruled out a 2010 release for Diablo 3 and had made no promises for 2011. So now you know. Even though you probably wish you didn’t.

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