Diablo 3 Weekly Wallpaper #99: Sadly, Underworld Demon Hunters

Another week, another fresh batch of new fan-made Diablo 3 Wallpapers. There are three new images this week, all courtesy of the ever-busy ROCKETEER. The first one, up to the right, got our rarely-used mature tag, since BOOBIES! You must be a registered user who is logged in to see it. I hesitated to use it mature tag, since the Demon Hunter boobs in the pic are so plastic-looking that they’re more like an overdone Barbie doll than a real woman. But we do try to keep things more or less NSFW around here, so yeah….

In pics that everyone can see, there’s a new Demon Hunter action shot with her looking very Kate Beckinsale-ish (She’s wearing a Beckon Sail, of course.), and a sadly sad Leah, looking as though she was in the middle of an eye liner experiment when she found that D3 isn’t going to ship in 2011.

Click the thumbs to get these pics in full desktop size.

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  1. Caption This for leah: “Leave Deckard Alone!”

  2. ‘Try to keep the site NSFW’ Don’t you mean try to keep it SFW?
    Sorry to be picky!

  3. the internet is for porn!

  4. These are so bad they are good! lol

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