The wallpaper gallery saw a healthy crop of new additions during the past week and as always, you can browse them by thumbnails, or click the following links.

    Phoenix995 produced three versions of a wallpaper that includes images of the three heroes and a variety of monsters. Appropriately, this wallpaper is called “All” and you can get it plain, with a better map background, or with the Diablo III logo on top.

    KLS posted several nice wallpapers. This one features Tyrael’s sword from the D3 cinematic, here’s an overhead view of the Tristram Cathedral, and here’s a colorful piece of Witch Doctor fan art wallpaperized.

    HolyKnight3000 broke out of his usual fiery runes series, and turned a cinematic shot into a dramatic scene in Overlooking the Crater. It’s included below; click it for the full size shot with links to download it in a wide variety of resolutions.


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