A mixed bunch of new Diablo III desktop wallpapers today, and not just because I forgot to do the weekly wallpaper post last week.

    HolyKnight has created a nice wallpaper with artwork of Act Two location Caldeum, and until I read the caption I didn’t realize/remember that it was a piece of fan art by Softshack.

    Digression! Looking at this great image prompted me to wonder; will we ever get any more official environmental concept artwork from Blizzard? At Blizzcons past we saw tons of it for Act One and Act Two, but we’ve seen nothing of Act Three other than some castle stuff from Bastion’s Keep, and nothing of Act Four at all. Once the game’s out next week, and those areas of the game are no longer spoilers, perhaps some artwork will flow forth to sate our eye desires? (We should at least get some in the art book that comes with the D3CE, and we’ll post scans/photos of that for all you non-collectors to enjoy.)

    A set of three new wallpapers by CthulhuFtagn feature a screenshot with an open paperdoll on top, and Inferno quality gear in the item slots. The Barbarian, Witch Doctor, and Wizard are so far represented. That’s enough, honestly. No one really cares about the Monk or Demon Hunter anyway.

    Tepes contributed the wallpaper version of an original piece of fan art, in which we see Tyrael about to commence a smackdown in a scene from the Sin War. And finally, ROCKETEER offers us an awesome wallpaper of a male Barbarian with the world’s most ripped shoulders, and another in which the male and female monks seem to be having a moment. Perhaps debating their favorite of the 1001 gods they must choose between? Pick yours today; only 999 to go!

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