Diablo 3 Weekly Wallpaper #118: Leah and Diablo Skull

Two new additions to our Diablo III Wallpaper gallery this week, from a fan artist and a Blizzard artist.

To the left you see a wallpaper featuring Leah. It was created by ROCKETEER and does a nice job capturing Leah’a perpetually-concerned hotness. She’s my favorite NPC ever! Gosh, I sure hope nothing bad happens to her…

To the right you see a new official wallpaper, by Mark Gibbons AKA RedKnuckle. It was initially posted on his Sons of the Storm page in small size, but after HolyKnight hunted down the huge version I had to add it to the D3 wallpaper gallery. The piece isn’t titled, but it’s a dramatic, iconic banner type view of Diablo 3’s stylized demon skull. For a D3 banner with this skull on it, I would not hesitate to submit an embarrassing photo of myself to Blizzard’s D3 R3V34L site.

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2 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Weekly Wallpaper #118: Leah and Diablo Skull

  1. Hmm would be nice to see that second wallpapers image on that first wallpaper. I went ahead and just centered the second on on my 1600×900 display and I dont mind doing that since the edges are all just that parchment look.

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