Our gallery has seen a veritable stack of new Diablo 3 wallpapers added over the past week, thanks largely to the abundance of special events and happenings.

    The Release Date was the biggest one, of course. HolyKnight fired up a new version of his Fiery Runes to save the date, Albertpalahi created a Mount Rushmore of Diablo personnel, and I even got into the act with my first and (probably) last D3 wallpaper, inspired by the official page release date presentation.

    The other big chronological event was the 15th Anniversary of this website, which we marked with a big history article, and which HolyKnight commemorated with a shiny new wallpaper. If you want real nostalgia, go check out our Diablo 2 Wallpaper gallery. All the old ones, from 1999-2001, are official Blizzard work, and some are pretty nice, despite their 1024×768 (or smaller) resolution. HK’s new Fiery Runes can also be seen in a Diablo face shot, with a caption explaining the changes he’s made to his signature piece of artwork in this 4th generation.

    Finally, we’ve got two new pieces by ROCKETEER, showing off sexy female barbarian artwork and a spooky closeup of the blackened face Diablo wears on the new game’s box art.

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