Thanks to our ever-busy community artists, we’ve got four new Diablo 3 Wallpapers this week, and we’re closing in on 400 fan-made wallpapers in the gallery.

    The first new offering this week comes from FuriousMing, and it’s a wallpaper presentation of a cool 3D sculpt of Diablo… with a weird belly. He has eyes bigger than his stomach?

    We’ve also got another three new pieces by HolyKnight, as he continues to chronicle the DiabloWikiDiablo III Intro Cinematic. This week brings wallpapers made from cinematic stills showing the fiery meteor explosion, and two showing Leah doing what she does best; falling down, then screaming “Unnnnnccclllllleeeeee!” (She’s whiny; I will be so happy when she is eaten by DiabloWikiAzmodan and/or turned into Diablo.)

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