We saw a burst of Crusader and Malthael wallpapers back in August when Reaper of Souls debuted, and now we’ve got a new and improved Malthael wallpaper thanks to HolyKnight, who has reworked his iconic “Fiery Runes” with an eerie greenish tint that’s ideal to accessorize Malthael’s genocidal and dimly-lit stylings.

    Malthael_by_Holyknight3000-FinalMuch love and care went into making this new series in the Fiery Runes II series. I wanted the runes to be very “souly” and I also wanted them to be on fire in a way. So you have what you see before you. I wanted to add a dry ice fog effect falling off of them but that would have been too busy in my opinion.

    Also this piece will be different from other future wallpapers in the series. The image I used from the opening cinematic was cut off at the top so making that face off suddenly didn’t look too clean. That and the bars on the top and bottom helped fill out the image so there was less blank black space. It just looked well balanced over all.

    The nameplate was tweaked and the color was touched up slightly so it would match the wallpaper overall and not draw your attention away.

    You can see a small view of the piece to the right, and check it out in the Diablo 3 Wallpaper gallery to get it in full 2560×1600 desktop size. If this particular image isn’t your flavor, fear not… we’ve got over 520 other Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls wallpapers in the gallery, including a dozen new ones HolyKnight created to show off the cool sketch-style art of the characters and monsters of Reaper of Souls, which should have been profiled in a Wallpaper Watch post of their own were I not a bad and forgetful person.

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