Blizzard has updated their wallpaper gallery with another wallpaper. This image features the island of DiabloWikiSkovos which is the home of the DiabloWikiAmazon class. This island area is located to the south of the main continents of DiabloWikiSanctuary.

    The image was first released back in January 2010 in a larger resolution which you can find in our environments gallery. It’s an incredibly detailed piece of work created by DiabloWikiPeter Lee back in 2007.

    Update Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by the creativity shown by the community wallpaper creators, but damn do the official Diablo III wallpapers look generic. Blizzard’s got amazing artists and graphic designers coming out of their ears, and yet every official D3 wallpaper follows the same three steps: 1) Take old piece of concept art, 2) slap on letterbox style D3 logo whether it matches the artwork or not, 3) time for lunch!

    Their creators have done better work on other pieces, but I’ll still take any of the four fan-made Skovos concept art wallpapers over the uninspired official version. Three of them are thumbed below.

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