Diablo 3 Wallpaper – A Bloody Battle


A Bloody Battle

A Bloody Battle

Blizzard updated their wallpaper gallery with another wallpaper. This week it features artwork from the very popular fan art; A Bloody Battle by DiabloWikiMadbrush. A scene that features four of the five classes in both the male and female versions fending off an incredible amount of demons, zombies, and more.

The piece has hidden easter eggs; was first posted in the Blizzard Fan Art gallery back in May, and has seen over 27k views in our gallery alone. For more sizes on this impressive wallpaper check them out here.


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  1. Are we being trolled? Because I see all 5 classes :p

    • No, you aren’t being trolled, though you may be guilty.  The Female Barb and both genders of DH are missing.

      • The female barb is cut off,  which annoys me that blizzard cut off so much of this piece. That is why this weekend I will make my own variant of this wallpaper showing everything.

      • Oh wow I was off. I guess thats what I get for looking at it on a phone. Yeah I counted the monk twice and forgot about the DH. And didn’t even see the ‘blonde’ wizard in the back.

  2. It took me awhile to recognize the male wizard in the background because he seems to be… blonde?

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