Diablo 3 Vote kick feature to be reworked

In recent days a number of unscrupulous DiabloWikiHardcore players have been killing their comrades by using a simple trick at their disposal: Vote kick. The way it works is rather ingenious. Let them wade in too deep, Vote kick and they are left waiting for 10 seconds to leave the game, while being whittled down by monsters they set out to destroy. Thankfully Lylirra and company are on it and had this to say:

Ehhh. While the advice “don’t play in Hardcore public games” may be valid in a number of situations, we recognize that this is a legitimate issue for Hardcore players and want to address it ASAP — ideally in a way that doesn’t impact co-op play (or impacts it as minimally as possible).

Right now, we’re looking to remove the 10-second movement lockout whenever a Vote Kick is passed from both Hardcore and Normal modes. While we realize this solution may allow players to exploit the Vote Kick function to avoid death, it’s not a very reliable survival technique and we feel that it’s a better alternative than players losing a character they’ve invested a lot of time into due to griefing. We’ll definitely be keeping on an eye on this, though, and will consider other solutions if necessary.

I don’t know yet if this is something that can be addressed via hotfix; it may be a fix that we need to implement with a client-side patch. We’re still working out the details, and I’ll provide an update once there’s any more info to share.

Players don’t need any more reason to avoid public games, it seems logical to remove the 10 second delay, and hopefully we’ll see this soon. Unfortunately for some this is already too late as many threads have come up about losing characters to this exploit. Have you seen this first hand? Are you avoiding public games? Sound off in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Vote kick feature to be reworked

  1. I can never get vote kick to work anyway

    there’s always somebody hanging out in Bastion Keep, we vote kick and nothing happens

    • This is because you need to be close to them, like inspect, but without greying the option out if your unable to do it, because whenever your not close to them, it just does nothing like you said.

    • Hear hear – how is a blatant griefing exploit like this not found/fixed in testing? Oh, there was so very little, that’s why.

      • Cause certain things just don’t get found out until they are live. Don’t worry someday you’ll get how testing/games work.

        • While its true that even with extensive testing things like this can slip through into full releases, but I still think hes right, the beta did almost nothing to actually test the game, and it went on for what? 6 months? more? that sounds sad to me, when a beta is released for extremely lengthy periods of time, and they do almost nothing to actually benefit the full release in any impactfull way.

          • I am looking forward to vote kick being fixed. As a hardcore only player, it is annoying to have to avoid public games. Some times I want to play with people, and my friends are busy/not on/whatever.

            I would imagine they didn’t see the issue in testing because they didn’t test on hardcore, or just didn’t think to be malicious and train mobs onto a player being kicked. This is totally fine, and hopefully “soon” is in the next patch.

            @some of the comments on this: No thanks to non consenual pvp. The difference in a fresh level 60 and a seasoned 60 (on hardcore at least) is so vast, we would have to avoid public games once again.

            If you want pvp so bad, go play a different game or wait until they decide to release it. There is no need for ideas that would further reduce the already small hardcore player base that is left. 2am on Wednesday, players available for public games on a hardcore level60 is 27. Highest I recall seeing was 60.

  2. “ASAP” LOL it’s flabbergasting that stuff which only concerns Design / UI mechanics takes this long to fix in the first place. it’s shameful how Blizzard can stay this passive minor design parameter like this.

    I mean is this really the kind of stuff which would take a Programmer/designer 7 Months to recognize and another ~1 month to create ? they are either completely oblivious in their arrogance:
    “trust us we know best – this change wont need PTR we already decided its not fun and mostly bugfree”

    or they have a suffocating chain of command in which seniority and boot licking is the only mean to realize a Design / concept / uncover a design flaw or inconsistency or redundancy. and individualism and Iniative are frowned upon regardless of the logic and conclusiveness in the matter.

    given articles like this i wouldn’t even be suprised

  3. I’ve used the vote-kick features a few times, but I only play SC. Also, if rare items were already identified (or identifiable with no delay), I’d waste less time in town… I never got kicked though.

  4. Is there a monetization angle here?

    Maybe Bliz can sell unkickability like a WoW server transfer.

    • Why stop there? Hacked scroll of rez townkilling should make a comeback. Diablo 1 griefing was truly the good old days.

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