Diablo 3 via Starcraft 2 Mod

An ArsTechnica post about some of the niftier things players have created using the powerful map making tools in Starcraft includes one “map” that’s themed to our interests… a rocky path above a Hellish volcano level, with a red and blue bulbed Diablo 3 style interface below. The clip is quite short, so no telling if the actual game/map is in any way playable… but it’s pretty!

Also, as the post points out, the SC2 map making tools have only been available for a few weeks, and the game’s still in beta. There’s no telling how much cool stuff fans will be able to make once they’ve had time to work on it. We might see Diablo 3 via SC2 before the actual game itself?

If you are interested in how to do cool stuff in the editor, check out the StarCraft II map tutorial section of StarCraft: IncGamers’ mapmaking sections. You can also ask for help, or pitch in on ongoing projects.

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  1. This is a response to Magnus above, I replied directly to him but it seems like replies aren’t parsed properly.
    A 16:10 aspect ratio would be best as it provides a little more vertical space then 16:9 and a lot more horizontal space then the old 4:3 aspect ratio.

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