Diablo 3 v2 Hotfixes

Several little bugs and other issues have been fixed, with some others on the chopping block. Diablo 3 v2 Hotfixes:


  • Correcting the experience granted by enemies spawned by certain Cursed Chest events to the appropriate amounts
  • Reducing the amount of experience gained by lower level characters in high level games

  • Crafted Legendaries are now properly Bind on Account items*
  • Players who have preordered Reaper of Souls can now use the Reset Quests button*
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with the Spectral Hound pet*
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur when players received multiple clan member achievement updates at the same time*
  • Monk:

  • Fixed an issue where Dashing Strike would be removed from player hot bars on login.*
  • The super fast leveling issue has been a hot topic, since one powerful char could clear the early parts of Act One on Torment or higher, and the level 1 chars following along in the game would level up like pinball machines. Lvl 45 or higher in under an hour was regularly reported.

    The hotfixes also mention the Cursed Chest near the waypoint in the Halls of Agony 3; players were surfing to find it and scoring 1/3 or 1/2 a Paragon level just from clearing that horde of flaming zombies.

    It’s not listed yet, but exp rewards for low level quests might be next in line for the nerf stick. Players are quest farming easy monsters, like Mira Eamon, and racking up hundreds of millions of exp per hour with very little risk.

    Also not listed yet, but a fix to the *ding* sound effect of clan notifications is on the way.

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    1. I wish they would leave in the high quest completed xp. Just flag it so that you don’t get much xp for the quests completed in the first 5 minutes of a game.

      Quest rewards balance out the sparse monsters in some areas and make playing the story worthwhile. If they overnerf quest xp, we end up with only farming super dense areas all over again. Back to aoe builds running the same few areas as the best, etc.

    2. Would not recommend using this method. The new leveling experience is pretty damn entertaining, and in the end you’re only robbing yourself of a good time!

      And what’s the rush? It’s not like this game has any end-game to speak of, right?! 😛

    3. I think leveling is dying out. There are better ways, more objective based ways, to unlock character powers. Levels are boring. Of course, w/o levels, Blizz couldn’t sell $60 skip aheads in WoW.

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