Diablo 3 v2.7 item and set revamp wishlist

Diablo 3 v2.7 item and set revamp wishlist

The Diablo 3  patch 2.6 has been out for a while now as has the Necromancer so what can Blizzard do now to improve the game in 2.7? Forum visitor XelNagaIvan dropped an extensive post with videos and PDFs which take a look at some of the possible things Blizzard could do to improve items and sets in the next patch.

XelNagaIvan has spent some time putting these together, so if you’re playing Diablo 3, check these out and leave him some feedback. It’s always great to see the community chip in with suggestions for Blizzard.

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    7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 v2.7 item and set revamp wishlist

    1. “It’s always great to see the community chip in with suggestions for Blizzard.”

      Maybe it’s just me and my bitter soul, but I can’t seem to read this without an extremely sarcastic tone implanted upon it in my head.

      • No sarcasm intended. It really is cool to see the community offer up suggestions and insight.

      • And it’s always great to see Blizzard ignore the suggestions from the community and do something ludicrously stupid instead.

    2. PTR just updated for me, about 3 GB.

      Maybe PTR goes live tomorrow (Tuesday) with new stuff.

    3. Is it only me or does anybody else visit this site hoping to read “Diablo 3 tossed in the trash bin; Diablo 4 incoming”?

      But then I think Diablo 3 is so stupid, I don’t know if they will ever make Diablo 4 good as Diablo 2.
      So I keep visiting to check how far this shit gets going, like, where is the bottom of this game?

      And before you rage reply me, I spent about 600h on the game (I know, I know, there are ppl with thousands, that’s not my point; I wanted you to know I witnessed every flaw in this game since beta until I got sick of it and I regret that I spent so much time with it)

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