Diablo 3 v2.0.1 Known Issues

The patch is live but not all is perfect yet, and Blizzard’s been updating the Diablo 3 v2.0.1 Known Issues page.


  • Entering a multiplayer game at the same time that the leader of the party is leaving the game can cause players to become stuck at the home screen with an unresponsive Game Settings menu
  • Auction House

  • Some of the item affixes that are new to 2.0.1 do not appear in the preferred stats drop-down menus in the Auction House interface
  • Combat

  • The bonus experience granted by Pools of Reflection is removed if you die while brawling
  • The Images summoned by a Wizardโ€™s Mirror Image skill will lose their metallic appearance when transitioning through a portal or waypoint
  • Items

  • Some level 60 crafting plans require level 61+ crafting reagents
  • There is still an experience bar in the follower UI
  • Monsters

  • The Siegebreaker Assault Beast may occasionally use his other special abilities and attacks during his grab attack animation
  • The Blood Star attack used by Succubi variant monsters will apply its debuff even if it is dodged or blocked
  • Demonic Tremor variant monsters are properly using their special shield wall ability when reduced to low health
  • The Risen outside of New Tristram do not grant experience
  • Environments

  • The portal leading from the second Hell Rift to the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier does not currently function
  • Not listed above, but currently possible is the Auction House listing of newly-found, Bind on Account legendary items. It’s unclear if this is a bug or a feature, but plenty of the new and better legendaries are already listed. Amusingly, they show the players in the game when the item was found on the “allowed to trade for 2 hours” list.

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    34 thoughts on “Diablo 3 v2.0.1 Known Issues

    1. Demonic Tremor variant monsters are properly using their special shield wall ability when reduced to low health.

      Blizzard makes something work properly… yup bug indeed – BAD BAD Blizzard !

    2. The mac client has very hard crashes happening when the AH button is clicked, starting games, or looking at achievements…..

      The lack of mac programmers is starting to show, the CTD issue on mac was longstanding on the PTR.

      Its just mind boggling how this stuff gets through for so long.

      Reminds me of the first launch when the mac client also had serious issues and I could not play for weeks…….

      I should have known I would get all excited and then get a nice swift kick to the junk via blizzard…..

        • My other games run just fine, its always the blizzard titles that run poorly.

          There is one programmer for WOW and D3 on MAC, and that’s part of the problem right there.

    3. “Some level 60 crafting plans require level 61+ crafting reagents”
      Archon amulets require Forgotten Soul instead Brimstone. I’m surprised that it lasted. Nobody warn blizz while playing PTR? I felt it’s common issue and somebody reported it already.

      “The Images summoned by a Wizardโ€™s Mirror Image skill will lose their metallic appearance when transitioning through a portal or waypoint”
      I noticed it once. It was cool to see more of myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. I suspect they outsource. I do not believe blizzard lacks talented individuals, but I do believe they aren’t being used in some parts of the machine. To fill the gaps, there is outsourcing and interns.

    5. yo my mac isn’t letting play diablo 3 I’m getting an error when I’m trying to update it its pissing me the fuck offf can any one help me out with this i am in the middle of reaching lvl 60 on my wizard I’m very upset i payed mad money for this game

      • Yes, cause D3v2 is the same game as RoS. You simply can’t access RoS-only content. That’s why I never thought that patch can launch so quickly.

    6. Many of my old crafting plans are gone? And just found a new one, “The Magi” – Clicked it on my BlackSmith, but its not showing as an option to craft ๐Ÿ™

      Other than that, the patch rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Forgive me if this is obvious, but you haven’t got the “have materials” or “highest usable” filters on, have you?

          • Yeah, the common thing is to find say a Mighty Weapon plan with your DH, and then it doesn’t show in the menu if you’re on “highest usable” since it’s a Barb-only plan. That sort of thing.

      • You may want to check blacksmiths sorting introduced in patch. Default one is Highest Usable (if I remember well), that’s why it’s not showing all.

    7. I ran into one tonight that I don’t see addressed. My husband was playing his level 60 wizard and found a rare wizard hat with required level 60. It had a padlock on it and said he wasn’t high enough level to equip it.

      Where do you report such things? On the official forums?

    8. QUOTE

      Leveling 1 - 60 in 30 mins doing wretched mother runs on master or t1. Doesnt feel as intended.

      Seems like bugged experience gain. That said, XP comes really quickly (I got to lvl 30 in an hour on T2), so it might just be that that quest has a lot of good XP. Also, it seems a bit sub-optimal, since bosses only drop guaranteed legendaries from lvl 1-59, so once you hit 60 they can’t drop any guaranteed legs/sets. What I am trying to do is get to about lvl 53-55, then drop the XP level down to almost nothing and rush the bosses to get guaranteed legs. The stats will be sub-optimal, but the legendary affix stays the same, and that can be really strong regardless of the relative strength of the gear. If it’s not too far down in level, sub-60 legendaries with strong affixes are probably still usable. Just food for thought.

      • Well we just did the following: level 60 geared char makes a Torment 1 game. 3 Lowbies join in at the road to tristram.
        First zombie = level 2. By the time you reach Leah your level 8. By the time you reach the Wretched Queen your level 48ish

        • Yea I’m not sure if this is as intended. I joined my gf’s lvl60 T3 game and leveled from 27 to 57 in about 20 minutes. The notifications of new skills sometimes took minutes to complete ;).

          If this is intended it’s quite a lame way of leveling a character.

      • Yes. And we’ll make mode (not that big since it is only the client), hacks and all. This will be cool.

    9. We did the following. I made a torment 1 game on my wd main. Invited 3 lowbie friends. Killed the first 3 zombies on the road to tristram and they were level 5. By the time we reached wretched mother queen madam they were 45….

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