Not in “a couple of weeks,” not when the Auction House shuts down, Diablo 3 v2.0.1 goes live tomorrow, February 25, 2014, assuming all goes well tonight during the server maintenance/install. Confirmed by Blizzard guy DiabloWikiAlex Mayberry via his Twitter.

    Diablo III is my favorite game from Blizzard; eagerly waiting for the release of Reaper of Souls. It will be really amazing! –Beckster188
    thanks for saying so! Patch 2.0.1 goes live tomorrow. RoS is will be here soon! –@Alex_Mayberry

    This is the version of the game that’s been in testing on the PTR for the past couple of months, and it’s bringing a major transformation to the live servers. DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 with much higher drop rates and all the hundreds of new legendaries and sets and crafting recipes (all Account Bound), changes and rebalances to almost every class skill, scaling difficulty and the removal of Normal / NM / Hell / Inferno grind, the new DiabloWikiHellfire Ring recipe and requirements, account-wide DiabloWikiParagon Points, DiabloWikiPools of Reflection, and much more.

    Some features will only come with DiabloWikiReaper of Souls, such as the increased 70 level cap and new skills for each class available above level 60, the DiabloWikiCrusader, DiabloWikiAdventure Mode and DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts, the 4th passive skill slot, the DiabloWikiMystic and DiabloWikienchanting, etc. But what you guys are getting in D3v2 is a hugely-changed and in the opinion of most testers, a hugely-improved game. Enjoy! Excite?

    What did you think of Diablo 3 v2.0.1 on the PTR?

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    Update #1: The Diablo 3 server maintenance is due to end at 11am, Pacific time. No official word yet that D3v2 will debut then.

    Update #2: We’re looking to compile some basic info about D3v2 from people who have been testing it on the PTR. If that’s you please share your knowledge in this forum thread.

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