Diablo 3 v1.08 Nephalem Valor Enables Massive Experience Gain

Word from early testers of Diablo 3 v1.08 is that the increased experience gain from Monster Power is no longer additive, but multiplicative. This change is enabling players to pull in massive experience gain on higher levels of Monster Power, as some early testers have noted:

I’m on the PTR right now and every neph stack is going to the multiplier and not the base bonus experience. Was this intended? If it was, awesome update. Now it’s actually worth it to stack up to experience farm in higher MP levels.

EDIT: Having over 1100% bonus experience makes farming experience in MP10 fun.
Lylirra: Confirmed: intentional!

We know a lot of players were doing runs where they’d play high MP and skip Elites. That’s still an option, but we wanted to make Elites more enticing. This seemed like the best way to do it that worked across all MP levels. Let us know what you think/how it feels!

Scorpion exp was nerfed because it was a heavily imbalanced way to farm experience. It became THE way to farm paragon levels, and if you weren’t then you were doing it wrong.
Lylirra: To build off that, here’s what Wyatt had to say earlier in response to the nerf:

“Scorpions have had their XP reduced. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. We looked and considered buffing everything else instead, but in light of the multiplayer buffs we were already providing, we didn’t want to inflate the game as a whole even further.

Specifically, Scorpions have had their XP reduced by 75%. That probably sounds like a lot at an emotional level, because it’s never fun to have a source of XP reduced by that much, but I hope some can agree if you think about it – a Mallet Lord is worth 1.5x the xp a scorpion is. And that’s not just mallet lords, most of the monsters in the game are within a certain reasonable ratio of one another and the scorpions were a very obvious outlier.”

Previously, all +exp gear and other bonuses were additive. For instance, a character could have:
+ 35% from a Hellfire Ring
+ 7% from a Hellfire Ring on a merc (35/5 = 7% to you)
+ 25% from a Ruby in your helm
+ 50% from DiabloWikiMonster Power 2
+ 75% from 5 stacks of DiabloWikiNephalem Valor
= 193% total Experience Gain

This is no longer the case, and while I haven’t had a chance to get on the PTR yet and confirm exactly how the math works, it sounds like each stack of Nephalem Valor now multiplies rather than adds to your total bonus. Thus in the above example the character would still have + 118% exp from gear and Monster Power, but rather than just adding 75% more from Nephalem Valor stacks, that would be 118 x 1.75 = 206.5% EXP.

That’s only 13.5% more exp, but the bonuses really stack up from higher MP levels and party play. So take that same character and put them on MP6, in a 4 player game. Now they’re gaining 218% from gear and MP, + another 30% for the 4 player game, for 248% x 1.75 = 434% exp, rather than the 283% they’d gain in that exact same game in v1.07. (No multiplayer bonus or exponential exp gain from stacks in v1.07.)

The benefits really stack up from higher levels of Monster Power; upwards of 1000% exp gain is now possible, which means that rich characters able to play on higher MP levels will very quickly max out to Paragon 100… and what then?

Click through for some more math on the impact of this feature change.

Quoting a couple of other posts from the B.net thread, for useful math examples.

Additive (old method):
500% base + 1 stack of neph (15%) = new bonus exp of 515%
500% base + 2 stacks of neph (15% + 15%) = new bonus exp of 530%
500% base + 5 stack of neph (75% total) = new bonus exp of 575%

Multiplicative (new method):
500% base + 1 stack of neph (* 1.15) = new bonus exp of 575%
500% base + 2 stack of neph (* 1.3) = new bonus exp of 650%
500% base + 5 stack of neph (* 1.75) = new bonus exp of 875%

add on another 30% for 4 player bonus:
500% base + 5 stack neph (1.75 + .3 coop bonus 2.05) = 1025%

What the change does do is widen the experience gap between mp levels. For example, on live mp7 with 5 stacks (and no other exp bonuses) is 350% experience while playing solo, and MP 8 is 415% experience, a 65% difference. On PTR currently, MP7 @ 5 stacks single player is 481.25% experience, while MP8 is 595% experience, a 113.75% difference. For most players, I’m guessing, it will make going up to the highest MP you can handle without dying consistently the most efficient level to farm at.

It also means a hellfire ring is now worth 61.25% experience with 5 stacks, and 75.25% in a 4 player game with 5 stacks. Other exp % items would be affected as well. It will make whether or not to use a HF ring or ruby in helm a more interesting consideration.

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    18 thoughts on “Diablo 3 v1.08 Nephalem Valor Enables Massive Experience Gain

    1. Now, they’ve got to improve items, so that a good many of us can access hight MP levels without being instantly killed. I personally don’t give a monkey’s about those people hammering the plastic being furious about Blizzard releasing new and better items, if they ever do that at all.

    2. Now if only it was affecting my magic find that much. I might find a decent item every few days…

    3. Well it makes sense, the more exp you get, the higher your paragon, the higher that is, the more loot you get, and the less people complain about not getting loot.

    4. Could be a move to attract player into using the AH. Players wanna level to 100 fast = players would want to play at the highest MP = players would wanna buy upgrade gear for MP10.

    5. Sounds rather good to me. I mean, they´ve always wanted to enitce us to play multiplayer, and it only makes sense that the higher level difficulty should give better rewards (aka players 8 giving more items dropped and more experience).

      As a HC player, this definitely doesn´t mean much to me, as joining high MP games with a bunch of strangers in a chaotic game where everybody rushes forward AND the monsters do a crapload more of damage, sounds like a sure way back to level 1 to me, hehe… I will stick to playing alone, or with a few trustet friends and memebers of our HC forum, thank you very much!

    6. Just anecdotally, MP makes a much better difference than before. Coupled w/ some truly ridiculous dense spots (the Weeping Hollow, any pocket dimension dungeon in act 2), and people will be Paragon 100 in no time.

    7. While doing real killing at higher MP may have needed more incentive, this is just overkill, and will make everyone feel like they need to play at MP10 rather than choosing where they want to play.

      Also, wish I had items of the level needed to play at MP10. Not because I want to play it, but because demand for those items is going to skyrocket.

    8. MP1 or Higher will be mandatory now. This should include MP0 for higher monster densitys. This helps SC tons and hurts Hardcore. Give us hardcore players somewhere to farm higher density areas and still be relatively safe.

    9. “Specifically, Scorpions have had their XP reduced by 75%. That probably sounds like a lot at an emotional level”

      If nerfs affect you at an emotional level, you really need to put down the mouse and see a shrink…

    10. “if you weren’t, then you were doing it wrong.”

      Maybe some folks were just playing to, you know, just enjoy the game. For fun. What’s fun about repeatedly going through the same Arreat Crater over and over and over and over? New items/weapons are just statistical boosts that allow you to do the exact same things you’ve always done. I really don’t get the outcry over loot. Other than the split-second of excitement you feel when you see a Brown drop, better equipment doesn’t really make any difference. The sword gets swung the same way, regardless.

      • One is free to get pleasure the way he wants.
        Concerning the loot, you are completely missing the result of a new, usually slightly better item. You feel the difference, in the way you can kill the enemies. There is pleasure within a powerful build or item setup. But I also very much enjoy all the other elements of the game. If D3 had a decent storyline as D2 for example, failed itemization would hurt a lot less.

      • On the live servers, scorps still give a ton of XP. On the PTR, they are already nerfed as far as I know.

        I could say farm them now while you can, but after the patch hits you should be getting much more XP outside of Act 3, thanks to how the NV XP bonus stacks now, especially if you have a Hellfire ring and you play in a party of 4. I don’t know if it will be as efficient as the scorps are now, but it’s definitely more fun and hopefully you’ll have more area choices as well.

      • Even though the scorpions will be nerfed bigtime in 1.08, you need not start farming them like crazy now, since the multiplier NV xp bonus is so significat, that you will level 10 times faster in 1.08 than now.

        Did a couple of MP1 weepy hollows run with my only SC char left, a 122K DPS DH, and the xp gain even on MP1 was significantly higher than doing MP1 alkaizer runs back in 1.07.

        Prepare for alot more plvl 100’s, and unfortunately alot more dead HC heroes feeling forced to do MP1 instead of MP0 as well 😉

        • For me the nephalem valor change only looks to be an xp gain nerf. I’m farming on mp2 so that’s +50% xp gain and thats it. I don’t use the +xp helm gem, I don’t have a hellfire ring, and even if I did it would severly downgrade my dps so I wouldn’t want to use it anyway. 50% xp +75% xp was fine for me. A nice total of 125% extra xp. After this patch it would be 50% xp x 1.75 = 87.5% more exp. So I lose 37.5% xp gain after this patch. This patch will only benefit those who can farm on higher mp levels and have such powerful gear they can swap out their rings and +life% gem for xp gain.

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