Diablo 3 v1.0.5 Coming to Public Test Realm and PTR v1.0.5 Patch Notes

It’s time to roll out the public test realm and v1.0.5 is launching on the PTR server. The PTR account creation is now active on the US Battle.Net but not on the EU as yet. You can find the PTR patch notes after the break.

Patch 1.0.5 will soon be available for testing on the PTR. Once the PTR is up and ready, we’ll enable posting in this forum and the PTR Bug Report forum so you can share your feedback and report any issues you may experience while playing.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the patch 1.0.5 PTR patch notes and the information below to find out how to set up your PTR account.

How to Participate:

To participate in the public test, you must have a Diablo III game license attached your Battle.net account that’s in good standing (i.e. it hasn’t been suspended or banned). While the 1.0.5 PTR will only be in available in English, French, German, and Korean languages, accounts from all regions are eligible to participate.

You will also need to create a PTR account by logging in to your Battle.net Account Managementpage. We will be enabling PTR account creation soon (we’ll provide an update once it’s available), and once it’s up you’ll simply need to select your Diablo III game license and then click “Create a PTR account.” After you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to download the client from the Diablo III landing page, or from your Games Download page in Account Management.

Please note that will not be able to log in to the PTR client until it’s live.

Character Copy:

The option to copy your existing Diablo III characters from your live account to the PTR will become available once the PTR is live. Only one region per account can be copied at a time, however, so if you choose to copy characters from your account in a different region please note that any previously copied PTR characters will be lost.

We’ll be providing more details, including an FAQ, once the 1.0.5 PTR is available, so stay tuned!

New System: Monster Power
Similar to the “Players 8” command in Diablo II, Monster Power is a system designed to give players more control over how challenging enemies are in each difficulty. With this system, players can choose to increase the health and damage of monsters according to different “power levels” and in return they’ll receive scaling bonuses to experience (for heroes levels 1-59) as well as boosts to Magic Find and Gold Find (for heroes in Inferno) which will stack above the 300% cap. The option to increase Monster Power will be available to all players starting at level 1 in the Quest Selection window, and can be adjusted separately for Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties.

New Event: Infernal Machine
The Infernal Machine is a device that will allow level 60 players to battle “uber” versions of some of Sanctuary’s most nefarious bosses. While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required. Only the most powerful Nephalem can unlock the secrets to building the Infernal Machine, but once forged the device can be used to open portals to special encounters featuring not one, but two bosses which have been augmented from their original versions, both in terms of difficulty and appearance. Defeating each boss pair will provide players with extra items and gold, as well as a chance to find components for a new Legendary ring


  • Resplendent Chests will now operate similarly to Elite packs in Inferno difficulty:
    • When players open a Resplendent Chest, they will receive a reward based on how many Nephalem Valor stacks they have active at the time
    • Opening a Resplendent Chest will grant one stack of Nephalem Valor
  • Major in-game events will now grant one stack of Nephalem Valor when completed by a level 60 character in Inferno difficulty
    • If completed in a multiplayer game, all eligible characters in the party will receive the buff regardless of whether they participated in the event or were close to the event’s location
  • Major in-game events in Inferno difficulty that involve a special chest or Unique monster (ex: ) will now also drop additional loot for every stack of Nephalem Valor a player has active at the time of the event’s completion
    • Several events have had Unique monsters added to them for this purpose
  • Experience Shrines can now appear in Inferno difficulty
  • Two new shrines have been added to all difficulty levels:
    • Empowered Shrine – Increased resource regeneration and reduced cooldowns
    • Fleeting Shrine – Increased movement speed and pickup radius
  • Followers, pets, and summoned creatures will no longer attack enemies that are in an idle state unless the player is within 10 yards of the enemy
  • The reduction of snare effects against Elite monsters has been reduced (in the player’s favor):
    • Normal: 20% to 0%
    • Nightmare: 30% to 15%
    • Hell: 40% to 25%
    • Inferno: 40% to 25%
  • Crowd control effects will now be affected by diminishing returns. To learn more about how diminishing returns will work in Diablo III (and why these changes are an overall buff to player CC), click here!


  • Search parameters will now save when switching between the gold and real-money auction house
  • An additional sortable column has been added to the results window
    • This column will have a drop-down box populated with each of the Preferred Stats that players indicated for their search (only one Preferred Stat can be selected at a time)
  • The Preferred Stat list is now sorted alphabetically
  • A button has been added to allow players to quickly reset Preferred Stat filters to “None”
  • Players can now search for +Damage on off-hand items
  • When searching for items to purchase, an option to “autofill” stats based on what the player is currently wearing has been added
  • Similarly, when selling an item, a “Find Similar” button has been added to allow players to quickly search for items currently up for auction that have similar stats
  • Bug Fixes
    • When claiming stackable items from the auction house, the claimed items will always attempt to fill out partial stacks completely before falling back to using an open slot in your inventory
    • The color-coding for the “Quality” drop-down menu for Pages & Recipes has been updated to match the color-coding for all other categories
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the minimum value for the Spirit Regen affix to not filter items correctly


  • The “Friend of Friend” feature for finding and adding Real ID friends is now available for Diablo III
  • A new item delivery system has been added that will allow Blizzard to send items directly to players (you may see us testing this feature over the course of the PTR)
  • Achievements
    • An Achievement button has been added to the in-game hotbar
    • Players can now link Achievements in chat
  • Banners
    • Players can now customize their banner in-game while in town
    • Each banner reward type now has sub-categories organized by the content they were rewarded from (Hardcore, Crafting, Challenges, etc.)
    • New unlocked banner rewards are now highlighted so they can be found more easily
  • Chat
    • Players can now change font color (per channel) and size
    • Clicking on items linked in chat will now provide a comparison tooltip based on what you are currently wearing
    • Several additional improvements have been made to in-game chat to increase usability


  • Azmodan
    • Bug Fixes
      • Azmodan should no longer be able to cast Flame Meteors or continue channeling his Laser attack while stunned


  • General
    • Defensive bonuses provided by certain class skills have been reduced. To learn more about these changes and why they were made, click here!
  • Barbarian
    • Active Skills
      • Battle Rage
        • Duration increased from 30 seconds to 120 seconds
      • Hammer of the Ancients
        • Increased Critical Hit chance is now based on the amount of Fury the player has when Hammer of the Ancients is activated:
        • For every 5 Fury a player has, Hammer of the Ancients has a 1% increased Critical Hit chance
        • Skill Rune – Smash
          • The radius of Smash has been slightly increased to help resolve an issue that caused Hammer of the Ancients to occasionally miss targets immediately in front of the player
        • Skill Rune – The Devil’s Anvil
          • Movement speed reduction increased from 60% to 80%
      • Leap
        • Skill Rune – Iron Impact
          • Now grants 100% bonus armor per enemy hit for 3 seconds
      • Overpower
        • Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds
      • Rend
        • Rend should now more reliably hit enemies that are running away
        • Skill Rune – Mutilate
          • Mutilate has been redesigned to slow enemies by 60% for the duration of Rend
      • Sprint
          • Skill Rune – Run Like the Wind
            • Proc coefficient reduced from 0.2 to 0.08
      • Threatening Shout
        • Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 10 second
        • Skill Rune – Grim Harvest
          • Now also has a chance to drop a health globe
      • War Cry
        • Cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
        • Fury generated reduced from 30 to 20
        • Skill Rune – Charge!
          • Fury generated reduced from 60 to 40
        • Skill Rune – Impunity
          • Bonus resistance reduced from 50% to 20%
      • Whirlwind
        • Fury cost from 16 to 9
        • Skill Rune – Blood Funnel
          • Healing increased from 1% to 2% of Maximum Life per Critical Hit
    • Passive Skills
      • Animosity
        • Bonus Fury regeneration increased from 10% to 20%
      • Inspiring Presence
        • Healing increased from 1% to 2% Maximum Life per second
      • Unforgiving
        • Fury regeneration has been quadrupled, increased to 2 Fury every 1 second (up from 1 Fury every 2 seconds)
  • Demon Hunter
    • Active Skills
      • Bola Shot
        • Explosion radius increased from 7 yards to 17 yards
        • Skill Rune – Volatile Explosives
          • Explosion radius increased from 14 yards to 20 yards
      • Chakram
        • Chakram will now always fire a projectile, regardless of distance or if an enemy is targeted
      • Companion
        • Added a 30-second cooldown
        • Reduced each Companion’s attack cooldown from 1.5/2 seconds to 1 second
        • Weapon damage increased from 30% to 38%, but they can no longer critically hit
        • Companion’s damage now scales with attack speed
        • Skill Rune – Wolf Companion
          • Wolf Companion has been redesigned to be a more durable pet:
          • Now has comparable durability to one Zombie Dog
          • New attack: 120-degree Cleave with a 10-yard radius that hits for 94% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune – Spider Companion
          • Spider Companion has been redesigned to be a more durable pet:
          • Has slightly more durability than the Wolf Companion
          • New attack: 120-degree Cleave with a 10-yard radius that hits for 38% weapon damage and Slows every enemy it hits by 60% for 2 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Boar Companion
          • Boar Companion has been redesigned to be a more durable pet:
          • Has more durability than the Spider Companion
          • New attack: Single-target attack that hits for 38% weapon damage
          • Provides (155 @ 60) Life per second and a 15% bonus to all resistances for the Demon Hunter
      • Evasive Fire
        • Skill Rune – Shrapnel has been replaced with a new rune: “Hardened”
          • Hardened increases your Armor by 50% for 3 seconds and replaces the backflip
        • Skill Rune – Parting Gift
          • Weapon damage increased from 45% to 55%
          • Poison bomb delay reduced from 1.2 seconds to 0.6 seconds
      • Sentry
        • Cost changed from 10 Discipline to 30 Hatred
        • Increased from weapon damage from 55% to 88%
        • Players can now have two turrets active at once, but an 8-second cooldown has been added to compensate
        • Sentry can no longer critically hit
        • Skill Rune – Spitfire Turret
          • Weapon damage increased from 8% to 15%
        • Skill Rune – Vigilant Watcher
          • Vigilant Watcher has been redesigned and now reduces the cooldown of Sentry by 2 seconds instead of increasing the duration
        • Skill Rune – Chain of Torment
          • Weapon damage increased from 80% to 100%
      • Shadow Power
        • Base spell changed from 20% Life Steal for 3 seconds to 15% Life Steal for 5 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Night Bane
          • Changed from 4 Hatred per second for 3 seconds to 3 Hatred per second for 5 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Blood Moon
          • Changed from 30% Life Steal for 3 seconds to 25% Life Steal for 5 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Gloom
          • Changed from 65% damage reduction for 3 seconds to 35% damage reduction for 5 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Shadow Glide
          • Changed from 40% movement speed increase for 3 seconds to 30% movement speed increase for 5 seconds
      • Spike Trap
        • Skill Rune – Sticky Trap
          • Explosion radius increased from 8 yards to 16 yards
        • Skill Rune – Bandolier has been replaced with a new rune: “Echoing Blast”
          • Echoing Blast gives your Spike Traps three charges with a minimum delay of 1 second between each explosion, and deals damage as Poison
      • Strafe
        • Movement speed increased from 65% to 75%
        • Hatred cost reduced from 16 to 12
        • Skill Rune – Equilibrium has been replaced with a new rune: “Emberstrafe”
          • Emberstrafe leaves behind fire trail that deals 65% weapon damage per second for 2 seconds
        • All rune variants now allow you to walk through enemies while active
      • Vault
        • Can now be used while under the effect of roots, including Jailer (and will break the effect)
        • Skill Rune – Trail of Cinders
          • Reduced damage from 1500% to 300% weapon damage over 3 seconds
          • Trail can now stack
        • Skill Rune – Acrobatics
          • Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
    • Passive Skills
      • Custom Engineering
        • Adds the ability to have a third Sentry turret out a time
        • Now also increases the maximum number of Spike Traps you can have out to 6
      • Numbing Traps
        • Damage reduction reduced from 25% to 20%, but now also works with Grenades and Sentry
      • Perfectionist
        • Now also increases Life, Armor, and Resistances by 10%
      • Thrill of the Hunt
        • Thrill of the Hunt has been redesigned:
        • Every 7 seconds, your next Hatred spender roots all targets hit by it for 2 seconds. Enemies can only be rooted once every 7 seconds. This does not affect Sentry.
        • Now displays a buff icon when ready to use
  • Monk
    • Active Skills
      • Breath of Heaven
        • Skill Rune – Infused with Light
          • Bonus Spirit regeneration increased from 6 to 8 additional Spirit per hit for 5 seconds
      • Dashing Strike
        • The strike animation after dashing now scales with attack speed
      • Mantra of Evasion
        • Skill Rune – Wind Through the Reeds
          • Run speed bonus increased from 5% to 8%
    • Passive Skills
      • Beacon of Ytar
        • Cooldown reduction increased from 15% to 20%
      • Near Death Experience
        • Cooldown reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds
      • Pacifism
        • Now also works on Freeze and Immobilize effects (note: the tooltip will not say Freeze, because Freezes are classified as a Stun)
      • Resolve
        • Damage reduction reduced from 25% to 20%
      • Seize the Initiative
        • Conversion of Dexterity to Armor reduced from 100% to 50%
  • Witch Doctor
    • Active Skills
      • Spirit Barrage
        • Skill Rune – Well of Souls
          • Will now seek out targets up to 40 yards (up from 25 yards)
      • Wall of Zombies
        • Cooldown reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Pile On
          • Changed from 745% weapon damage with a 25-second cooldown to 500% weapon damage with a 10-second cooldown and the radius has been slightly increased
    • Passive Skills
      • Gruesome Feast
        • Now shows a buff icon when you have active stacks
      • Fetish Sycophants
        • Proc chance increased from 3% to 5%
      • Jungle Fortitude
        • Damage reduction reduced from 20% to 15%
  • Wizard
    • Active Skills
      • Archon: Slow Time
        • Slow increased from 30% to 60%
      • Blizzard
        • Arcane Power cost reduced from 45 to 40 (Snowbound cost will remain the same at 20 Arcane Power)
      • Energy Armor
        • Armor bonus reduced from 65% to 35%
        • Skill Rune – Prismatic Armor
          • Resistance bonus reduced from 40% to 25%
      • Familiar
        • Skill Rune – Ancient Guardian
          • Health threshold increased from 35% to 50%
        • Skill Rune – Dartling has been replaced with a new rune: “Vigoron”
          • Vigoron regenerates Life every second for the wizard
      • Hydra
        • All runes now properly benefit from Arcane Dynamo’s five-stack damage buff
        • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the heads of the Hydra to become separated from the base when cast near a wall
      • Ice Armor
        • Now reduces damage from melee attacks by 8%
      • Magic Missile
        • Base weapon damage increased from 110% to 125%
        • Skill Rune – Charged Blast
          • Weapon damage increased from 143% to 162%
        • Skill Rune – Split
          • Weapon damage increased from 50% to 56%
          • Angle of damage reduced from 30 degrees to 20 degrees
        • Skill Rune – Seeker
          • Weapon damage increased from 121% to 138%
        • Skill Rune – Penetrating Blast
          • Pierce chance increased from 70% to 100%
      • Meteor
        • Delay between cast and impact reduced from 2 seconds to 1.25 seconds
        • Arcane Power cost reduced from 60 to 50
      • Ray of Frost
        • Movement speed reduction increased from 30% to 60%
        • Duration of slow increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds
        • Arcane Power cost reduced from 20 to 16 per period
        • Skill Rune – Numb
          • Movement speed reduction increased from 60% to 80%
        • Skill Rune – Cold Blood
          • Arcane Power cost reduced from 12 to 10 per period
        • Skill Rune – Sleet Storm
          • Weapon damage increased from 215% to 333%
          • Proc scalar reduced from 0.25 to 0.1875
        • Skill Rune – Black Ice
          • Weapon damage increased from 193% to 387% over 3 seconds
      • Slow Time
        • Cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
        • Movement speed reduction increased from 30% to 60%
        • Skill Rune – Time Shell
          • No longer reduces the size of Slow Time
        • Skill Rune – Perpetuity
          • Now reduces cooldown to 12 seconds (from 16 seconds)
      • Spectral Blade
        • Weapon damage increased from 135% to 165%
        • Angle of damage increased from 60 degrees to 90 degrees
        • Range increased from 10 yards to 15 yards (range of Thrown Blades will remain at 20 yards)
        • Skill Rune – Deep Cuts
          • Weapon damage from Bleed increased from 35% to 45% over 3 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Healing Blades
          • Removed Critical Hit requirement
      • Storm Armor
        • Ability has been redesigned to periodically deal 100% weapon damage as Lightning to nearby enemies
        • Skill Rune – Reactive Armor
          • Redesigned to deal 70% weapon damage as Lightning to ranged and melee attackers
        • Skill Rune – Strike Back has been renamed “Thunder Storm”
          • All other runes remain unchanged
      • Teleport
        • Now breaks roots
        • Skill Rune – Reversal
          • Now ignores line of sight when returning to the casting location
      • Wave of Force
        • Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds
        • Skill Rune – Force Affinity
          • Cooldown from 12 seconds to 9 seconds
    • Passive Skills
      • Unstable Anomaly
        • Increased health threshold from 20% to 30%
        • Now heals the player to 45% of Maximum Life and slow targets that are knocked back by 60% for 3 seconds


  • Crafting materials can now stack to 500
  • Jeweler Designs that drop in the world will now show up as Rare quality (yellow) to make them more visible on the ground
  • Salvage now uses the required equip-level of the item instead of the base item level to determine what components the item will be salvaged into
    • Example: If an item is an iLevel 60 and has a reduced level requirement of 52, the item will salvage into Hell crafting materials instead of Inferno crafting materials
    • This is being done to accommodate the change of item affixes rolling at the monster’s level rather than the item’s level (detailed further in the Items section below)
  • Crafting reagents can now be converted up to the next highest level at the Blacksmith at a ratio of 10:1
  • Tomes of Training can be converted up to the next highest level at the Blacksmith and Jeweler at a ratio of 10:1


  • Templar
    • Skills
      • Heal
        • Now heals both the Templar and the player when cast
        • Can now be cast when the player is below 75% health (up from 50%)
      • Inspire
        • Mana regeneration bonus increased from 2 to 4 Mana per second
      • Intervene
        • Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
        • Affected radius increased from 6 yards to 10 yards
        • Removed the health threshold for when Intervene can be cast
          • Spell will now cast whenever the player is hit and off cooldown, regardless of the player’s currently health %
      • Intimidate
        • Now also reduces the movement speed of enemies that the Templar hits by 60% for 3 seconds
  • Scoundrel
    • Basic ranged attack weapon damage increased from 25% to 40%
    • Skills
      • Hysteria
        • Cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds
      • Poison Bolts
        • Weapon damage of initial hit increased from 40% to 100%
        • Poison now deals 40% weapon damage over 2 seconds (instead of over 3 seconds)
  • Enchantress
    • Skills
      • Disorient
        • Affected radius increased from 4 yards to 6 yards
        • Cooldown reduced from 45 seconds to 25 seconds
      • Mass Control
        • Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
      • Powered Armor
        • Armor bonus reduced from 15% to 5%
      • Reflect Missiles
        • Reflect Missiles has been replaced with Missile Ward
          • Missile Ward reduces incoming damage from ranged attacks by 6%
  • Bug Fixes
    • Magic Find and Gold Find values inherited from Followers should now respect the 300% cap
    • Followers will no longer run in place or run slowly when players perform abilities that augment their movement (ex: Leap, Teleport, Vault, etc.)


  • The cast time for identifying Rare items has been reduced to 1 second
  • The cast time for identifying Legendary items has been increased to 4 seconds
  • The location of Legendary items will now be marked by a column of light as well as a ping on the mini-map the first time they drop, and a new sound has been added
  • Affixes on items will now roll their level based on the level of the monster killed (rather than the item’s level)
  • Class-specific items will now drop more often
  • Items below iLevel 58 no longer drop in Inferno difficulty
  • Square-quality gems no longer drop in Inferno difficulty
  • Monk class Skill bonuses can now roll on shields


  • Additional health per monster in multiplayer games has been reduced from 75% to 70%
  • Damage and health of monsters levels 50-63 have been reduced to coincide with the addition of Monster Power
  • Sand Shark AI has been improved:
    • Sand Sharks can now use an “Under Sand Attack” while burrowed. The “Under Sand Attack” causes the Sand Shark to charge to the player and do a 10-yard radius earthquake-like attack for low damage.
    • Sand Sharks can now walk toward you while above ground, which gives players more time to DPS them.
  • Skeleton Fire Mage fire pools, Wood Wraith spore clouds, and Opressor fire breath attacks should now do reduced damages to pets and followers
  • Two-handed skeleton executioners have had their escape radius reduced
  • The “coolup” has been increased on the Fallen Lunatic’s suicide power from 1-3 seconds to 2-5 seconds, giving players a more predictable time to kill them (or run away) before they explode
  • Bug Fixes
    • Damage caused by the Reflects Damage affix can no longer be dodged
    • Fire Chains monsters should no longer link with burrowed monsters (if a monster burrows while linked with Fire Chains, the link will be removed)
    • The explosion effect of a dying Molten monster and the damage done by the effect should now always occur at the same time
    • Damage done by the Arcane Sentry beam attack should now properly sync with the beam graphic
    • Heralds of Pestilence will now abort their ranged attack if the player uses a power to make themselves un-targetable while the attack is casting (or “winding up”)


  • Shrines will now buff all players that are within the shrine’s radius or in the same level area
  • Nephalem Valor stacks are now restored whenever a player rejoins the last multiplayer game he/she was disconnected from
  • The damage stat in the Hero page should now display the appropriate values when switching main and off-hand weapons with a shield
  • Fixed a bug where buffs on other players weren’t displaying correctly in the party UI
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to not be able to rejoin a multiplayer game if they switched to a character that was saved to a difficulty level not yet unlocked by the other party members
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when mousing over the tooltip for crafting materials
  • Removed the initial tick of damage from fire trenches in Keep Depths and slightly reduced the radius

Thanks Muriel for the tip.

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    81 thoughts on “Diablo 3 v1.0.5 Coming to Public Test Realm and PTR v1.0.5 Patch Notes

    1. Wow…

      This looks awesome. Way more stuff in here than I thought there’d be. The NV on events and chests is especially cool and will allow Act 4 farming to be actually viable. Regaining NV after a disconnect is a welcome sight for someone like myself who has lost many a NV stack due to shoddy wifi connections.

      Also interested to see what they mean by items now rolling based on moster lvl and not item level. Does that mean items that are much lower item level can now spawn great stats?

      I can’t wait for 1.05.

      • “Does that mean items that are much lower item level can now spawn great stats?”

        Most likely, yes. This is how affixes always worked in D1 and D2. Seems they’ve seen the light finally.

    2. It’s like you’re doing a beta test for a beta patch for a game that’s still in beta but is actually retail.


    3. With the words of thre the Templar:

      “Greater and greater”!

      P.S. I hope hope that monster level scales with monster power rank because if it doesnt than the monsters in later acts will always drop better loot (based on the change that items now roll affixes depending on the level of monster that dropped it rather than item level).

      • Yes indeed! I was pretty happy with 1.0.4 overall, but I ended up not changing a single skill (I was already using several of those that got buffed with that patch). That will certainly not be true this time. There are so many possibilities for new builds here, I don’t even know where to start.

        A strong contender for first on my list to try: Spike Traps/Echoing Blast together with Sentry/Chain of Torment (using Custom Engineering for 3 Sentries plus 6 traps) just sounds insane for the few of us who love setting traps. Factor in Caltrops and some cold or slowing damage and you’re basically setting up a mine field.

        I did not at all foresee this many formerly useless skills and passives getting improvements that will make them worth at least a try. We knew companions were getting a pretty solid bump, but damn, some of this stuff is enticing. Strafe could actually be useful due to the walk-through effect. Perfectionist giving Life, Armor, and Rez buffs (although slight, it beats the hell out of its current 10% Disc. cost reduction). Numbing Traps, which was pretty good before, now works with Sentry and Spike Traps. There is just a lot to play around with here.

        Plus, they took Bola’s explosion radius, and then they (more than) doubled it! [Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.]

        And that’s not even mentioning the two HUGE game changers in my opinion:
        Evasive Fire/Hardened will almost certainly replace Covering Fire for a large percentage of those using that skill now (not to mention the other Hatred generators).
        And of course, Vault now breaks Jailer. If you felt forced into using Smoke Screen before… not so much now. I may be the only DH that isn’t in love with Vault already (I rely completely on Smoke Screen and TA, with RoV/Stampede to clear a path if I get stuck)… but yeah, I think that may change pretty soon.

        There is more unmentioned DH goodness in here, but it’s time for me to go set up that PTR account.

        • Vault breaking jailer is a godsend. All the other changes give us some interesting alternatives to tamper with, we’ll see 🙂

          • Because Covering Fire is the only Evasive Fire rune that I ever actually use, I just automatically assumed that Hardened would have that same ridiculously large arc of insta-hit (hit-scan). Now that I think about it though, that’s probably too good to be true.

            Even if it just has the narrow channel like the other EV runes, that %50 armor bonus is still pretty sweet. But… I would probably stick with Covering Fire in that case. I know a lot of people hate it, but I’ve grown to love the backflip as a cheap way to trip TA.

            If it does turn out to have the wide arc, it will be godly. Kind of doubting it though. OK, I’m dying to see the tooltip now.

    4. If I understand this correctly (and oh god I hope I do), this the single biggest change of this patch.

      I think, that now, items 58-63 will roll iLvl 63 affixes if they drop from mLvL 63 enemies. This means, EVERY SINGLE ITEM that drops in Act 3 inferno, for example, has potential to roll amazing stats outside the base item.

      This won’t help the lower base damage weapons or offhands, but this will will be a major boost to armors and an incredible boost to jewelry.

        • Perhaps boosting the difficulty level also increases monster level so it would be possible to have “mlvl 63” monsters in Act 1/2

        • I would prefer this over finding rare rings/ammys/armor with ilvl 50 in A1… at least there’s a much higher chance of them not being completely useless. This way people can grab a cheap blue 900+dps weapon from the AH, then farm A1 inferno for other gear to move onto A2/A3 (Yes, use the AH since D3 is a “trading game” by design–quote from Blizzard).

      • Its sad, that they didnt applied the “lower quantity – better quality” system for the drop. I mean, how can you upgrade a system, where you get dozens of yellows? It will be always a lot of junk, in opposite, too many good drops is also nonsense. Well, yeah, the legendaries… but they still often suck, so there is no “yeah!-great!-awesome!”-guarantee for greens and brownies (which should be). I see no solution able within the actual loot mechanism…

    5. AykistheGreek:
      Yes, that means astral,warlord and doom are not automatically useless and sovereign is a bit better as they can spawn with the same affixes as archon. It always annoyed me that there are 16(?) armor tiers in the game and we only use ever the top 2, this patch partially fixes that problem as even astral can be good.

      Awesome changes, can’t wait to get my hands on them.
      And I KNEW those invisible arcanes were out to get me, glad to see it’s not just paranoia.

    6. These changes are fine I guess but I’m not going to pick it back up again till I see items that are “fun” instead of a couple boring stat increases using the same old builds.

      I want to see an item that inspires me to start using some totally off the wall skills to great effect.

      • My absolute favorite D2 build was a Ribcracker Fury Druid. As the name implies, it completely depended on having a Ribcracker (socketed with Ist), which was an otherwise s****y weapon… to the point that it was extremely difficult to find in trade most times because people almost always just vendored them. But it was absolutely essential to that build, which when done well was damn near unstoppable.

        If you’re looking for builds that are that item specific, I honestly don’t think we’re going to see those quite yet. And to be fair, the really fringe builds didn’t show up in great numbers until LoD 1.09. But this patch may open up some possibilities in that general direction. With rolls now being based on Mlvl instead of Ilvl, we should start to see better quality versions of some of the Legendaries with unique properties (depending on who drops them). As we get more and more of those, people will start using them more often, experimenting a bit, and finding different set-ups that take advantage of them.

        You should also start to see less and less of “the same old builds”. This patch really does look like it will open up the build possibilities, and not just a little bit. Taking into account that you shouldn’t need to be nearly as defense-oriented as before, the number of viable skill combinations should increase greatly. Add in that many formerly useless skills have been dramatically improved (at least for most classes), and this should result in a greater number of viable builds overall.

        It’s also worth noting that players need to start to loosen up a bit and move away from the tiny pool of cookie-cutter builds that are considered “the best” or “the most efficient”. As the difficulty drops a little more, that should encourage people to play around with their skill sets. When the game is a hard gear check it tends to encourage a “best build” mentality (which was there in D2, but not nearly as prevalent). That completely stifles the more oddball (and fun) builds. And yes, the item system is also a big part of this problem, I’m not denying that. I’m just suggesting that there are more possibilities than most people think, and never trying anything different doesn’t help. Simply plugging in a new item, without ever adjusting your skill set to experiment a bit, isn’t going to have great results.

        There is already at least one example of the kind of item specific set-up that you’re talking about, although it’s for a follower. The Windforce Scoundrel. I know that may sound like a ridiculous example at first, but you should try one. Putting that specific weapon on that specific follower offers a unique style of gameplay. With triple-shot he procs knock-back on virtually every shot. I’ve never actually noticed it not proc, but I can’t guarantee that it doesn’t fail occasionally. It’s an off the wall combo (at least at the moment), and it works to great effect. If that kind of possibility is there on a follower, it makes sense that some will be discovered eventually for players as well, especially after the game starts to open up a bit. While we’re not to the point that you seem to be looking for, we are definitely getting closer.

    7. they only said that affix-rolls are dependent on monster level rather than Itemlevel – that does not mean that there no longer is a random range.

      (eg. itemlevel 63 weapons could roll with like 120 LOH – such a low LOH value is only possible if the weapon can roll the affix level of 3-4 level lower than the best possible affix-level ( and that does not even include the random range which is ~600-~950 for the last affix level of LOH)

      maybe the affixlevel are also directly tied in with the new “Monster Power system” – maybe an act 3 inferno monster on monster power 10 has technically an Level of 73 instead of 63 – and thus it can no longer roll weak as affix level which are 2-3 level below the best possible (eg look at LOH example).

      that would mean that Monster Power would directly increase the roll “luck” on all items and thus increase Item-quality without increasing the quantity of useless items – and all that without overstepping the current maximum values of the current best in slot items.

      thats how I envision it and that is (IMO) the smartest solution they could approach given the circumstances (of their currenty uncreative boring itemization)

    8. So:

      Skill Rune – Run Like the Wind
      Proc coefficient reduced from 0.2 to 0.08”


      “Powered Armor
      Armor bonus reduced from 15% to 5%”

      Nerf but buff? The nerf on enchantress was huge. Now I’ll have to play with other people? 🙂 (I like to play act 1-3 solo).

      The tornado nerf, sadly, was expected. I reached act 3 without using sprint, just whirlwinding. The tornadoes became mandatory on act 3, since I just couldn’t stay nearby elite packs. (Btw, I can’t stay nearby anything post Gohm).

      I liked the likeable stuff. DH pets should be as durable as Gargatuan, because Zombie Dogs aren’t exactly durable after Siegebreaker (maybe with the nerf), while Gargatuan can tank Izual in MP games.

      I don’t think the general repercussion of the changes will be good, since people want to see the following sentence:

      “*Increased the drop chance of legendaries and set items”

      As for the public test thing. I’ll read the faq before whinning better, but it seems to be a case of “no thanks, I’ll be running with my real char for gold while the patch don’t show up”.

      I hope, in the end of the day, that inferno is easier to beat. (I plan to invest time on my barb, but I would like to beat inferno with every class for achievements).

    9. Lord, I’ve wanted to love this game so much and I really appreciate how hard they’re trying to improve this game. But I finally realized that the stuff that’s keeping this game merely “good” instead of “great” will not be fixed by patches. 🙁

      Call me when they’ve patched in better level structure and randomization, better sound/music, meaningful character building, and an entirely redesigned attribute/item mod system…

      • Thanks Blizzard!!! 1.04 is a vast improvement and 1.05 looks to be right on the mark! keep it up!! (a player who’s 900hrs and going strong)

    10. hmm…the jewelry design drops weren’t yellow? Makes me really wonder if I have had some to drop after all. What the hell were they, white?

    11. I like giving the resplendent chests and events NV. Resplendent chests are supposed to be awesome and the events are a fun addition, but without dropping according to NV they both felt like something of a waste once you hit Inferno.

      Also, it looks like there’ll be fewer instances of followers attacking goblins before you’re ready, and since the Scoundrel is my favorite follower I’m pleased he got buffed a bit. (Now if only they’d stop my character from asking why he left Kingsport every game.)

    12. “The cast time for identifying Legendary items has been increased to 4 seconds”

      Great so now 4 seconds to find out that your Windforce has randomly rolled “Reduce cooldown of random WD skill” (seriously why are there so many of those weapons about!) or your Skorn has rolled INT?

    13. So, what happens to your PTR character(s)? Can you use them once the test period is over? I wouldn’t like to put any ‘effort’ into them, if I were to lose them.

      • It’s a TEST realm and your character is COPIED into the test realm. Obviously you can’t go on playing with your TEST character once the test is over, since there would be two of those characters running about at that time.

    14. “With this system, players can choose to increase the health and damage of monsters according to different “power levels” and in return they’ll receive scaling bonuses to experience (for heroes levels 1-59)”

      – oh… that means no bonus for paragon lvls?
      – and what about MP and monsta powa?

      • I hope this is a typo, because not getting +exp for lvl 60 in Inferno with additional monster power would really suck

      • “An Achievement button has been added to the in-game hotbar” – Hasn’t that been there since the last patch?

        • Yep, it’s between the “Game Menu” and the “Quests & Journals” buttons.

          I had the same reaction when I read that. It really stuck out because that button is one of the first things I noticed when I initially logged in after 1.0.4 went live. It just makes that area of the UI look kind of cramped and odd. I distinctly remember thinking that it was odd that it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes back then.

          Just out of curiosity- A few weeks ago I was trying to make room in my stash and tossed a stack of either blacksmith or jeweler pages on the ground for a minute. When I moused over it to pick it up, I got a tooltip informing me that ten “pages of x” could be converted to a “tome of y”, which could be used to raise the level of my “artisan” one level (obviously I’m paraphrasing here- it used whatever the correct term was in the places where I have “quotes”). It only did it once. I tried repeatedly to get it to show the tooltip again so I could get a screenshot, but no dice. At the time I figured it was some kind of glitchy left over from Beta (which I didn’t play until very late). Has anybody else seen that pop up?

          I keep meaning to make a thread to ask that, but I always forget about it. Your question just made me think about it again, and it does sound vaguely similar to some of the crafting changes in this patch, but with the added bit about raising the artisan level.

          • You mean this http://imgur.com/numGk ?
            I managed to reproduce it right now, and you probably can’t because tooltips only appear once… It could be something left over from before the release like you said, or they may have quietly implemented it in preparation for this patch. I guess we’ll find out when the patch goes live.

            • Looks like a winner to me. I guess I was thinking of it more like an item tooltip rather than the tutorial ones that only come up once.

              Thanks for posting that. Seriously, at least every couple of days or so I’ll think about that in-game (and kick myself for not having posted the question the last time I thought about it), and then completely forget about it again by the time I make it back over here. Now I can move on to some other trivial obsession during farming runs.

              If anyone else can confirm if that was ever part of the Beta or not, I would greatly appreciate it.

          • Also, the new game options button logo they put (the computer and keyboard) looks a lot worse than the the old one (just the computer).

        • Well I’m getting that same error no matter if I downloaded it from the US or EU website. I simply assume that it isn’t live yet. Nothing in the news post suggests that it’s live already, only that it’s due to launch soon.

    15. oke…let’s kill the fukin barb some more…pffff -_- I REFUSE USING HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS and be a tank like Lineage!!!!!!! you will not make me to, however hard you try! people do not get what ure trying to do – but I have played Diablo since day 1 release of Diablo 1 (D2 and D3) untill now – and also Lineage 2 for 1 year and a half – so I fukin know! Poeple will not play as you like! people will play as THEY like and complain if they are not able to – which is entierly legit. Wake up Blizzard…fukin wake up already..:”(

      • WTF.. A skill you don’t like gets buffed and you bitch about it?

        Blizzard also buffed skills on other Classes, that doesn’t mean they are trying to make you play that class. They are trying to ballance the game for the people who might like to use those skills.

        • -_- read again, think and then write!
          I am complaining about the fact that 90% of people want to play offensive barbs – and 95% of em use sprint with run like the wind that ofc had to be fukd – instead they buff the shiet they want couse Blizz is trying to make people play coop like Lineage (which this games has so many similarities with considering an army of koreans worked for it as well) – where there is a tank, a bunch of nukers and some support (see monk) – so NO > I am not bitchin about a fukin useless skill – I am complaining about what Blizzard does – how to nerf skills without people complaining about it too much? hmmm…lets instead buff some others that are completly useless – see the stupid movement skill buff on monk – where in fact the skills that really have potential are nerfed or completely overlooked!
          Hope my explanation helped.

          • no, it did not help. You’re completely not making sense.
            Probably the majority of barbs use the WW/RLTW build, some because they like the style, some because it’s probably the most effective. So Blizzard is trying to make other builds effective as well so that not everyone plays the same kind of barb.
            I, for example, refuse to play the WW build cause it’s so frickin prevalent (just like in D2) and everyone is using it. So changes like that make me happy (even though I’m doing a Weapon Throw+Ancient Spear build).

            And this is how it sohuld be. There should not be 1 build that everyone has to use to be the most effective. There are 3 popular barb builds that come to mind – WW, Ranged and sword+board – they should ALL be equally effective, not just WW with crit-hits. IT only makes for a better game.

            • and why is this website so messed up? It’s becoming harder to post comments than finding decent Legendaries.

      • I’m pretty sure that wins for “Most Rage Humanly Possible Over A Buff”.

        kaoru- Calm down. It will all be OK. Blizzard doesn’t really care if you use HotA or not. There is no grand conspiracy to make you play as a tank either. Seriously, you should probably get some sleep before you have a stroke over this.

        As a side note- Lineage didn’t exactly invent the idea of tanks. OK, nap time little buddy.

        • I am preety calm – you should’t put labels on people according to some posting on the internet you know 🙂
          Watch Lineage Eternal trailer (about my theory with the similarities)- also base line is – they fukd some usefull skills while buffing some useless skills just to be able to say: “o well…you can’t say we did not buff anything.” It does not help players one bit buffing useless skills while overlooking and ignoring completely the important skills that would matter, or make a difference – skills with potential. – why the hell did they buff the run skill for the monk for example? noone uses that skill. lol

          • I wasn’t labeling you, but rather the post itself. It was a tad on the hostile side. 🙂

            I will admit the “little buddy” line at the end was a bit over the top, so I do offer my apologies on that.

            As far as what skills should be buffed or nerfed for Barbs, you won’t find much argument from me either way. I haven’t really gotten much into the melee characters yet. As a reference point, I played D2 for at least two years before I even made a Barb. It’s not that I necessarily dislike them, it’s just that there always seem to be so many people playing them that I’d rather master the other classes first. Same thing goes for Wizards/Sorcs. I guess I just like to focus on the misfit classes first. I always get around to them all eventually though.

            As someone who is playing primarily DHs now, with a little bit of WD every now and then, I’ve gotta say I personally love tanks. I’m not sure I would want to play one, but for my own sake I’m happy to see them get buffed. But again, I’ll gladly defer to you and the rest of the Barbs as far as what is actually best for the class. I have no dog in that fight.

            Anyway, there was no real offense meant in my other post. It’s a forum. You were blowing off steam, I was giving you a hard time because it was a little over the top. It’s just kind of the way it goes. No harm done.

    16. “Mantra of Evasion
      Skill Rune – Wind Through the Reeds
      Run speed bonus increased from 5% to 8%”

      Looks like they screwed the Monk over yet again.

        • The screwy part is that of all the possible amazing fixes they could’ve done to the Monk, of all the potential in adding new skill runes and mechanics like they did for each class, they decided instead to give us 3% more movement speed on a skill no one uses.

          • Why the heck they dont modify the passives?? Are the passive talents untouchable or what? Not a single change to them!

            • There were changes… they nerfed 2 passives. The nerf to Sieze the Initiative pisses me off. If they are going to change the armor bonus to 50% of Dex, I want to know where the Barb nerf is, you know, the one that changes the armor bonus to 50% of Vit. The Monk nerf is complete crap. We are in melee just as much as Barbs, probably even more so considering most all Barbs run around like pussies letting the dust behind them kill everything while running away.

    17. Let me get this straight.. No Paragon XP bonus from monster power?
      So the best way to lvl up your paragon is Monster power 1? or am i missing something..
      That does seem weird.

      • I hope Blizzard just worded what they were trying to covey very poorly.

        If they mean exactly what they wrote, well, it’s BS that monster power doesn’t affect paragon xp. It’s also BS that 1-59 doesn’t get mf/gf. 1-59 doesn’t get NV stacks, so what’s the harm of 1-59 getting mf/gf along with xp while playing at higher monster power? I believe people like to find things while leveling too, but what do I know.

      • I take it to mean Monster Power will have no effect on Paragon, so the easiest way would be on MP1.

        If you feel like working a little harder for the extra MF/GF (which apparently ignores the cap), then crank up the MP. I thought the MF/GF part as a substitute was weird too, but then again I kind of like the idea that Paragon is more about effort and time spent grinding, where as Mp granting +XP would make it all about uber-gear (since you’d have to be gearing for Act 3 & 4 at ten times the difficulty to get the most XP). It’s kind of strangely elegant in a workman-like way. Very proletarian.

        When you think about it, the average MF/GF over time probably works out in the typical player’s favor this way, assuming a reasonable rate of progression. If you’re just balls out rushing for the Paragon cap, the XP would be better. But say, averaged over the next year, I think the typical player will come out ahead as far as average MF over time. Once we know the exact percentages I can almost guarantee that someone on here will crunch the numbers and figure out where the break points would have been per a few different rates of progression and MP levels. That’s one thing you’ve got to love about Diablo players… somebody is always eager to do the complicated math and share it through either a post or a spreadsheet.

        Alternatively, if you’re mainly after the Paragon levels themselves for the ‘prestige’ factor… yeah, this is not particularly good news.

    18. OK, we have the patch notes. Now where is the blog that tells us HOW monster power works? I want to know the bonuses per power setting, if the increases are static per power level, or scaling somehow. I want details.

    19. Another patch, another good changes. 4 months after release game looks like retail-ready.

      Anyways why would any Diablo 3 player want to play it on PTR? I understand going on PTR for competitive titles like sc2, where every single even small change can be very bad for balance and it needs to be tested out. I get PTR for Wow, since players and guilds can test out new raids and be prepared with tactics when patch hits, but for Diablo 3?

      Why would I play PTR if I can farm my Paragon level, its not like loot, exp or gold stays after testing. Release patch and if something is notworking hotfix it, we dont need PTR for D3.

      • You could see how your character fares against increased monster power. I know i’ll be making a couple of farming runs in the PTR to determine what my character is lacking , like maybe extra resistances or more loh etc.

        • Thats kinda not bad point, I kinda assumed ill play mp5-6 and still be able to clear act3 easily and fast, but Ill maybe chceck PTR out

      • PTR will also be handy for HC players. While I’m not sure if you’ll be able to copy HC chars or not (and I’m certain that PTR will not be HC), I know I for one will be trying things out there on a char that is at least similar my HC favorites. It’ll be fantastic to be able to try out new skills at higher difficulties without the fear of paying the ultimate price if it doesn’t work exactly how you expect it to.

        While most HC players are just as eager to get their hands on new patches as everybody else is, it always seems as if everyone is a little timid for the first day or two. Either that or they just play SC (or a lower difficulty) for a little while to get a feel for things before taking any serious risks. PTR should change that pretty drastically. Now we should be ready to go full bore as soon as the finalized patch goes live.

    20. I’m actually looking forward to the machine event. Even if it only takes a week or whatever, it sounds like a fun reason to come back for a bit. I loved the ubers in D2. Now they just need to expand on it like the Median mod did.

    21. These changes are mostly great. I still think we should have a “No Auction House” mode.

      The items though, I’m tired of seeing only blues, whites and yellows. I think they should make “weaker” versions of all legendaries and sets and make those drop more often… Like make a copy or two of a lvl 60-63 legendary and make those copies cater to characters around 20’s and 40’s.

      • And whites should be allowed to spawn with sockets, possibly more than the maximum the higher qualities allow… Like up to 5 for chest, 2 for helms, 2 or 3 for weapons… That way not all whites are useless and can be used for some situations.

      • I could take or leave a no-AH mode, but I do wish there were an easy way to see if an item was bought on the AH or self-found in the game (besides poring over your AH history). I do use the AH, but only in Inferno, so I want to keep track of AH items so I know what to twink to future characters. (Also so I can gloat more over self-found items.)

      • I know I said this earlier, but it’s worth repeating… Best Build Ever! That thing was a beast! [terrible pun fully intended]

        I’m tempted to go back and make yet another one (I still tend to do this at least once a year).

    22. Well… The PTR is live. I like the changes, but Monster Level 10 is beyond crazy! Even a character with the most top end gear wouldn’t be able to farm that efficiently there! Can’t wait for the patch to go live.

        • Just a quick note while it’s downloading:

          I didn’t expect the massive file size (just under 9 gigs). So… it’s basically a complete second copy of the game. I guess it makes sense in some ways… but damn, that hurts for those of us who play on a laptop. Especially if you’re using that laptop for other space hungry (and income generating) things.

    23. thing that gets me is there is literally pages and pages on the forums of solid, reasonable well thought out suggestions to fix the Monks lack of diversity and lopsided passives ~ and yet the changes to the class are minor while DH gets a massive work over.

    24. This is SICK,

      ?Energy Armor ?Armor bonus reduced from 65% to 35%
      ?Skill Rune – Prismatic Armor ?Resistance bonus reduced from 40% to 25%

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