Diablo 3 up for Spike Videogame Award

We’re almost heading into the US awards season once again and the Spike VGAs will take place in December to celebrate the best games of 2011. There are usually a whole host of exclusives and reveals on the show as well as the awards, so if you can manage to sit though celebs talking crap about videogames they know little about it’s worth a watch. Although Diablo 3 is not out until 2012, it has been nominated in the most anticipated category and voting is now open.

A list of last year’s winners can be seen on IncGamers.

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    4 thoughts on “Diablo 3 up for Spike Videogame Award

    1. Congratulations Diablo 3, the most anticipated game six years running!  Best of luck in 2012!

    2. I’ll vote for it in 2013 when it’s actually out, games shouldn’t get any kind of an award before release, they don’t even have a date for it yet…

    3. Meh… watch it lose to Mass Effect 3 or Halo 4… too many console babies out there to hope for a PC game to win…

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