Okay, not exactly. But Blizzard’s still running their @Diablo Twitter account, and over the last few days they’ve been notifying the winners of their “Name a D3 Unique” Twitter contest, and since many of those winners are tweeting their joy at the prize notifications, it’s easy enough to search them out by their #d3unique hash tags.

    Note that there were up to 100 winners chosen (10 per day over the 10 days of the contest, which is now closed) to score the Diablo pin, but that only 5 of those unique item names will actually make it into the game. Word is that Blizzard received over 5000 entries over the 10 days of the contest, so it was highly competitive. Here are a few of the winners:

    • Havenrow Skin Peeler, by KarlGrande
    • Belial’s Wrath, by Kastrien
    • Staff of the Sightless Eye, by Frostblind
    • Elzix’s Misfortune, by ChrisEngine357
    • Deckard’s Cane, by ClakyDruott
    • Archivist’s Scroll, by Maelnison
    • Axe of Assimilation, by ScottGallupe
    • Herald of Hereafter (Barbarian ?ber Weapon), Miyagi’s Calm (Monk Gear), Bloodbath Celebrant (formerly owned by The Countess), Tongue of Intulo (Witch Doctor item, from Zulu mythology), Deathless Soul (Wizard Orb), by Nephian. (He entered several days, and doesn’t know which one won.)
    • Que Hegan’s Zeal, by forbrukerombud
    • Crown of Divine Right, by MShaneman
    • Lord Telrandan’s Hand, by Erignmatic
    • Skull Crusher of Demise, by ravenneangelle

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