D3 console Ultimate Evil EditionLast week we newsed up a good interview about the Diablo 3 DiabloWikiUltimate Evil Edition coming to next-gen consoles on August 19th, and one of the main pull quotes was about how much legendary item trading would be allowed. Here’s the quote from the interview with AusGamers.

    “On console there are very few restrictions on what you can give other players, very few things are account bound,” Matthew reveals.

    There are also mailboxes in the game that remind you to interact with your friends and allow you to share items, but like with everything else already mentioned, this just wasn’t enough, and so mail is also a renewed system.

    These are built to send items to your friends by way of gifts and Julia explains that when a Legendary item drops, there’s a chance another item will drop that is tagged for your friend. It’ll actually have his or her name on it and you can then go ahead and mail that to your friend and whichever character they open that gift with, it’ll either roll a Legendary or Rare item for that class.

    A CM offered a clarification on this today, explaining the Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition Item Trading Rules:

    Jumping in to lend a bit of clarification. Some items will still be Account Bound (for example, pre-order bonuses). I also want to clarify some of the info that was shared in the referenced article.

    When playing in a local co-op game, loot will be flagged when it drops for specific players in the group. For example, if Player 2 is a Demon Hunter and Player 1 is a Wizard and a pair of pants drop that have stats a Wizard would benefit from, the item will automatically be flagged for P1. Even if P2 runs over to loot the pants, they will go to P1’ss inventory anyway. This helps streamline the experience of sorting through loot drops.

    Additionally, when Legendaries drop, there is a chance a Player Gift will drop for someone on your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network friend’s list that also plays Ultimate Evil Edition, which you can send to them via the in-game Mail system either directly from your Inventory or at the Mailbox. The Player Gift will be targeted (i.e. it’ll roll as smart loot) to the character your friend chooses to open the Player Gift on.

    I hope this helps!

    Because sharing is caring? I suggest we call this system “Robin Hood loot” or just “RHloot” and players can say stuff like, “my drop got RHed!” when they think they’ve been successful at “Ninja looting” only to find the item they just picked up is in someone else’s inventory, or is being mailed off to a less well geared “friend.”

    Seriously, imagine this system in the game today? If once in a while something you found semi-randomly got sent to another player? So long as that worked within clans, and most of the stuff went to the clan leader, I’d be all for it! *cough*

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