Diablo 3 UI Improvement: Gear Lock Switch?

This issue comes up every now and then, and it appeared again today with a blue reply. It’s not new news, but I am curious to see some discussion about it, so here goes.

Please do something about this. It is a sad day for my friend who accidentally sold his Chantodo Wand worth 400mil to the merchant and did not realised it until after he left the game. This normally happen when u identifying a gear which has already been identified and you swap the gear accidentally without realising. I too happened to sell a Echoing Fury worth 80 mil when I was half asleep running the routine xp farming. How many of us are not tired after hours of grinding?

We certainly appreciate the feedback, but I wanted to offer some clarification about a feature that went into patch 1.0.7 a few months ago that might have slipped your notice.

One of the changes we made in patch 1.0.7 was that you could now identify items while in the vendor window. So if you talk to a vendor, you’ll be able to identify it using right click, and then you can also choose to sell it with a second right click. As usual, if you accidentally sell an item, you can still retrieve it from the vendor’s buy-back tab while still in the same game.

While you are in the vendor window, you should no longer be able to right click on an item in your inventory and accidentally equip it. Effectively, having a vendor window open while identifying your items should help ensure that you do not inadvertently equip items while you are identifying them.

Games_Then_And_NowMy first reaction was an uncharitable one, along the lines of, “Oh FFS, how many training wheels do modern gamers need?” D3’s already got no death penalties, item buyback, full freespecs, confirm clicks on salvaging rares/legendaries, etc. What more do you people need; Lylirra to bring you milk and cookies if your DiabloWikiRNG turns sour?

On second thought — and yes, we’re still allowed to have second thoughts on the Internet — I guess a gear lock button wouldn’t be a bad thing. Just some little icon on the side of your DiabloWikipaperdoll, and when it’s locked you can’t change any of your gear, with a right click or even a click-drag. (You’d get a tool tip pop up if you tried.)

There’s even precedent! And not just by them denying us a DiabloWikiWeapon switch hotkey and using “sausage-fingered nubs” as the primary excuse. No, I refer to the fact that they added a skill icon lock a few patches ago, when they required you to have the skills menu open before you could change any of the skills on your belt UI. Prior to that change, an accidental click-drag on the belt UI would switch around your skills/hotkeys, which was annoying. More annoying when it set the cooldown for a skill change done outside of town. Most annoying when it reset your Nephalem Valor stacks.

So, let’s measure opinion on this not-exactly crucial matter:

Should Diablo 3 have a gear lock switch for safety?

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22 thoughts on “Diablo 3 UI Improvement: Gear Lock Switch?

    • there have been a few times in Act 1 multiplayer where we’ve killed the butcher then went back to town and while I’m selling junk to merchant another player will click the “end act now” button or something and Act 2 starts and my weapon is gone

      I haven’t figured out the exact circumstances that cause it but it happens sometimes

    • I wouldn’t go so far to say it NEEDS it, but I would find it really helpful since I have sold an ammy and nat ring way back when and both were pretty damn high valued. Doing those speed runs with all those rares it happened pretty often that other players and myself would accidentally equip. It really is something that shouldn’t even be possible at a vendor window and the fact you are selling so many items you cant even go back and rebuy it.

  1. God, something so trivial, yet likely to be dragged out to be some keynote feature in an upcoming patch, kinda like ID all. This is getting really pathetic, or has been for quite some time.

    This game is going nowhere fast.

  2. I can’t believe X people would spend Y time discussing Z issue instead of issue A which is what I and all the people like me (who I just made up but are the majority of Players Who Matter) want instead!

    I think I about covered it.

    I am kinda surprised that buyback is game-specific and only one page as it is. Wouldn’t mind another safety, wouldn’t care if it never happened.

  3. Gear sink. Working as intended. =)

    Seriously though, since the ID-all and ID-in-vendor the only time this ever happened to me is when trying to right-click sell an item to the vendor at the exact time a quest is completed, causing the right-click to swap your item instead as the vendor window closes.

    Do people just not look at anything they sell though? You know… the green item you just clicked on to sell?

    IDC if they put a gear lock in but, JFC, how much handholding you need? Please protect me from any of my potential mistakes!

  4. Don’t care, so long as fixing this isn’t taking away too much time from their first and inevitably tragically flawed rendition of itemization.

  5. I would have asked for this before they made it so you could identify things while looking at the vendor or blacksmith. But seriously since they added ID all I think it’s a waste of a programmer’s time to worry about this.

  6. I think it would be a good thing to have. Then after you locked the stuff you wanted to keep there could be a Grind All button (which would be good if you were picking up all the blues to grind down for crafting)

  7. Good to have but not a necessity. Altho there are times that i sometimes switch the already IDed rares to my equips, its quite annoying that i need to double check my gears to make sure that everything else is fine.

  8. I could really care less and don’t know how this happens to people, but regardless I voted yes because I’m nice guy. And I’m getting tired of seeing these rants about people selling their gear accidentally.

  9. Eh, this sounds like unorganized slobby people carrying their gross, slobby real life character defects into the digital space. I had a roommate who never paired his socks when he took them out of the dryer. He’d just grab the dried socks in big wads and stuffed them into his dresser. Then he’d always complain when he’d lose socks. Or my aunt, her computer desktop is a complete disaster, w/ every single kind of random file all over the place. They’re not even in rows or columns or anything. So these slobby people don’t take care of their stuff in a logical progression, and there’s an extra layer of wankery that still won’t protect these fools from harming themselves.

  10. I don’t see it as being strictly necessary, but there would be benefit to people (even if it’s just to hear slightly less wining from other people), and I don’t see that it can harm anyone who doesn’t use it.

  11. The game could add a popup message when trying to sell a legendary item as it does with salvaging. Unlike salvaging there is no time you really want to sell a legendary item to a vendor. Should only take 5 minutes to implement by my estimate.

    • Well there is the ‘normal’ way to implement this and the ‘blizzard’ way.

      Blizzard Way:

      1) Spend 2 hours discussing it in a meeting, resulting in nothing being decided.

      2) Wait 2 weeks before whoever has the ultimate decision to get around to approving this small thing.

      3) Implement just like the ‘normal’ way, about 10 min.

      4) Spend 5 times longer to test this than it really needs, about ~4 hours (Taking into account time to gather a test group)

      And the ‘normal’ way:

      1) Community manager mentions this issue to a random developer over a random break at the water cooloer, or where ever they meet. This shouldn’t take too long to happen really.

      2) Said developer shows some initative and decideds to implement this himself.

      3) Add in a simple IF(unlocked) line of code to equipping items function.
      4) Add button to turn unlocked boolean from true/false to the character sheet window.
      5) Compile and test this simple thing, 5 min needed at most.

      And done.

      The actual implementing and testing should take no longer than 30 min at most, however if you add in all the blizz buarcracy it could easily take much much longer, and then no longer be worth their time to do.

  12. It would not hurt to have this feature at all.

    There is no reason to be high and mighty about a feature that is a solid idea.

    Seems smart!

    ps I’ve never accidently destroyed an equipped item, but I have accidently salvaged a rare that I wanted to keep, oh well 🙂

  13. I see no reason why not. There’s no argument against having it and a reasonable case for having it. It can’t be that much work to add the on/off toggle.

  14. For 1.09, I want a “Sell All” button added at vendors. That way I can do “ID All” then “Sell All” with just 2 clicks!

    Speaking of first-world problems, I’ve long wanted a “Switch to Alternate Build” button that could be available for the first couple of minutes of a new game. Most games are farming runs, but if we crank up the MP for keys or ubers, it would be nice to just switch to a build that is more tailored for survivability.* As it is now, I spend a minute at the start of the game changing several skills and not slaying monsters. Hey, if they’re going to make re-spec easy, might as well go all the way!

    *I just lost the barb players. “Why would anyone need more than one build?”

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