This issue comes up every now and then, and it appeared again today with a blue reply. It’s not new news, but I am curious to see some discussion about it, so here goes.

    Please do something about this. It is a sad day for my friend who accidentally sold his Chantodo Wand worth 400mil to the merchant and did not realised it until after he left the game. This normally happen when u identifying a gear which has already been identified and you swap the gear accidentally without realising. I too happened to sell a Echoing Fury worth 80 mil when I was half asleep running the routine xp farming. How many of us are not tired after hours of grinding?

    We certainly appreciate the feedback, but I wanted to offer some clarification about a feature that went into patch 1.0.7 a few months ago that might have slipped your notice.

    One of the changes we made in patch 1.0.7 was that you could now identify items while in the vendor window. So if you talk to a vendor, you’ll be able to identify it using right click, and then you can also choose to sell it with a second right click. As usual, if you accidentally sell an item, you can still retrieve it from the vendor’s buy-back tab while still in the same game.

    While you are in the vendor window, you should no longer be able to right click on an item in your inventory and accidentally equip it. Effectively, having a vendor window open while identifying your items should help ensure that you do not inadvertently equip items while you are identifying them.

    Games_Then_And_NowMy first reaction was an uncharitable one, along the lines of, “Oh FFS, how many training wheels do modern gamers need?” D3’s already got no death penalties, item buyback, full freespecs, confirm clicks on salvaging rares/legendaries, etc. What more do you people need; Lylirra to bring you milk and cookies if your DiabloWikiRNG turns sour?

    On second thought — and yes, we’re still allowed to have second thoughts on the Internet — I guess a gear lock button wouldn’t be a bad thing. Just some little icon on the side of your DiabloWikipaperdoll, and when it’s locked you can’t change any of your gear, with a right click or even a click-drag. (You’d get a tool tip pop up if you tried.)

    There’s even precedent! And not just by them denying us a DiabloWikiWeapon switch hotkey and using “sausage-fingered nubs” as the primary excuse. No, I refer to the fact that they added a skill icon lock a few patches ago, when they required you to have the skills menu open before you could change any of the skills on your belt UI. Prior to that change, an accidental click-drag on the belt UI would switch around your skills/hotkeys, which was annoying. More annoying when it set the cooldown for a skill change done outside of town. Most annoying when it reset your Nephalem Valor stacks.

    So, let’s measure opinion on this not-exactly crucial matter:

    Should Diablo 3 have a gear lock switch for safety?

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