Quite a collection of videos from the community have been indexed in the Diablo3.TV section, we’re up to 544.  Thankfully they’re categorised which makes it easier to find something of interest. Here’s a quick run down of just a small number that have been added very recently.

    You can watch RedFlamingo’sEpic Crafting‘. With 500k to spend he splurges on a massive crafting session. He focuses on items that roll 3 or more magical properties some of which turn out to be a socket. He mouses over each craft so you can see what he ends up getting. It’s crafting porn at it’s best.  If you think 500k is a lot, his earlier video shows him with a cool 1 million in his pocket which is certainly the highest I’ve ever heard anyone have.

    DrZealot has uploaded a selection of his ‘Lab’ series. One in particular caught my attention and that dealt with auction house arbitrage. If you plan on playing the markets in Diablo 3 or are simply curious how others will make it profitable this is an interesting watch. It even has a white board!

    MackTen continues his ‘Status Updates’ and recent editions to those include “Why overpowered classes aren’t a bad thing“, a “What are you doing until Diablo III release” discussion and “Interesting Exploit/Pattern in the Cemetary“.

    This is just a small collection of the videos people have listed in Diablo3.TV – you can browse the rest there.  If you have your own videos you wish to share with the rest of us please just add the link. There’s no uploading involved, it’s tremendously noob-friendly.

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