Diablo 3 TV Spot 3 + Bashiok’s Spidey Sense

A third TV spot has been added to the growing total of commercials Blizzard has been releasing for their commercials! This doesn’t have any new scenes, but the order is slightly changed to add a bit more DiabloWikiImperius in a single TV spot.

In other news… Bashiok’s spidey sense is tingling via twitter. This has people talking about whether or not this is Diablo 3 related. Since he responded to other diablo-based tweeters, it leaves me to believe that it is. What this “something” could possibly be, I have no idea. At this point, the community has little foresight into what this could possibly mean.

My spidey senses are jinglin’ janglin’. Seems like something may happen around midnight tonight. I can never be quite certain, though.

Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be there tomorrow. Your beauty sleep is more important. –Bashiok

You’re gonna be sooooo mad at me when it’s not whatever amazing thing you’ve imagined it could be. –Bashiok

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    46 thoughts on “Diablo 3 TV Spot 3 + Bashiok’s Spidey Sense

    1. If you never heard of diablo before, I wonder what kind of game you would guess diablo was based on this commercial.

      I mean, compare this cinematic to grinding cow levels in diablo 2.  

    2. I would be thinking: “Oh sweet I get to play some massive spear weilding angel thingo….or some scared teenage girl”. Coz that’s pretty much all the trailer shows. Still, I like all these comercials.

    3. I suppose they would have to just *gasp* get off their lazy butt (or not depending on where they are sitting when they see the ad) and take the 5 seconds to Google search for Diablo. Heaven forbid people could put some effort into looking up something that looks interesting to them…

      Anyways, so far, the second two commercials are better in my opinion. I especially like how they have Cain’s lines from the opening cinematic in this one.

      As far as Bashiok’s post, I guess we will see in about an hour…

      • Yeah, people forget that this is a PC game being marketed, not a new variety of dishwasher detergent. The audience is tech-savvy enough to look for more info on the product online; the ad itself gives the diablo.com site, which leads to all sorts of info.

      • If you’re worried about spoilers you should be smart enough to avoid things like this.

        Oh, and Mephisto kills Dumbledore. 

        • Ow ure so smart -_- its a fukin commercial what should I do1/1? lock myself in the closet untill may 15? -_- pffff
          Anyway  it was not such a mistery about what the meteor is for some weeks now…but the 1% doubt is now killed forever. I was not complaining just had a nerd weird reaction lol :))

          • Why was there any doubt before now? There’s nothing new here regarding the meteor, just inter-cut bits of the opening cinematic…

          • Yes, that is exactly what you should do. These commercials are the biggest official spoilers yet, what the hell were you expecting? This is the third commercial now!

      • And Leah is actually….Wait for it….wait for it……
        Bill Nye The Science Guy!

        • Ok you can relax now….-_- i don’t dig the retarded sarcasm…rly. It was just a fukin statement.

        • ow and I will lough so hard when you find out Leah is not Diablo…yo’ure just endoctrinated and brain washed swallowing info from the internet like many others without processing it in any way whatsoever.

          • Are you retarded dude? Learn to spell. Retards calling people retarded isn’t a good look.

            • Spelling police again -_- omfg please someone delete this discussion..its useless. thanks.

    4. Where the hell is Bashiok’s midnight? Is he still in Asia?

      I assume his home is PST… I guess I’ll stand by. 

    5. probably a midnight screening of the avengers. idont think its diablo related guys. jesus.

    6. All the eye candy gave my left eye a cavity.
      PS. LOL @ captcha! When he says “yp.com” sounds like “wipey”. Is that some sort of portable ass wiping device?

    7. Ugh. This is like pretty much all of the game commercials around at the time. They don’t even show gameplay anymore! Hardly an advert. Sure, we can all go and google it, but at least give us just some small semblance of a snippet of even what kind of game it is you’re advertising.

      • There would be no point in showing some 1-second bits of gameplay on a tv commercial. You wouldn’t even know what the hell it is you’re looking at. The charactes would be like an inch tall and just blobs of moving color.

      • yeah big dumb Imperius tripped over his lance and fell…right when he was staring at Leah’s tits from above when she was in Tristram Cathedral with uncle Cain. Fallen Justice!!! (perv angel)

    8. It all makes sense now, I guess.
      When Sanctuary was finally discovered by the High Heavens and Burning Hells, the angels were the ones who wanted to see it destroyed, to prevent it from becoming a permanent outpost of Hell. Tyrael was initially very keen on this idea, but due to the events taking place in ‘The Sin War’ trilogy, he changed his heart and became a self-imposed champion of mankind.
      With the Worldstone gone, being the one thing that prevented the legions of hell from invading Sanctuary, it is not unlikely that the High Heavens now wants to go back to their initial plan of destroying Sanctuary, which would explain the fight between Imperius and Tyrael as well…

      Or maybe I’m just totally wrong 😛    

    9. dunno if this has been mentioned but

      tv spot #2 inarius [him right?] fights tyrael
      Inarius uses his spear
      at one point in TV spot #2 and #3 we see tyrael using inarius’ spear.

      Can’t wait to see cinematics in-game in full. 

        • aye! didn’t remember the bastard, inarius was the other guy who had kids with lilith and has hidden sanctuary and worldstone, dunno how could i mix it O_O

    10. Imperius? Really? Why would they refer to the Archangel of Valor by the word “Justice”… This was meant to be in reply to shynta there above

    11. Blizzard makes fantastic movies and fantastic games…. More and more recently though, their movies almost have nothing in common with the games and the two don’t fit into each other all that well. I love both, but even I question the logic in hyper-realistic, top-notch cinematics in somewhat cartoonish game worlds.

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