A third TV spot has been added to the growing total of commercials Blizzard has been releasing for their commercials! This doesn’t have any new scenes, but the order is slightly changed to add a bit more DiabloWikiImperius in a single TV spot.

    In other news… Bashiok’s spidey sense is tingling via twitter. This has people talking about whether or not this is Diablo 3 related. Since he responded to other diablo-based tweeters, it leaves me to believe that it is. What this “something” could possibly be, I have no idea. At this point, the community has little foresight into what this could possibly mean.

    My spidey senses are jinglin’ janglin’. Seems like something may happen around midnight tonight. I can never be quite certain, though.

    Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be there tomorrow. Your beauty sleep is more important. –Bashiok

    You’re gonna be sooooo mad at me when it’s not whatever amazing thing you’ve imagined it could be. –Bashiok

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