Diablo 3 2X Treasure Goblin Buff before Season 12 starts

A three day 2x Goblin Buff event before Season 12 kicks off so there’s plenty of Treasure Goblin action incoming soon to Diablo 3.

We want to help you stretch your muscles and get prepared for the latest patch with a special in-game event—double Treasure Goblin spawns! Each time you encounter a single Treasure Goblin, they’ll be hanging out with a buddy whose bags are overflowing with all your favorite treats and treasures.

This Double Goblin event will begin in the EU region on November 6 at 17:00 CET, and ends on Thursday, November 9 at 17:00 CET.

Note: This buff does not affect the number of goblins encountered via a Bandit Shrine, Goblin “Rift” packs, or in the Realm of Greed.

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  1. Man… Diablo used to be about efficiently farming dangerous Act Bosses and dangerous high-level monster areas. By investing time and being consistent and determined you would find items that would slowly push your build forward to be more powerful and have better defenses. At some point you would be able to kill Bosses and clear those areas faster and faster and then find even more sought after items.

    Now with D3, there are no dangerous Bosses with tiny chance for awesome loot. No high-level areas we can farm for certain very rare but very awesome items. Just nothing. You just run “Rifts” and “Grifts” until your eyes bleed, while finding everything within 12 hours after season start.

    And then… there are “Goblins”, creatures that never fight back and just drop a bunch of “WOW-Mats” so we can Re-Roll affixes on our gear or right out craft the item we cant find… WHAT THE FUCK?!

    What the fuck happened to the amazing Diablo feel we all know and love (D1 and especially D2)?

    • I guess, play Path of Exile? Many people seem to like that it’s much more like D2 than D3 is. I personally really like the gameplay loop that seasons offer and enjoy the Rift and Grift runs more than the endless Baal runs or Uber bosses from D2 myself. Maybe your interests lie elsewhere? If so, we live in a wonderful world of choice.

    • i still have that feel (in D3), but i’m a real diablo fan and you clearly aren’t !! with your BS talk

      • What will all you noobs and casuals do when D4 returns to Diablos roots to become the best ARPG on the market again? What if D4 wins back the ARMY of real Diablo fans it lost?

        Frankly I would love to see all casuals and noobs remain in D3 and keep D4 and D2 Remastered free of the cancer you are.

        Casuals and self-entitled noobs are ruining every franchise in the gaming world, until a developer stands it’s ground and says ENOUGH! We will choose to become millionaires instead of billionaires by staying true to our real fans and to the franchise we all love.

        • As much as I like the darker tone of D2 and all it offers, I don’t see Blizzard going back to that. D4 will probably be more balanced and fine tuned, since so much was wrong at launch with D3 and Bliz will likely not make those same mistakes, but I expect more of a continuation of D3, than an attempt to improve on D2.

          Look at everything else Bliz has done in the last 10 years, not one adult themed game or atmosphere. I like D3 for what it is, but I know Bliz will never give us another gritty challenging game. Their games are mindless time-sinks. Take that how ever you want, but Bliz would rather you spend hours mindlessly running around than challenge you to succeed.

        • You are not a real fan is you cried like a little kid and did run away from Diablo like most of the stupid cry babies and haters.
          You know what the real cancer is , ppl like you … nagging about a game bcoz its not what you wanted and after all those time still come to a website to cry about it (sometimes backed up by other idiots)
          i played D1 still play D2 and D3 and every time we (bcoz i have friends)play we have lots of fun
          Learn that D3 and D2 are not the same and your miserable crying life would be a bit better !

          • No, the problem is you. Notice how PearlJamaholic lists REASONS to what he says, he EXPLAINS why the dark and gritty tone of the franchise (and indeed, ALL Blizzard franchises) is gone. Whereas your only reasoning for anything is “I like it, so you’re automatically wrong.” Yeah, that’s fine, like and play whatever you want. If you automatically like anything that comes in a box (or a download as everything after Overwatch will probably be from now on) with the blue Blizzard logo and the Diablo font then by all means. It’s your freedom and your right to buy and play whatever you want, but don’t go telling people they’re wrong when your only explanation for them being wrong is “I like anything Blizzard makes.”

          • @ADest
            my reaction was for the real erg and not that rock band lover
            and i don’t see the so called reasons and explains that you see , he is just saying what it is … you vision is just clouded by anger and hate towards all thats D3
            i never said that i like blizzard , they have games i would never play (overwatch , hearthstone , starcraft 1-2)
            i enjoy the little things and don’t get upset if a game is not what i expected
            i agree that you can do a bit more in D2 but D3 is as much fun as is
            i don’t care if i did not find the right weapon on the first Grift
            i don’t care if a legendary drops with the wrong stats
            i don’t care if i don’t have the right set after 2 (g)rift runs
            i don’t care if i can’t get to Grift 100 with the build i use
            i don’t care if i’m last , first or something in between
            i just want to have fun when playing a game and all 3 diablo games give me that fun and great feel.
            and why are you nagging about those (g)rifts its the same as all those baal , diablo , mephisto , cow lvl , spindel) runs you did / do in D2.
            if you play certain lvl’s of D3 they are as dark as D2 , the outside world in D2 has also colors just like D3.the D2 world is mainly so dark bcoz of the compression they did on the graphics / lvl’s … you got a bright light in D2 on you char when playing in a dungeon and you had torches and stuff in them just like in D3 …
            for me they can bring AH back , those where fun days
            i agree that the bots where a bit to much but i made some great cash with it even real money 🙂
            i agree with one thing u said … blizzard has changed when activision came into play
            but those are the micro transactions we get now in almost every game they have.

            so call me what you want but i have fun when playing games …

  2. You know what’s sad is, the D3 demo from like 08 or 09 was probably the last gasp of The Blizzard of old. They really were making a sequel to D2, it was dark and gritty(er) than what we ultimately got. Weapon elements were a thing, there were cut scenes, there were fatalities, there were D2 style followers and it looked like you could even have more than one at a time. Such a shame, really. I think either around the same time or shortly after the demo was released Activision merged with Blizzard and turned them into casual city. They stopped making Diablo 3 and started making Riftomania: Auction House edition.

  3. They should really just follow one thing from PoE, have TRUE solo mode.
    You create a true solo character, and can only keep that title and get ranks on leaderboards as long as you don’t play MP. this would separate high end 4 man pack solos from people who actually play solo.

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