Diablo 3 Town PK Danger from Firewalkers Boots

Diablo 3 Town PK Danger from Firewalkers Boots

A new in-town PK bug has been found, so here’s your warning about Diablo 3 Town PK danger from Firewalkers boots. The bug is that players can take damage from the Firewalkers’ ground flames, even while in town, if they are standing right beside the Brawling NPC. Apparently this is only an issue with DiabloWikiFirewalkers, skills and other items that deal elemental damage will not cause the problem.

Adding to the buggy fun, you can even kill yourself if you stand in the Firewalker flames and then attempt to enter the Brawling arena. It’s not unavoidable, your resistance and toughness will mitigate it like any other damage, but if you were AFK in that spot bad things could happen.

This is not yet on the Known Issues page, but hopefully as the word spreads Blizzard will hop up and fix it before it claims a Hardcore victim. To avoid this in the meantime… just don’t stand near the Brawler NPC. The flames do not deal damage to players elsewhere in town. Video evidence, courtesy of HC4YOU.

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9 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Town PK Danger from Firewalkers Boots

  1. I was beginning to suspect oddness when standing close to Alaric with Shuriken Cloud on kept popping up immune messages instead of nothing happening. I have my suspicions on why that is (it’s actually good news), but we’ll see if I’m right.

  2. Do any of the new legendary affixes work? I mean, I lost my first DH (also my first HC char) on expert with 1m+ toughness after being one-shotted by a thunderstorm pack. I opened a chest while fighting them with a Harrington Waistguard belt on (Opening a chest grants 100–135% increased damage for 10 seconds.)- coincidence? I think not.

    I rerolled a new DH in a day, got him to 2m toughness and lost him when my Blackfeather cloak decided to hate me while fighting the A2 keywarden (Dodging or getting hit by a ranged attack automatically shoots a homing rocket back at the attacker for 600–800% weapon damage as Physical.). I literally dies with the town waypoint open.

    I’m now on my 3rd DH rolling through the game with a new 1400 DPS Calamity and Firewalkers (it’s a 100% proc on marked of death both for weapon hits and fire dmg from the firewalkers).

    And now I find that these boots might end up killing more than demons..

    Is this Blizzard’s incentive to also use rares instead of legendaries? Good plan..

  3. What is wrong with people.
    It’s more like PM (Player Murderer) than PK!
    At least in D2 you new when someone went hostile! (or you did when i played it)

  4. QUOTE

    Don't tease us Steven, whip it out. :)

    You cannot handle my girth!

    It makes me suspect they’re playing around with some sort of open world PvP, most of the code is inactive or not present but there ends up being this very small hostile radius around certain units, such that going in the brawl area leaves PvP flagged attacks active if in the radius. I have no idea what Alaric has to do with this though, I just never saw immune messages on him until recently.

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    Yeah, best to just report spam posts. When we delete them we ‘delete all posts’ with one click so if there are posts elsewhere with replies they are automatically nuked but nothing in reply to it is. Unfortunately that means the person who was responding looks like they’re talking to themselves. :/

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