A new in-town PK bug has been found, so here’s your warning about Diablo 3 Town PK danger from Firewalkers boots. The bug is that players can take damage from the Firewalkers’ ground flames, even while in town, if they are standing right beside the Brawling NPC. Apparently this is only an issue with DiabloWikiFirewalkers, skills and other items that deal elemental damage will not cause the problem.

    Adding to the buggy fun, you can even kill yourself if you stand in the Firewalker flames and then attempt to enter the Brawling arena. It’s not unavoidable, your resistance and toughness will mitigate it like any other damage, but if you were AFK in that spot bad things could happen.

    This is not yet on the Known Issues page, but hopefully as the word spreads Blizzard will hop up and fix it before it claims a Hardcore victim. To avoid this in the meantime… just don’t stand near the Brawler NPC. The flames do not deal damage to players elsewhere in town. Video evidence, courtesy of HC4YOU.

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