Diablo 3 to Reaper of Souls Item Upgrade Guide

Diablo 3 to Reaper of Souls Item Upgrade Guide

During the week of the Reaper of Souls beta test I’ve talked to a lot of people who weren’t lucky enough to get a beta slot yet, and virtually everyone has asked me about which current Diablo 3 items are still useful. So, how about a Diablo 3 to Reaper of Souls Item Upgrade Guide? This isn’t meant to be some huge investment guide; more of a quick reference discussion. And of course this is all preliminary based on the current state of the game. Reaper of Souls is nowhere near release yet and it’s likely that many things will be rebalanced and adjusted before release, especially in terms of items and affixes. We’ll update this list as the beta progresses

This is why I sold all my D3V gems.
This is why I sold all my D3V gems.
That said, here’s what we know after one week of testing.

Thumbnail summary:

  • Dump them now: All D3V commodities and gems. All weapons.
  • Easily upgraded in RoS: Boots, belts, shoulders, bracers, chest armor, most helms, shields, orbs, mojos, quivers.
  • Top quality D3V still viable in RoS: Rings, amulets, gloves, Mempo of Twilight.
  • That’s the very quick version, glossing over some distinctions and exceptions. Read on for the details.

    D3 Commodities are Worthless in Reaper of Souls

    The most obvious change is the completely worthless nature of every Diablo 3 commodity in Reaper of Souls. All gems, plus Tomes of Secret, Demonic Essences, and everything else you get from salvaging is virtually worthless in RoS. If you want to bet that the game stays much the same at release as it is now, you should sell all of your gems and materials at once, while they still hold value. (Gold is useful in RoS, though much less all powerful than in D3.)

    Gems are comically worthless; Marquise Gems, the highest level in Diablo 3 now are the new baseline drop in the end game of Reaper of Souls, with six more levels of gems added above Marquise: three qualities of Imperial and 3 of Royal. You regularly find Marquise and the lowest level of Imperial even on Normal difficulty, and while gems are likely to change in balancing (the costs to upgrade and unsocket now aren’t so much unbalanced as incomplete) it’s obvious that gem stats need to greatly increase given how much stat bonuses have. I liquidated my D3V gems the first day of the Reaper of Souls beta.

    Commodity soup :subject to change.
    Commodity soup :subject to change.
    Crafting materials are useful in Reaper of Souls and there are hundreds of new blacksmith recipes, including dozens of new legendary item sets, and they drop regularly too; I’ve found 5 or 6 already (2 of them end game level, the others lower) after never finding a single one in my entire D3V play time. The problem for D3V mats is that those are not the top level materials in RoS. All the current D3V materials (including Brimstones and Tomes of Secret) are found from drops and/or salvage out of low and mid level items in Reaper of Souls, while the materials you need for end game crafting, Artisan training, etc, come chiefly from salvaging newly-found level 70 gear.

    The only disclaimer for this issue is the fact that crafting mats are very likely to receive a major balance patch. I certainly hope so, since they are currently confused, redundant, and very unbalanced in their availability vs. requirements for crafting. Basically you don’t find anywhere near enough of them to do more than like one craft a day on the higher end stuff, with the bottleneck coming mostly from new white materials, which can only be obtained from Horadric Goodie Bags and from salvaging white items, which hardly ever drop.

    Blizzard has suggested that they’ll add 10-to-1 upgrade recipes to turn current materials into the new Reaper of Souls end game materials, which will help those of you with thousands of Tomes of Secret, but that’s about their only possible value come RoS conversion.

    Much more on the click through, covering the gear that you’ll immediately upgrade, and that which you won’t…

    Easy Gear Upgrades

    Wins by sheer weight of stats.
    Wins by sheer weight of stats.
    I could easily have included weapons in the first category, since they are laughably useless in RoS. You’ve seen the screenshots; good 1H weapons in RoS deal 3400 DPS while two-handers do 4200+. (Which is wildly too low for 2H; they’re even more useless in RoS than in D3V.) That’s a lot more than double the best DPS you can find in D3V, and with the other item stats much the same, almost every player can count on finding a considerable weapon upgrade by level 65.

    There are very few changes in how D3V affixes work on items in Reaper of Souls. Currently, the DiabloWikitrifecta stats are virtually unchanged. The big differences are some added affixes, especially Crushing Blow, and the huge increases in possible stat values and Defense numbers. Those big stat rolls are behind most of the easy RoS item upgrades, since shoulders, boots, chest armors, pants, and bracers all look much the same in RoS as in D3… except they have 500 more to the mainstat and/or vitality.

    The exceptions are some legendary items that get special bonuses in Diablo 3, chiefly Lacunis bracers and Inna’s Pants with IAS and Movement Speed, and Witching Hour belts with IAS and Critical Damage. I hung on to the Inna’s Pants on my Monk and Demon Hunter all the way to 70, but as I went up in difficulty I finally had to stop ignoring the big differences in damage and gigantic differences in defense, stats, and resistance, simply to retain some faster run and IAS.

    Decisions, decisions...
    Decisions, decisions…
    Witching Hour is a tougher trade off, since the IAS and critical hit damage are golden. Also bear in mind that you can Enchant and considerably upgrade one mod on all of your carried over legendaries, though each roll requires a Forgotten Soul (the new orange material) and those only come from salvaging newly-found end game legendaries. I’m always out of them, but when you can turn some unwanted +84 to INT into another trifecta stat, or +500 to mainstat or vit, or 90 res all, that’s a huge upgrade to your D3V legendary item.

    All off-hand weapons go the same route as most of the armor. RoS versions get much the same stats but can have 500 more to mainstat and vitality, and that makes for pretty easy upgrades, even if you’re giving up some of your critical hit damage or losing a bit of IAS, etc.

    Another factor; the partial Item Set bonuses on your D3V sets are negligible in Reaper of Souls. Most of those bonuses are around +130 to a stat, or +55 res all, which is good in D3V but hardly worth noticing in RoS when your character has 5500 mainstat and 1000 res all wearing decent quality Rares at level 70. (You do not get partial set bonuses mixing and matching D3V with RoS-dropped set items, and while some of the partial set bonuses in RoS have been tweaked, they’re still much the same and thus generally useless.)

    Holding Value

    There are some slots where the top D3V items are as good or better than new RoS gear. (This refers to the quality of gear you’ll likely find in your first weeks of RoS. Long term, players will accumulate Legendaries and Rares that will definitely out-point carried over D3V items.)

    D3V gloves with Enchant-added CB.
    D3V gloves with Enchant-added CB.
    The most obvious are rings, amulets, and gloves, since the D3V versions have the same values on trifecta stats, and they can have more primary stats than RoS items. Most Rares in RoS have just 2 or 3 primary stats. Rolling one with 4 is very rare, and I’ve seen just a handful of Rares with 5 primary stats, and usually that was a lie/bug as one of the stats listed as Primary wouldn’t allow other primary stats to swap for it via Enchanting.

    That’s probably confusing if you’re not playing, but the whole point in RoS is getting as many primary stats as possible on an item, since only primary stats can switch to other primary stats via Enchanting. So if you have a RoS rare ring with critical hit damage, crit chance, +dex, lightning resistance, and +exp per kill, the first 3 are primary stats and the last 2 are secondary stats. And if you want to reroll one of those affixes to IAS, or Crushing blow, or %chance to Splash Damage, all res, you MUST roll one of the primary stats. The secondary stats can never roll into one of those (much better) primary stats. (And you couldn’t roll res all on an item that also had an individual resistance anyway.)

    This matters for item quality since while you get much bigger rolls on attributes in RoS, you can’t get 5 or 6 primary stats on the same item as you can in D3V. And thus really good D3V rings, amulets, and gloves can outperform RoS ones, even giving up hundreds of attributes… primarily since a RoS item with a trifecta doesn’t have any more primary stats to roll additional great mods, while a D3V one does. And especially since you can upgrade the attribute rolls on carried over D3V gear to the much bigger RoS values.

    I’ve yet to upgrade any of my D3V crafted amulets in Reaper of Souls, and I’ve made, at best, parallel moves on rings and gloves, only switching over by giving up some damage in order to greatly increase Toughness via more hit points, %life, resistances, defense, life regen, Life on Hit, etc.

    The last special case is the helm. Rare Helms in RoS are potentially better than most rares and legendaries in D3V, but only if you get a huge roll to mainstat and vit. You can upgrade any existing D3V helm to turn one attribute from 150ish into 450ish, but you can not do that to vit AND mainstat, and there are no more “split stat” affixes; vit and mainstat now always come from two different affixes.

    I maded dis.
    I maded dis.
    The big exception to this rule of replacement is the DiabloWikiMempo of Twilight helm. I’ve played a fair amount of Monk, Demon Hunter, and Crusader, taking the first two from 60 up to 70 and beyond, and neither of them has ever seen a helm I even considered switching out for the Mempo. As for the Crusader, I stuck my Barb’s old Str Mempo on him as soon as he hit 60. And my Mempos aren’t even that great since I’ve never had the budget to blow a billion+ on one with Crit chance. (Nor did I have the luck to roll it in RoS, though I might try some more when I have the legendary mats to do so.)

    There are legendary helms in Reaper of Souls that blow away the Mempo; even an Enchant-upgraded Mempo with 450 mainstat or vitality. But they’re very rare and I’ve not found any yet. (I did find one Inna’s helm but weirdly it didn’t have Critical hit Chance.)


    I’ll say it again since it probably can’t be said enough. This is a very preliminary report based on the first week of testing. It took me several days and hundreds of enchants to get a good sense for how the system worked, which mods were scarce and/or valuable, how primary and secondary interacted, which affixes were the most useful for various play styles, what the overall scarcity and value of affixes was, etc. And it’s all based on the current game, which will almost certainly change quite a bit over the remaining months of the beta test.

    I’m not urging or ordering anyone to liquidate their D3V gear, especially since you’re still playing and you need that stuff. However, if you’re not planning to play that much between now and the hypothetical 2014 date when Reaper of Souls goes live, or you have extra gear or retired characters, you might want to strip them like a good car in a bad part of town and get gold (which currently has utility in RoS, chiefly for the very pricey item enchanting) for their equipment that you’ll be able to quickly and easily upgrade come Reaper of Souls. Weapons and gems and materials most obviously, but other stuff is also expendable if you’re looking long term.

    I’m not just going hypothetical here; in the past week I’ve liquidated most of the gear from my D3V characters, raising several hundred million in gold for gear and gems I figured I would outgrow within the first few days of Reaper of Souls. Will I regret it if there are massive changes to the game’s economy between now and launch? Possibly, but I’m not real worried. Clearly the philosophy behind RoS is that self finding is the route to happiness, so you could start the game from scratch and given the rate of found upgrades past level 60, by level 70 you’d be not far behind the gear quality of a character tho entered RoS at level 60, with a full wardrobe of very good quality D3V items.

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    14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 to Reaper of Souls Item Upgrade Guide

    1. Enchanting costs need A LOT of tuning. They rise very quickly and with the random nature of the rolls it’s too expensive at the moment. Yesterday I tried enchanting CB onto 3 of my rares for testing, got them fairly quickly on 2 items for a few million gold total for each, but my gloves proved very stubborn about not rolling CB and I spent 600M gold before giving up.
      Maybe if the enchanting cost was tied to a timer and went back down over time.
      That there’s no real way to get a lot of gold without the AH isn’t helping either.
      Of course, if this was live I never would have spent so much gold on it, but betas and PTRs are like playing poker with no stakes 🙂

      • I’ve been cycling between different rares trying to add CB to good rolls on gloves and rings and amulets for all my chars. And as you point out, jewelry crafting is insanely pricey compared to anything else. Even new legendaries are only 150k or 200k for the first roll (and limited in rolls by your orange mats). Good rare rings/amulets are 1.2m and up for the first roll, and 5 rolls you’re looking at like 3m for the 5th and over 10m spent.

        I keep gambling new rare rings with 2 or 3 good primary stats and then rolling them 2 or 3x trying to turn another into CB. If I get it I keep it and wear it. If it doesn’t roll CB by then I give up since it’s no longer worth the price.

    2. Gem drops will probably get tuned down a bit, but not by much since everyone now HAS to craft the highest levels themselves with collected lower level gems.

      I sold my D3V gems on the evening of the first beta day, as their price was already dropping.

    3. Just see it as a ladder reset & start over point…

      I honestly don’t see a point in “preparing” at all; and I strongly believe blizzard should not even ALLOW character transition from D3 to ROS. Even after ROS comes out D3 is still the same game: the same drop rates and the same monsters for those who don’t upgrade.

    4. I really really hate these big numbers in D3. Its totally unnecessary and proves the game is built on poor design and code. The game design really needs more complexity than to just up the damage numbers in order to provide upgrades. The game should be increasing resistances and resistance factors instead of damage. This would make the game more involved and thoughtful.

      They realllly need to work on the elemental side of this game as of this moment it really doesn’t seem like anything is improved game design wise.

      • I completely agree, but this brings out two possibilities: either 1) they are very lazy developers and poor coders, or 2) they want to build and keep the D3 into a game that is very (needs emphasis, VERY) easy to understand and play.

        It makes my mind boggle when I compare POE to D3.
        – POE is free and you would think that the devs of POE would actually think of making it into a simple but enjoyable game that more people come to play. If you make it too difficult or too time consuming, less but more devoted will come and the numbers may not cover the expenses.
        – On the other hand, Diablo franchise has already established itself and has really nothing to prove compared to a new game, as long as it continues on the good path. So, you would think that the devs of Diablo would actually strive for more complexity in order not to decrease the brand value and, since the franchise is well known, people will remember and buy it to savor and enjoy the complexity.
        However, it’s all opposite. The devs of a free game push for more complexity and the devs of an established franchise push it into dirt simplicity.

        I am really disappointed in Blizzard. How they shaped D3V into its current state and almost all the changes they are planning for the expansion only prove more that their approach to and view of this game changed tremendously.
        They used to have good design mentality and people bought because good design brought out good fun. Now, they design for simplicity and according to their own understanding of what fun should be, and in the end either the game is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator or just their notion of fun isn’t for most of us.


    5. I watched the streams and looked at my soon to be trash gear and chuckled a little.

      I have an ammy with: low STR, life %, vit, 10 CC, CD and socket. That will stay for a while, I think… All my chars will be wearing lacunis on the road to Malthael.

    6. Good to know. I dumped all my crafting mats/gems within an hour of watching some of the beta RoS streams.

    7. FLUX~! I appreciate this. However, one of my plans was to wait till ROSS to make a bunch of Dex amulets for my monk (hoping for slightly better Ros stats) And then rerolling those amulets to perfection.

      This, of course, would require low level gems; if they don’t change the recipe. Can you check the recipe in ROS for amulets is still the same? Then I might have to keep some lower emeralds. Because, if what you’re saying is true … they might actually be HARD to find once ROS launches. Do you follow … oh sarcastic one? 😉

      • ehm, its just the end game where >marquise is dropping.

        What about just playing a new char to obtain some gems? 😀
        (or just buy them now and horde some on an mule char)

    8. So would it e worth it/viable to get a level 60 ring/amulet with 5 ok primary stats and then try to re-roll the stats in RoS to try and get RoS level 70 stat amounts?

      Also, anyone have any idea how items that currently reduce skills like weapon throw fury cost will change in RoS? It doesn’t seem to make sense to have an soj or belt that reduces the cost of a skill when that skill no longer costs any resources but generates it. I wonder if they will change to x skill generates +x resources?

      • They will probably change the stat for release, but do nothing to legacy items (i.e. items that already exist). Basically, if you have an item now that reduces the fury cost of Weapon Throw, expect it to be a useless mod in RoS. However, if you find the same item again, with an affix modifying Weapon Throw, then it will almost certainly do something new, like adding damage or increasing Fury generated.

        Basically, since you’re probably going to be replacing most of your items once RoS comes out anyway, there shouldn’t really be much of a problem.

    9. I ask this from those who might have a better understanding of the beta right now. Don’t you think that Blizzard should reset the gold amount of each account? It seems impossible to balance with the current stance, the differences among accounts is just to big. For example,I never had more than 500m gold,and that was like 3-4months ago, and right now I’m not sure if I ever have that amount again,which brings back the question, will I ever be able to spend 600M gold to enchant a single property into an item like MengNa did in the first comment?

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