Diablo 3 Third Ban Wave

According to reddit and a few other places over the last few days there was a third ban wave that hit.

This time it was for more bot users, Turbo-Hud(Thud) and from the forums even people using macros to help them automate their game experience.

Also word has it more high end people on the leader-boards were banned. More SoS members as well as some that we have posted in past on the Seasonal Greater Rift Video Watches as well.

Check past the break for more info and stats about the bannings.

Also according to Garfm on reddit there have been:

Top 10 Barb, Crus, DH and Monk Top 10 WD, Wiz and Top 1k all Classes

Summary of the pictures above

Top 10 Barbarian clears removed: 5
Top 10 Crusader clears removed: 5
Top 10 Demon Hunter clears removed: 8
Top 10 Monk clears removed: 4
Top 10 Witch Doctor clears removed: 2
Top 10 Wizard clears removed: 7

Top 1000 Barbarian clears removed: 38
Top 1000 Crusader clears removed: 41
Top 1000 Demon Hunter clears removed: 57
Top 1000 Monk clears removed: 29
Top 1000 Witch Doctor clears removed: 47
Top 1000 Wizard clears removed: 65
Total solo clears removed: 277

Also been reading about people gaining 20-50 ranks in the top 1000 of their respected classes since the 3rd ban wave hit. Wolfcryer also mentions in his video below about the leader-boards and how 4 man teams now have one person in them. You can see when he mouses over them.

Rhykker also talked about the 3rd ban wave on his live stream on April 8th. The discussion starts at the 1 hour and 2 minutes mark (If the video doesnt work right).

That is some major clean-up work. Makes you wonder if they aren’t done yet. Soon the season shall end.


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  1. Good!! Ill take Blizzard using their time cleaning out cheaters over another power-creep patch, any day.

  2. i remembered that was this subscription software that allowed a person who has 4 accounts to play all 4 simultaneously in a game. did they ban such people too?

    because i remember the devs / cms say that that software was okay to use.

    • You can use multiboxing software as long as you play all chars and not automating things
      i used a multiboxing tool for a year with D3 (vanilla), never had a warning or ban
      same for WOW

    Keep em comming :)))

  4. they should do this more often its only a small amount the ban, the rest can keep cheating…

  5. Jeez, TurboHUD is cheating now. That’s pretty harsh, considering you can do a hell of a lot more to the WoW GUI out of the box. How did they not learn anything about this from WoW addons? Or are they upset that they can’t create artificial difficulty by hiding a bunch of mechanics behind opaque or flat out misleading tooltips?

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