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A few blue posts on tech stuff, since nothing’s doing from CMs on gameplay this weekend. All links courtesy of our excellent Blue tracker.

If you’ve noticed that the ingame FPS command (Control+R by default) doesn’t work and thought it was just you…it’s not just you.

Display FPS not working?
Known issue for both PC and Mac. We’re working on fixing this in an upcoming patch.

Elsewhere, a fan complains that the D3 installer isn’t showing up anymore, and that he has to download the full game client each time he wants to install the game on another machine.

why there is no more Diablo 3 setup?

why there is no more diablo 3 client setup like was 15-5-2012 and it was downloading the setup and from there we where installing the game?

what happened to the installer?

why do i have to redownload 12GB of data when i could simply have it downloaded once, and then move it to my other pcs and install it over there too!??

why you dont allow us to have the cool diablo 3 launcher installer with the narrator as we used to have?

starcraft 2 is also going to this direction! are we nuts? do you think we have 1000000mbps of internet lines?

just tell me there is a classic downloader and i just over skipped it or else, this is crazy! not only making the game online always, now the setup too!!!????
Kaltonis: The installer with the narration is the one from the Diablo III DVD. The digital version is much more streamlined so as to not require a larger download then it already requires. If you want to minimize downloading on a new D3 install, use the DVD. That way you’ll just need to download the patches.

Blizzard Tech Support Now Hiring

but i don’t have the DVD, i have bought the game digitally!

the digital version MUST be always an identical copy of the DVD but with the latest patch installed!

so you are telling me i should buy again the game so that i can have DVDs to copy it to my other systems?

do you really find this a suitable answer / solution? is your company gonna pay for the second copy? or my internet connection?

do you understand what your company is telling me?
‘you bought the game, but you cant install it where ever you like, you have to download it again and again and again!, or pay us AGAIN a DVD hard copy!’

give the users the option to download the entire setup from the b.net account, this streamlined version is NOT enough, and you defenetly haven’t given that a much thought!

pass this request to your supervisors please ASAP. this is unacceptable and must change!
Kaltonis:We give players unlimited downloads for life on as many computers as they want. That’s… not normally considered a bad thing. Nonetheless, thank you for your feedback.

He never quite makes his point clear, but I guess he wants a D3.exe type file that he can just stick on a USB drive for easy machine to machine transferring, and buying the game DVD isn’t good enough.

One last blue post provides a workaround for users suffering issues with frame stuttering. Click through for that.

New Stuttering Workaround!

While the following isn’t guaranteed to resolve all stutter symptoms on all systems, we have seen significant improvements on several computers using this method. This workaround involves partially disabling Windows Drive Indexing, a tool that speeds up Windows searches.

Disable Drive Indexing

1. Click Start
2. Click Computer*
3. Right Click your Hard Drive (typically C:) and select Properties
4. Select the General tab
5. Uncheck Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed…**
6. Click Apply
7. Select Apply changes to drive C: only
8. Click Ok, and then Ok again
9. Load up Diablo III and see if your performance has improved!

* = My Computer on Windows XP
** = Allow Indexing Service to index… on Windows XP

Turning off indexing to the “drive only” will still enable your Windows’ searches to be quick. If you still have stuttering after this workaround, you may wish to experiment with turning it off to subfolders and files as well. Once you’ve turned indexing off for everything, the option will change to one that lets you re-enable it if need be.

In the meanwhile, I’ll pass this information on to the devs so that hopefully more changes can be made on our end to reduce stuttering. Thank you!

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  1. Perfect picture 😀

  2. on the installer issue:
    I do have the same reason to be pissed off, since I installed the game on my main gaming rig, my personal notebook, my *cough*office notebook*cough* and my *cough*desktop in the office*cough*.
    And it is a pain.
    I admit, as you said, the user didn’t quite manage to make his point “clear”, however it was clear enough to you and myself.While not calling you nor myself a layman, I’d say that TECH-support should’ve grasped his point and not give such a blatant off-topic answer picking up only the “narrated installer” and going from there.

    This just is record of poor reading and comprehension skills and not enough care for each individual case.
    It might be that they have a high workload, but then it is Blizz’s fault.

    I have not yet bashed Blizz and I am rather happy with the game (albeit I think inferno is a tad too easy now) even though I don’t use the AH and I can progress just fine at my pace, since I am in no hurry. But bad customer / tech support is bad.

    I hope someone will get an answer for this issue as it sucks to re-download everything.
    Also, the digital download should allow you to keep patches as .MPQ files or whatever in a folder with the installer so that on next download it’ll just check for local patch files, and if available will use those and only download if there is a patchfile missing.
    Checksum should do the trick.


    • You want to transfer it/back up D3 via installer here’s how to do it, keep the install files (that is what it DLs before you can run the install) hell you can save this to a DVD or where ever you want.

      If you want to save even more time back up the D3 folder and once the installer finished running and it starts DLing extras from Bnet just copy over your D3 folder (this bypasses the huge DL).

  3. You can download the DVD from torrents, just be sure that it’s the right version (without viruses, etc.).
    Key is just an access to D3 servers.
    It doesn’t matter, how exactly you installed the game client.

    • Downloading from Torrents is a HORRIBLE idea. Torrents just aren’t to be trusted. It is flat out the easiest way to get viruses/malware. It’s incredibly easy for people to attach their little programs onto a d3.exe. And virus scanners won’t detect them unless a virus company identifies it and updates their db’s with it. (unless they attach a well known virus/malware kit)

      The only source you want to trust is the distributer. Period.

      • I have to disagree… Unless you are an imbecile, (in which case you shouldn’t be using the internet as far as I’m concerned), its very easy to use Torrentz without getting viruses – you just download from the standard sites like Piratebay.. I have been downloading Games/Movies for the past several years and never had any Viruses or any other issues this way..


  4. what we really need is a few more entitled bitches to complain about something that is really meaningless. the *vast* majority of game developers don’t really give a rats ass about giving you unlimited downloads of game clients.

    they also don’t really care if you lose your dvd/cd/digital copy, and have no problem at all telling you ‘tough luck’ if your copy gets lost or damaged.

    complain moar. that’s the motto of the internet in 2012.

    • hello there, is it not too damp under that bridge?

      while the original customer quoted by Flux has possibly chosen the wrong tone to convey his message to the tech support, he, I and others may have a valid point here.
      It has nothing to do with complaining. I rarely complain on these forums nor on others. I work in the service industry and I can tell you how easy one gets complaints from customers who are too hasty and don’t spend two minutes thinking before talking.

      However, it is not a complaint nor sense of entitlement that I brought up, it was constructive criticism, as I also gave possible suggestions on how to implement such a system even with latest patches. Other games do it.

      Now how many companies allow me to re-download their games ad nauseam or even provide me with a new CD? I can’t tell you that, i don’t play that many different games. EvE (CCP) does. And so does Blizzard. ID software did in its days as well. and Origin (R.I.P, wing commander).

      Actually Blizzard lets me download offline installers for ALL their games I have purchased, from their website. That would include ALL their games except LV (obvious reasons).
      ALL except D3. So I believe it is a legitimate question. not complaining or feeling entitled.

      — meanwhile i’ll try doing what others do, copy over the game folder, as it works apparently (with most games, mind you) —


      (i had to edit this: is it customary for people on this forum to use the tone and language my parent used, for no apparent reason at all?
      I understand free speech and all, but that is more in regards to content. I thought this was not Bnet forums and healthy discussions and/or suggestions were something that makes a community better.)

      • i don’t really see how what i said equates to being a troll.

        blizzard provides a free service to their customer base that most other companies will not provide.

        why must the digital version be exactly the same as the dvd version?

        on top of that, if it’s supposed to be the same, then it can’t really also contain the latest patch, now can it? the presumtion of his that blizzards free service… one which, again, most other companies scoff at the idea of, is so at fault that he sarcastically implies that blizz should be paying his internet fee is just stupid.

        the presuption of his that blizz didn’t put much thought into their free service is also stupid.

        stupid stupid stupid. gotta have the intro dialogue into the free service. stupid.

        stupid entitled….. stupid people. sorry my language violated anyone’s virgin ears.

        the game’s not perfect. there’s parts of it i find lacking in. but i also see the potential to be an awesome installment of an awesome legacy.

        if you feel like implying names at me, then call me a fanboi and not a troll. cause i am a fanboi of blizzard, and proud of it.

  5. Pretty sure you can just copy the whole install folder from PC to PC and it will work perfectly.
    At least that is possible for all other Blizzard games out there (and sadly very few others)

    • Yep, that works. I moved around my game between discs and folders and works perfectly. It doesnt fit on a DVD though, but you can keep a copy an external HD for example.

    • Yeah you just need to run the installer first though so you get reg files/uninstall etc.

  6. That’s right, I copied it several times already on different computers and it worked like a charm each time.

    The first time, I did that because installing from the DVD was just taking a huge time on my computer, so I copied the whole D3 directory from my gf computer to external drive, then to my pc.

  7. heck.. you don’t need an installer or anything.. you can just copy/paste the entire D3 folder.. and it will work.. lol
    I don’t think its any reason to complain.. you just need a 12gb+ pendrive or use an external HD..

  8. And so in the end … The problem was ?

    Copying a folder …

    Apparently the internet security is not the only thing that people have no clue about.

    So … Let’s blame Blizzard…

    Easy way out and like the original cited guy above: do it in the most non polite way.

    Welcome to our species.

    • It’s because of these moronic questions that D3 is dumbed down game. And because people like you, [email protected], that Blizzard became an ivory tower. Fanboy or troll, just pick one… or both.

  9. It’s called consequences of your choices. Digital copy allows “smoother” more modern feel. Dvd allows smoother multiple installations and nostalgia.

  10. About the stuttering issue: he says to turn off indexing on the c: drive. Is this assuming that c: is where D3 is installed, or does it also have to do with the underlying OS? I have D3 installed on a separate “games” drive, and would rather not turn indexing off on more drives than needed. Thanks.

  11. That’s one of the reasons why I bought the DVD… more options than just a digital installer!

  12. really? people are upset about this?

    i install and play.


    fyi. the security words i had to type in are appropriate: oh, lord

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