Bashiok made a post about the movie nights the Diablo 3 team is using to build camaraderie and find game design inspiration.

    The last two movies the team watched in our theater here were Lone Wolf and Cub and John Carpenter’s The Thing.

    After a few posters made movie suggestions, Bashiok added another couple of replies:

    We try to keep it to movies that most of us probably haven’t already seen.

    I keep trying to push for UHF but people are all like, “That has no relevance to Diablo.” And then I’m all like… “STUPID! YOU’RE SO STUUUPID!” and then I eat a twinkie-wiener sandwich.

    The horror inspiration of The Thing is fairly easy to discern, and lest you wonder if Lone Wolf and Cub is some kind of Disney nature film… no. It’s a classic manga that was turned into a series of six live action films in the 70s. The story is about a samurai warrior and his young son seeking revenge in feudal Japan. What’s that got to do with Diablo 3? Here’s an informative quote from the wikipedia page:

    The films are renowned for an incredible amount of stylized violence. In fact, after the second film, each movie climaxes with Ogami slaughtering an entire army single-handedly.

    How UHF fits in is a bit of a mystery, but Bashiok is known for his sense of humor. For better or worse.

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