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    A couple of images showing what appears to be an expansion reveal at BlizzCon in November called Diablo 3 Sword of Wisdom have appeared. The images first appeared on AllGamesBeta via justleak.it.

    At this stage there is no way to prove if these are real or not.  The images look to be digital and could perhaps be part of a video to be shown at Gamescom next week as a teaser. It’s likely another expansion is well underway (Blizzard have confirmed in the past they’ll do two) and Blizzard has polled the community about a new expansion just a few months back.

    The only thing that could really indicate these are fake is the name “Sword of Wisdom” which sounds a bit weak for an expansion and that image looks somewhat home made. There also appears to be no trademark filed. It could also be a book reveal, a follow-up to Sword of Light or the person who made the image thought it sounded like a reasonable name. Your thoughts?

    Source: Thanks to fmulder who once again was hot on the case in the community forum with this news tip.

    Update: Blizzard has responded to this image with humor.

    This looks shopped! (We can tell from some of the pixels.) Here’s the real image:

    sword of justice shopped

    That’s not an explanation or a denial, obviously. Let the speculation continue!

    Update #2: Lylirra added a forum post, making the denial explicit.

    My playfulness was apparently too playful. Noted!

    So, let’s take this from the top, once more (with feeling):

    The image cited, quoted, posted, referenced (et al) in not real. As many have guessed, it is indeed a fake.

    Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and excitement; it warms my heart to see so many of you geek out about Diablo (Lord of TERROHR 4 lyfe). To help cull the rumor mill, though, I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread up.

    Of course this says nothing about if we’ll see D3Y at Blizzcon… but if we do, it seems we can count on it not having a name as lame as “Sword of Wisdom”. Also, there are a lot of kinds of fake:

  • A fake image of a fake thing?
  • A fake image of a real thing?
  • A real image of a fake (non-Blizzard) thing?
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