Update: Blizzard Denial: Diablo 3 Sword of Wisdom – Expansion at BlizzCon?

Update: Blizzard Denial: Diablo 3 Sword of Wisdom – Expansion at BlizzCon?
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A couple of images showing what appears to be an expansion reveal at BlizzCon in November called Diablo 3 Sword of Wisdom have appeared. The images first appeared on AllGamesBeta via justleak.it.

At this stage there is no way to prove if these are real or not.  The images look to be digital and could perhaps be part of a video to be shown at Gamescom next week as a teaser. It’s likely another expansion is well underway (Blizzard have confirmed in the past they’ll do two) and Blizzard has polled the community about a new expansion just a few months back.

The only thing that could really indicate these are fake is the name “Sword of Wisdom” which sounds a bit weak for an expansion and that image looks somewhat home made. There also appears to be no trademark filed. It could also be a book reveal, a follow-up to Sword of Light or the person who made the image thought it sounded like a reasonable name. Your thoughts?

Source: Thanks to fmulder who once again was hot on the case in the community forum with this news tip.

Update: Blizzard has responded to this image with humor.

This looks shopped! (We can tell from some of the pixels.) Here’s the real image:

sword of justice shopped

That’s not an explanation or a denial, obviously. Let the speculation continue!

Update #2: Lylirra added a forum post, making the denial explicit.

My playfulness was apparently too playful. Noted!

So, let’s take this from the top, once more (with feeling):

The image cited, quoted, posted, referenced (et al) in not real. As many have guessed, it is indeed a fake.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and excitement; it warms my heart to see so many of you geek out about Diablo (Lord of TERROHR 4 lyfe). To help cull the rumor mill, though, I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread up.

Of course this says nothing about if we’ll see D3Y at Blizzcon… but if we do, it seems we can count on it not having a name as lame as “Sword of Wisdom”. Also, there are a lot of kinds of fake:

  • A fake image of a fake thing?
  • A fake image of a real thing?
  • A real image of a fake (non-Blizzard) thing?
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    27 thoughts on “Update: Blizzard Denial: Diablo 3 Sword of Wisdom – Expansion at BlizzCon?

    1. Any info, real or not, is publicity anyway. I say who cares if it's real as long as we're talking about Diablo! EXPANSIONS FUEL MY EXISTENCE!!!

    2. Hit by the sword of wisdom: Don’t preorder blizzard games anymore. Anyway it makes sense, announce now release end of 2015 when interest in latest wow expansion fades.

    3. hey look, a phone picture of someone's monitor. it had me going the first time but those pup up every major event now.

      besides, it wouldn't be much of a 'reveal' if we already know what it is.

      it's fake.

    4. "Swords of Wisdom" doesn't sound like an expansion as much as a standalone title, like a handheld beat-em-up or something. It could be an expansion, but it could be something else entirely.

    5. I wouldn't read anything into that. Look at it, Titan is at the end of 2013. Or did a truck load of info come out about it that i don't know about?

    6. Imo only a slim chance it's real.

      Blizz usually only hints an expansion 1 year after release, this is too soon.

    7. Heart of the Swarm came out a full year before Reaper of Souls, and Legacy of the Void isn't close to being out. I'd say the next Diablo expansion has a long way to go, we don't even have Seasons yet. A Blizzcon reveal now might be a bit early.

      • Well, we know Blizzard's goal was 18 months for D3 expansion. RoS took 22 months, but was admittedly delayed by the crappy state of D3v upon release requiring massive emergency patches. Blizzcon in October is 8 months after D3's release, and Bliz likes to announce expansions for WoW about a year before release, so the timing seems pretty ideal for D3Y reveal at Blizzcon.

        I don't think it'll be called Sword of Wisdom, though. Note that the D3 comicbook series was called Sword of Justice. Maybe this is a preview for a second comic book series?

        • That was exactly my thought. If it is real, it is possibly either a new book or a continuation of the comics.

    8. Really hope it’s fake. 2.1 isn’t looking like a solution to build diversity a little over 2 years into the game’s existence; and that title \Sword of Wisdom\ sounds terrible. Is this just another Tyrael \I am Wisdom\ flip-flop moment? (Sword of Justice -> Sword of Wisdom)

      Doesn’t seem to tie into the importance being placed on the Nephalem and on Inarius and Lilith. And doesn’t relate to the \As Fate lies shattered forever\ line of the Prophecy of the End of Days line that’s the last to be fulfilled.

      • What if Tyrael is the new end boss. He is worried that we will go evil, he is now mortal and therefore could feel fear, and he is hungry hungry hungry….

        • I would like the idea of his wisdom allowing him to know that we would become evil, and therefore causing him to try to kill us. I would be quite displeased however if they made him bad.

    9. Heroes of the Storm has that Corrupted Tyreal costume. (He's a playable character in that game.) I always thought that was a weird thing for them to make if it wasn't based on something.

      • I have to say that Blizzard is definitely working on the next expansion. RoS was a financial success, they had planned for at least two expansions, and they surveyed players. Whether Blizzard will be announcing it this year is debatable.

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